Chapter 1598: The Era Has Changed

As the saying goes, “A bare foot is not afraid of wearing shoes.”

Since Shen Chengyi dared to make such a heinous declaration in front of all the Shen family’s core members, he must have found the Azure Alliance through Lu Siya.

Perhaps he would be able to get a series of orders from the various small and medium-sized enterprises under the Azure Alliance and take on various positions, earning a lot of money.

Under such circ.u.mstances, even if he were to declare that he had severed all ties with the Shen family, including his relations.h.i.+p with Shen Yuanbao, what loss would he have?

However, for Shen Yuanbao, a Deity Realm warrior who could not even win over a foster son, how embarra.s.sing would that be?

Added with news of Shen Yuanbao’s attempt, people would unwittingly ask, “Yuanbao is so old now. Can he even feed himself?”

Once that happened, Universe Corporation’s share prices and all the Shen family’s related enterprises would definitely plummet to the bottom!

From this perspective, it was the Shen family that was afraid of Shen Chengyi, not Shen Chengyi who was afraid of the Shen family.

When Shen Yufeng thought about it, she looked at her father with some guilt.

She found that her father was also expressionless, staring at her with a deep gaze.

Shen Yufeng’s heart skipped a beat.

She knew that her father was deeply disappointed and even furious with her performance today.

After all, she was the fuse that caused Shen Chengyi to explode.

Realizing that she was getting further and further away from the throne of the family’s second head, Shen Yufeng’s vision went black, and she almost fainted.

Shen Chengyi could not be bothered with this woman who had turned haggard in an instant.


He walked toward the main door of the meeting hall without hesitation.

Halfway through, he turned around and spoke to his other brothers and sisters in the “foster children faction.”

“I’m leaving. Before I leave, I would like to give everyone a piece of advice—the present is different from the past. It’s now the sixtieth year of the new era, not the ancient Middle Ages of Earth. n.o.ble cultivation families are bullsh*t. This is no longer acceptable!

“As Dragon City’s strength continues to increase, the laws are becoming more and more perfect. More and more ordinary citizens have stronger combat strength and a sense of mission. We no longer need the so-called cultivation aristocratic families, super enterprises, or peerless experts to protect Dragon City. Instead, everyone, including us and ordinary citizens, can protect themselves and protect Dragon City.

“In this era that is changing with each pa.s.sing day, we no longer need the so-called family clans to act as our backers. The law is our backer, the transcendence tower is our backer, the survival committee is our backer, and the entire Dragon City and all the citizens are our backers!

“We are different from the elder’s flesh and blood after all. We have fought our way out from the Burning Mountains of corpses and seas of blood. We can completely rely on our own abilities to stand tall and earn a living outside. Why do we have to grovel and beg for mercy here?

“That’s all I have to say. Everyone can think about it later. If you really want to change your way of life and fight for Dragon City instead of the Shen family, you are welcome to contact me at any time. I will take you to Ms. Lu Siya. We have many opportunities to work together. We can make a big scene together!”

After saying that, he did not look at the crowd anymore. He stood tall and walked out.

Such an arrogant att.i.tude deeply provoked many members of the blood descendants camp.

A few blood descendants subconsciously stood in front of Shen Chengyi.

“What? Do you want to use force?”

Shen Chengyi could not help but laugh as he looked at the many members of the Shen family. “When it comes to using force, I’m more proficient than any of you. After all, I’m the former commando captain of Universe Corporation!

“Back then, in that era where order collapsed and there was no law, in order to defeat my compet.i.tors and eradicate the internal rebellion, I did countless dirty and wet jobs. To put it bluntly, when I killed people to silence them, the bunch of second-generation heirs were still cells!

“However, it’s still the same saying. Times have changed. Today’s Dragon City is a place where the law is enforced. With the transcendental tower and the survival committee backing me up, it’s not the Shen family and Universe Corporation’s turn to rule the world!

“Do you believe that if I lose a single strand of hair here today, the news of the Shen family’s ‘illegal detention and lynching’ will blow up the entire Dragon City within two to three hours tomorrow?”

A few of the blood descendants were dumbfounded.

When they heard Shen Chengyi, the burly former commando captain, say that Dragon City was a place that spoke of the law, they felt that it was ridiculous to hear the declaration of vegetarianism from the Big Bad Wolf.

The blood descendants were in a daze.

One after another, they felt the impact of “The times have changed”.

They were in a dilemma.

They did not know if they should continue to intercept.


Shen Yuanbao’s voice came from behind.

He stared at Shen Chengyi with complicated feelings.

His lips trembled as if he had a thousand words to say, but he did not say them in the end. He only waved his hand weakly, “The sky is going to rain, and mother is going to get married. Chengyi, you and I are finally father and son. If you have a better way out, I will naturally not stop you. However, the world of martial arts is dangerous and stormy. If you run into obstacles everywhere outside, don’t forget about the Shen family. The door here will always be open for you.”

Shen Chengyi was a little moved.

He seemed to recall the chaotic and b.l.o.o.d.y era when he had just received Shen Yuanbao’s protection. The safety and resource issues had been resolved, and he had begun to show off his skills.

That was also the most exciting time of his life.

Shen Chengyi’s eyes were filled with the same complicated emotions as Shen Yuanbao’s.

However, there was no turning back.

He had said everything, and he had done everything. Let time tell him whether his choice was right or wrong!

Shen Chengyi suddenly knelt down heavily and kowtowed three times to Shen Yuanbao. Then, he suddenly got up and strode away.

Shen Chengyi’s people had already left.

The words he said just now were like boiling lead water that still filled the entire meeting hall. It was so hot that people’s faces and ears turned red. It was suffocating.

No one dared to speak.

No one even dared to breathe.

They could only secretly use their peripheral vision to exchange information and pray silently in their hearts. They waited for the old man’s thunderous anger to descend on some unlucky person.

However, Shen Yuanbao did not speak. He was as silent as a dry well that had been dry for a hundred years.

Everyone waited and waited, but there was no movement. Finally, they could not hold it in anymore. They raised their eyes and looked suspiciously at the old man.

This did not matter. They were shocked to find that Shen Yuanbao’s eyes were absent-minded. His face was pale, his chest was bulging, and his hands and feet were trembling uncontrollably. It was as if his anger was attacking his heart.



Everyone turned pale with fright and hurriedly surrounded him.


Before they could go forward to support him, Shen Yuanbao spat out a mouthful of blood and fell backward.

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