Chapter 1599: Shaking the Foundations

An hour later…

There was a private medical room with the most complete facilities and highest security in the depths of The Grand View of the Universe.

Shen Yuanbao was sitting cross-legged in a medical cabin that was filled with gene reagents.

His eyes were bright and spirited. Although his face was slightly flushed, he did not have the weakness and paleness that he had when he fell backward.

It was as if the “panic attack and coma” earlier was just a show.

At that moment, he was studying a picture on the big screen opposite the medical cabin. It was divided into dozens of pieces.

Every piece of the picture had been captured by a secret surveillance camera, capturing each heir’s face during the previous farce.

With the most advanced spirit equipment and optical technology, the tiny surveillance cameras could capture every detail clearly, including the muscle on every heir’s face and their microexpressions.

If the mastermind behind Shen Yuanbao’s was really hidden among these successors, then it would be impossible for him to hide his face.

With so many conflicts just now, it was impossible for his face to be watertight. There must have been some clues that leaked out.

The instant that Shen Yuanbao “vomited blood and fainted,” every successor who was genuinely worried about their father, and every successor who was ecstatic because of the vacancy in the throne of power could be spotted.

However, Shen Yuanbao’s eyes are fixed on the monitor screen, not on their micro-expressions.

Obviously, although the two brothers, Shen Chengyi and Shen Chengxiu, cut ties with the Shen family, it did not really make him “extremely angry, vomit blood, and fall into a coma.” It was not that serious.

But on a spiritual level, the blow to him was still as severe as ever.

Shen Yuanbao’s gaze was deep, as though it had penetrated the screen, the walls, the world, and even time and s.p.a.ce. No one knew where it drifted toward.


A moment later, he could not help but glance at Meng Chao.

Faint killing intent appeared in his eyes.

Meng Chao instantly sensed Shen Yuanbao’s killing intent and raised his eyebrows slightly.

At this moment, he was not afraid of Shen Yuanbao’s martial strength.

He was just very curious as to why Shen Yuanbao looked like he had a deep grudge with him.

He was a “private doctor” and was doing well. When did he offend this big shot?

Did Shen Yuanbao not expect that bringing Meng Chao to The Grand View of the Universe would cause him to see so much tomfoolery? So, he became angry out of humiliation and wanted to kill him to silence him?

Of course, Shen Yuanbao quickly realized that he was no longer the powerful expert who could summon the wind and rain and cover the sky with one hand.

He was just a seriously injured old man who was about to die.

He could not kill Meng Chao.

Even if he could kill him, it would be too late.

Shen Yuanbao sighed, he said faintly, “If there is an incredible secret technique in this world that can allow people to travel back in time, or rather, it can allow people to transfer their memories of the future to their past selves, guess what I want to do the most?”

Meng Chao’s heart skipped a beat.

Judging from his expression, he felt that Shen Yuanbao should have just felt it and not really traveled back in time like he did with the Wolf King. At the very least, he saw the possibility of the future.

Meng Chao asked, “What do you want to do, Senior Shen?”

“I want to kill you.”

Shen Yuanbao stared at Meng Chao. “I want to travel back in time to five years ago and kill you when you were still a high school student.”

Meng Chao was slightly stunned. “Why?”

“Because you are the sinner of Dragon City.”

Shen Yuanbao enunciated each word and said shockingly, “Everything you have done is very likely to destroy the entire Dragon City!”

Meng Chao was stunned for a long time before he asked, “Why do you say that, Senior Shen?”

“What do you think is the most important factor that can determine life and death for a group that is in the unknown, dangerous, and adversity?” Shen Yuanbao asked.

Without waiting for Meng Chao’s response, he answered his own question, “It is order, unity, and rules. It is the unity of all. Everyone must be united and march in the same direction.

“Only a leader, a voice, and a path can bind all the millions of humans together and form a force that can sweep the entire Other World!

“It is certainly impossible for a dragon to be leaderless, but a giant dragon that is baring its fangs and brandis.h.i.+ng its claws has actually grown two heads. The two heads even have their own opinions and are pulling at each other in different directions. That is simply more terrifying than a dragon without a leader!

“In the past, Dragon City, the dragon that lurks in the abyss, only had one head, and that was the nine cultivation aristocratic families and the nine super enterprises.

“Although we are called the ‘nine great’, and there are conflicts and disputes between us, we are all willing to settle our disputes under the same set of rules of the game. We will distribute the cake in the way of civilized people and decide the direction of Dragon City together.

“All the superhumans and all the citizens are united around us, the Deity Realm fighters, the n.o.ble cultivation families, and the mega corporations that we are in charge of. Naturally, we are invincible and invincible.

“But today, a second head grew out of the Dragon City Dragon.

“Whether it was Lu Siya who instigated the ignorant people to make such a big fuss in Xinhui business building or Shen Chengyi and Shen Chengxiu who betrayed the Shen family today, it was all because of the second head.

“Without the second head, even if they were really dissatisfied or ambitious, they wouldn’t have made such a big fuss.”

Meng Chao Thought for a moment and said, “Senior Shen, do you mean that the Azure Alliance is the second head of Dragon City, a head that shouldn’t exist?”

“Isn’t it?”

Shen Yuanbao said, “The Azure Alliance has only been established for a short time, but it has already stirred up a huge commotion inside and outside of Dragon City, fanning the flames and adding fuel to the fire. It has intensified the conflict to an uncontrollable degree, almost turning the entire dragon city upside down.

“And during the Monster War, those of us who made great contributions to the survival of dragon city and almost sacrificed everything, cultivation aristocratic families and super enterprises, have also been wantonly smeared by the Azure Alliance. They have become embroiled in scandals and are in a sorry state. They have also eroded from within, causing the hearts of the people to waver and everyone to be in danger.

“What is this? This is shaking the foundation of Dragon City’s civilization!

“Meng Chao, have you ever thought about the consequences if you let the Azure Alliance go on like this?

“Let me tell you, the consequences will be a complete break between the nine great civilizations and the Azure Alliance, or even an all-out war. The Dragon City civilization will face a tragedy of fratricide before they can charge out of Monster Mountain Range. At that time, forget about conquering the entire Other World, the flames of civilization that we have sacrificed so much to preserve will be completely extinguished in the hands of our generation. We will all become sinners of history, sinners of civilization, sinners of Earth!”

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