Chapter 1595: Break

On Shen Yuxiong’s side, the winning of the project was indeed a cause for celebration, but real trouble was also coming one after another.

Since he had no practical experience, did not know how to control the cost and user experience, and also liked to be free-spirited and throw out a large number of unrealistic ideas, Shen Yuxiong’s seemingly beautiful plan was on a b.u.mpy road to ma.s.s production.

The Design Department and Production Department were constantly arguing.

They were always chasing high-performance materials, and the price of raw materials was soaring, so the cost could not be suppressed at all.

The team lacked experienced hunters with rich combat experience, which led to many omissions in the details.

During the Shen family’s internal inspection, everyone naturally cheered, but the real consumers in the market did not buy it at all. They could only rebuild it again and again.

Until now, Shen Yuxiong’s strengthened exoskeleton was still in a state of constant improvement and was half-paralyzed.

It was no wonder that Shenxiu Machinery was able to overtake and become one of the top three in the industry. The Dragon 7 Series was far ahead in this year’s sales ranking.

It was not that this set of products was a really good compet.i.tor. It was just that the friendly merchants were too weak!

Shen Chengyi had hit a sore spot in the blood descendants group.

The faces of the Shen family’s blood descendants, who had been aggressive just a moment ago, became awkward.

“Big sister just said that my brother is not an exception. This sentence is also what I wanted to say.”

Shen Chengyi was not prepared. He gently put it down and continued, “Including myself, I have personally experienced it.

“Everyone knows that I was once the commando captain of Universe Corporation. You should also know how I got the position of commando captain.

“Then I really put my head on the belt of my pants and charged into the b.l.o.o.d.y mouth of the ferocious beast of h.e.l.l without changing my expression. Even if my thigh was pierced with ten or eight transparent holes by the fangs of the monster, I didn’t even blink my eyes. Ninety-nine out of a hundred companions died. Only I was lucky enough to survive and became the Commando Captain!


“Later, I lost an arm and the position of Commando captain. I didn’t complain at all because I was not as good as others.

“However, after I became the commando captain, what kind of useless person did I help?

“That’s true. When I became the Commando captain, the Shen family and Universe Corporation were not too powerful. They still had to fight to the death and fight to the death. Of course, a big fool like me, who was not afraid of death, had to put his life into it and use it as fuel, fertilizer, and nutrients in order to make Universe Corporation prosper and grow stronger.

“When Universe Corporation has expanded into an indispensable pillar enterprise of Dragon City, it will be able to continue expanding smoothly by relying on inertia. At this time, the commando captain doesn’t have to lead the way and jump into the monster’s b.l.o.o.d.y mouth. He only needs to stand at the back and command remotely.

“Especially with the victory of the Monster War, this position doesn’t even have the last bit of risk.

“Therefore, the position of commando captain suddenly changed from a high-risk position that only the blood descendants were willing to take, to a golden throne that the blood descendants fought for and used to earn battle merits and earn resumes.

“Hehe, in just two years, there were five people in such an important position as the commando captain. All of them were the flesh and blood of the old man. After they made great contributions, they all retired and rose to the higher levels of the group. It’s such a big joke!”

His words were like a cold wind blowing from the extreme, freezing everyone into ice.

Not only were they unable to say anything, but even their heartbeat and breathing seemed to be frozen.

It was not because of Shen Chengyi’s complaints that they were so lethal.

It was because he had actually mentioned the old man’s name in his last sentence!

Shen Chengyi did not seem to have expected how big of a mistake he had made.

He widened his eyes and glared at the blood descendants. “What? You Don’t want to admit it? Do you think I’m wrong?

“That’s simple. Let the current Commando captain stand out and compete with me!

“Hehe, although I’m a cripple, it’s more than enough to take care of the trash raised in your greenhouse!”

“Shen Chengyi!”

Shen Yuanbao finally couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Shen Chengyi’s words were poking at his lungs.

Even though he had originally made up his mind to coldly watch the confrontation between the blood descendants and the foster sons, looking for traces of the murderer behind the scenes, he couldn’t sit still at this moment.

Shen Yuanbao suddenly stood up, and a wave-like pressure instantly swept over Shen Chengyi’s head.

The floor tiles under Shen Chengyi’s feet gave out a slight cracking sound, and cracks that could be seen with the naked eye appeared. They extended in all directions and gradually intersected into two huge spider webs.

The adopted sons turned pale with fright.

The blood descendants revealed gloating expressions.

They could all imagine how terrified Shen Chengyi was. He knelt at Shen Yuanbao’s feet and begged for his father’s forgiveness.

“Chengyi –”

Shen Yuanbao took a deep breath and suppressed his anger. He said coldly, “Are you complaining that I, the head of the Shen family, AM biased and unfair in my actions?”

This was not a question.

However, Shen Chengyi’s eyes lit up. He raised his head and puffed out his chest. He said resolutely, “That’s right. I am complaining that you are biased and unfair!”

His words were like a bolt from the blue. Everyone, including Shen Yuanbao, were struck dumb.

The huge meeting hall was dead silent.

It was so quiet that one could even hear the sound of dust colliding in the air.

Everyone looked at Shen Chengyi as if they were looking at a demon that had gone crazy.

Because his words were too crazy, no one thought of how to respond for half a minute.

Half a minute later, Shen Yufeng was the first to come back to her senses.

“Shen Chengyi, you’re Crazy!”

Shen Yufeng shrieked, “You’re so crazy! Do you still take father seriously? Do you still treat him as your father?”

“This question should be asked to him, not me.”

Shen Chengyi’s realm was not as high as Shen Yuanbao’s. Under the latter’s furious suppression, his kneecaps were cracking.

However, his eyes were still clear and bright. Instead of showing any fear, there was a hint of mockery in his eyes.

Shen Chengyi said calmly, “If our foster father really treats us as his own flesh and blood, we will naturally treat him as our biological father.

“If our foster father thinks that we are just fuel and tools to help the Shen family and Universe Corporation develop, with the stability of Dragon City, the expansion of Universe Corporation, and the growth of our blood, it is time for us to kick them aside so that our flesh and blood can rise to the top.

“Hehe, I don’t know what the other foster sons think. At least I, Shen Chengyi, have never had the habit of giving up and letting others slaughter me!”

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