The voice was coming from inside his head. It was a very emotionless mechanical voice.

"Ding! Do you wish to Bind with System?"


"Ding! Binding of Technological System has been completed. Host must work hard in order to bring advanced technology and development into this world." An instant reply.

Landon was stunned, he was excited inwardly. "System why did you choose me?" Landon blinked curiously while asking.

"When host was on earth, host had an IQ of 260. Currently host was the smartest dead person available from earth, allowing the system to bind with host. With the host's high IQ level, it will be easier to access the knowledge the system will provide. The system has a minimum IQ requirement of 250."

"So I was the smartest dead person..that makes sense....Ww..wait? what? System, are you sure?"

"Answering to host, Yes. There are smarter people back on earth, but they are all still alive. Due to hosts fortunate death, host was the next best thing."

Landon almost coughed out blood...'fortunate for who? for you or for me?.... anyway there's no need thinking about it anymore. What's done is done'.

"system, how do I use you?"

"System will give you a task based on the situation of your Kingdom. If host is lacking the right raw materials for development, system will provide it as a reward. Once the task has been completed, host will be rewarded. Also host can buy basic equipments from system that will be helpful towards host's missions. "

"Buy basic equipments? "

"Yes, host can buy these equipments with experience, technology and bonus points. Experience points are gotten when host used the knowledge from the system to better hosts kingdom. Technology points are gotten when advanced technology is created. While Bonus points are gotten when the hosts uses his own intellect to create new inventions or solve major issues. The system has unlimited levels. The higher you go, the harder it is to complete the levels.'

A screen popped up in front of Landon showing him his current information:

'>Host name: Landon Barn

>Age: 15

>Status: Banished prince of Arcadina (New King of Baymard)

>Level: Beginner

>Current Sitaution: Stupidly weak. If the host were to stand out in the wind for a long time, the host be will blown away (Poisoned with Nolat Wisp).'

Landon didn't know whether to laugh or cry. 'Was it my father, the King? or my half siblings? Damm.. I just arrived and I'm already poisoned? No wonder I felt like dying when mom and Lucy shook me earlier. I almost thought those two were undercover body builders. To think I was poisoned when leaving the kingdom. I was already banished...why couldn't they just let me be? Tchh. Who ever you are, let this daddy not catch you..heheheh.' Suddenly, a box wrapped like a gift popped up on the screen startling him;

"System Starter Pack: Knowledge on the Introduction to Farming (Host needs to develop his land before creating advanced tools to aid his people). As an additional bonus, system will cure host completely while giving host greater strength than the average person."

Landon clicked on the package and immediately felt a wave of knowledge burst through his brain. At the same time he could feel his body getting stronger. Once he was done digesting the information, he looked at his wrist and was shocked. His hand which recently looked like a ghosts body started changing. As time past his hand looked more and more human. Once he was done a.s.sessing his body, he looked at the Mission tab. There were two main missions, he clicked the first one;

"Mission: Is your land really Barren? Use your knowledge on farming and fix the problem of food shortage. Your empire must be strong enough to protect its future technology. For the empire to be strong, the people need to be strong.

Sub-Mission: Use the system to map out territory for future purposes.

Reward: Host will also get knowledge on gun powder and canon making. Host will also receive 100 development points.

Deadline: No specific time frame needed."

Landon thought it was reasonable. If people grew hungry in his territory, no one would want to work or fight to defend his kingdom. He needed food first before anything else. He clicked the second mission;

"Mission: Gather enough points to complete level 1

Requirements: 2000 experience points and 10,000 technology points needed.

Deadline: No specific time frame needed

Reward: Level Two Unlocked."

Landon shrugged. 'I would do it anyway so it really isn't a serious mission. Besides I'll need so many will take at least 5 missions or more before I level up.'

"System, can you tell me about the current world?"

"Answering host, the current world is called Hertfilia, comprising of 9 continents. The continent the host currently lives in is call Pyno. Pyno has 5 empires; Arcadina, Carona ,Deiferus, Terique and Yodan.Each empire has at least 15 major cities and 30 minor cities. The hosts current fief is called Baymard. It is the third largest city in Arcadina."

"System, tell me the Situation with Baymard" he asked curiously.

"Baymard occupies 6000 square kilometers. The system has a.s.sessed that there are currently 1582 individuals living there. Minor cities in the empire have at least 10,000 people living in them. Host's empire falls short as a major city. Host empire is currently not even able to reach the requirements for minor cities in the empire. Baymard has almost no food in the territory. The people mostly get their food from fis.h.i.+ng. But it is never enough for the total population. The winters on Baymard are extremely cold resulting to multiple deaths."

He was satisfied with his overall situation. At least now he had a plan and he knew what to do. He looked at the interior of the carriage more carefully. One could see that it was worn out and looked like a carriage commoners used, not that he minded anyway. But he was still shocked at how a father could treat his child like this. The King didn't even want to spend money to send them off. 'What a stingy man', he thought while shaking his head.

Just as he was about to get out and look for his mom, Lucy came in. She looked at him and was startled, while blinking several times. 'Brother Landon is looking like his old self again', she was genuinely happy.

"Brother Landon, you are looking better already. Would you like to eat inside the carriage or outside?" she asked smiling.

"I'll eat outside"

He stepped out of the carriage and followed Lucy.

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