Chapter 1597: Helpless

Ever since Lu Siya betrayed the Lu family and became the CEO of Superstar Company, her name had become a taboo among the nine cultivation families.

The recent incident at the Xinhui Business Center had turned Lu Siya into a demonic existence in the eyes of the nine families.

No one ever thought that Shen Chengyi would dare to say it out loud. He had gotten to know Lu Siya and had an unclear relations.h.i.+p with Superstar Company.

For a moment, Shen Chengyi’s image in the eyes of the nine families was twisted like Lu Siya’s.

Shen Yufeng rolled her beautiful eyes. She was not willing to let go of this great opportunity. She took half a step forward and pointed at Shen Chengyi’s nose, “Shen Chengyi, you actually colluded with Lu Siya to join the Azure Alliance and betray the Shen family’s interests!” she said in a sharp voice

Shen Chengyi had just mentioned that he “understood the Azure Alliance’s ideals.” He did not say that he had joined the Azure Alliance.

It was obvious that Shen Yufeng had dug a hole to lure him in.

However, such boring words were useless in the eyes of a man who had made up his mind.

“Shen Yufeng, you don’t have to set me up.”

Shen Chengyi snorted and said, “Whether I join the Azure Alliance or not, it’s none of your business. It doesn’t matter to anyone here either.

“The Azure Alliance is a legal civil organization that has been registered. Any citizen of Dragon City who has reached the age of eighteen has the freedom to join and leave at any time. I’m a member of the Shen family, not a dog of the Shen family. Who cares whether I join the Azure Alliance or not?”

Logically speaking, his sentence was certainly correct.

However, decades ago, during the b.l.o.o.d.y era where order and law were broken, and the strong preyed on the weak, “families, gangs, and businesses” were the biggest support a person could rely on to survive and become stronger.

Most of the people present relied on the strength of their families to get to where they are today. They were also the beneficiaries of the family’s continuous growth.

“Family is heaven.”


This was the survival creed of many people.

It could be said that even the foster children who were full of complaints about the current situation of the Shen family had never thought of the thought, “I am free. The Shen family can not control me.”.

Of course, with the uprising of Shen Chengyi.

It pierced through the sky that did not exist.

The thoughts called “Freedom”and “Ambition”sprouted like bamboo shoots after the rain. They grew crazily in the depths of many people’s minds and gradually penetrated their brains.

Many adopted children did not show any expression on the surface.

However, their brains were working crazily. They were calculating whether it was possible to cut off their businesses with Universe Corporation and seek development with the Azure Alliance.

After all, they were more or less suppressed by the blood descendants, and the final decision was in the hands of the old man.

In terms of love, the adopted children could never be compared to the old man’s own flesh and blood.

Even if everything was peaceful for a while, when the old man was still alive, they had to give him a bite of food for his past contributions.

At worst, the blood descendants would eat meat and they would drink soup. At least they would have enough to eat.

However, the old man’s physical condition really made people feel apprehensive.

Who knew how much impact this shocking would have on the old man?

If the old man did not have long to live, the heir would most likely be a blood descendant.

At that time, the old man’s own son would be in power. These G.o.dchildren probably would not even be able to drink hot soup at the table.

“A man is born between heaven and earth. How can he stay under someone else for a long time? It’s one thing to serve the old man, but to serve the second generation family head, who is ten to twenty years younger than him, like a slave? What right do you have! ?”

When many people thought of this, they realized that Shen Chengyi, the seemingly well-developed and simple-minded former commando captain, had suddenly stood up today and broke off relations with the Shen family. It was definitely not a spur of the moment decision.

Instead, he had carefully calculated and planned before taking action.

That’s right, this was definitely not his idea alone. It was a decision that he and his brother, Shen Chengxiu, had made together.

These two guys were really cunning.

As the saying went, “A thousand gold market bones.”These two brothers were the first batch of people to jump from the nine great cultivation families to the Azure Alliance after Lu Siya.

No matter how many resources they could take away and how much combat power they had, even if it was just to set an example, the Azure Alliance would spare no expense to help them rise to the top!

Many of the foster children had a strange look in their eyes.

They looked at Shen Chengyi with shock and worry, but there was also a hint of uncertain envy.

Most of the blood descendants were still immersed in the rigid thinking of “The family is the sky, no one can go against the will of the old man.”

Shen Yufeng was choked by Shen Chengyi’s response for a long time, and her eyebrows were raised, she shouted at the top of her voice, “Shen Chengyi, don’t forget that you are still working for Universe Corporation. I have every reason to suspect that you have leaked trade secrets to your compet.i.tors, which const.i.tutes a commercial crime!”

“Is that so?”

Shen Chengyi did not care at all. “First, I will submit my resignation letter to the corporation today. I will quit!

“Secondly, if you are not afraid of losing face, and if you are not afraid of causing turmoil in the financial markets, I can even announce in the newspapers that I am no longer related to the Shen family. From now on, we will not interfere in each other’s business. We will go our separate ways!

“Thirdly, if you think that I have done anything that violates my professional ethics or even const.i.tutes a commercial crime while I am in Universe Corporation, you can go to the court and sue me.

“However, I will not discuss any details involving commercial crimes with non-professionals like you here. If you have any problems, you can go to my lawyer.”

Shen Yufeng was dumbfounded.

All of her power, whether it was money, power, status, or cultivation resources, came from the Shen family and Universe Corporation.

She was like a vine attached to a towering tree. She had never thought that she could get rid of the support of the tree and grow independently.

Therefore, in her opinion, “Expulsion from the Shen family”was the most severe punishment in the world.

It was so severe that she did not even need to say the punishment out loud. She only needed to give a slight hint to make Shen Chengyi cry and Grovel.

She did not expect that she had not even begun to threaten him.

Shen Chengyi had kicked a huge bomb and took the initiative to propose that he wanted to get rid of the control of the Shen family and Universe Corporation!

Shen Yufeng was at a loss.

Only at this moment did she realize that the strength of the Shen family was not as powerful as she had imagined.

At the very least, it was not so powerful that it was omnipotent.

Faced with a traitor who was determined to leave the family and establish his own family, the ‘weapons’that the Shen family could use were limited.

Especially at such a precarious time.

Any action against Shen Chengyi could have a serious negative impact on the Shen family’s reputation.

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