There where 10 groups of people sitting on the floor. Each had at least 30 people gathered around a pile of food. As he walked by, they knelt on one knee, giving him a proper salute.

"Greetings Your Highness"

"You should all sit down and not bother yourselves with such formalities," he said while smiling.

The men were relieved and sat back down. He continued to follow Lucy while shaking his head. When he saw his mother, he made way towards her and sat by her side. she looked at him more seriously, turning him from left to right and right to left. She then hugged him, and then put her hands on his head as if checking his temperature. At the same time Lucy held his wrist as if trying to feel his heart beat. she then turned his face left to right, and then right to left as if convincing herself that he is truly fine.

'I'm a king for G.o.d's sake, you guys keep treating me like a child...What will my men think when they see me like this?.....So you know shaking me like this would make me dizzy?' he thought.

"Little Landon, are you feeling any better? Although you look better when we get to Baymard we will look for a physician. Here eat more food.." As his mom spoke, she took out a large plate and kept adding food on the plate.

Landon's eyes nearly popped out, he looked around and noticed that his plate was the biggest in the group. Forget the group, it was the biggest plate he had ever seen in his life. 'How can someone use this plate to eat? Tell me the truth, are you trying to kill me with a full belly?'

"Brother Landon here take some of my food.."

As Lucy spoke she also kept adding more and more food on the plate. His mother kept adding so much food to his plate. When she finally stopped, she held his spoon and scooped the food towards his mouth. 'Oh my G.o.d, now our trying to feed me toooooo?' he couldn't help but exclaim inwardly.

When Kim saw that he wasn't eating the food on the spoon, she thought it was probably because it was too hot. So she did what any mother would do, she blew the food on the spoon.

"Whuuuhhh..Whuuuuh, here ...little Landon it's cold now quickly eat up."

Landon was speechless, he quickly looked at the group of men in his group. It was clear that they were trying not to laugh, in fact one of the men's eyes were turning funny mixture between red and violent. He looked at them as if saying 'help me', but they shrugged their shoulders and continued eating while holding in their laughter's.

'Is this what it feels like to have a mother?... it feels very nice...Fine, I'll allow you to feed me now..but this is the last time...afterall, I'm considered as a sick man, so it's not that strange..right?...' he couldn't help thinking.

In his previous life he was an orphan, who never had parental love. But in this life, although he has a b.a.s.t.a.r.d father, his mom is an angel. He's also surrounded by people who genuinely care for him.

Looking at Lucy, he Suddenly felt his heart skip a beat. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and coupled with the fact that she spent her time taking care of the old Landon, always standing up from him when he was bullied. She was loyal, caring and somewhat strong...he secretly vowed that he would take care of her and protect her from now on.

Although he was touched by his mother and Lucy, he couldn't help thinking, 'Do I look like a baby pig to you women? Three grown men could eat what's on my plate and there would still be leftover's. Isn't this too much?' Even though he thought that, looking at Lucy and his mother's encouraging faces, he decided to eat everything.

'I guess this is the day I die from over eating'

When Landon and his mother had left the capital, they were given just three hundred and thirty knights. Most Barons and Dukes had at least three thousand knights under their care. When his brothers were all fifteen, they were given prosperous cities to rule with no less than ten thousand Knights under their wings. Even his sisters were given more knights than he did. Although his sisters were given mansions in the capital and not cities to rule, they were given six three thousand knights under their rule and command.

The knights that followed him were either deemed by the empire as having the worst talent for knighthood, lacked the proper training or were seen as a nuisance to the king. All and all, these knights were actually good people who were just bullied by people in the empire.

But among these men, there were five outstanding knights. Lucius was a 'Knight Commander' having one of the highest honors in the empire. It came as a shock to a lot of people when he resigned, stating that he would follow Landon to Baymard. Of course not to him, he knew better than anyone based on his memories.

Lucius had taken care of him as a father ever since he could remember. It's clear that Lucius has feelings for his mom, but she's too dense to see it. He couldn't help thinking, 'do I need to set them up together?...afterall mom deserves happiness too.' While he was thinking he continued to eat and look around.

He looked at the three men sitting by Lucius. They were Josh, Mark and Gary. They were all loyal disciples of Lucius who followed him everywhere, of course they also treated Landon as a brother. They all worked hard and attained the position of 'Knight Captain'.

Lastly he looked over to Trey Parsy who is his personal knight and bodyguard. Trey is extremely loyal to Landon that you would think it's an addiction. He always stays close to Landon, protecting him at all times. They usually play together and crack jokes here and there. In Trey's heart, Landon is his brother. Although Trey is only 19, he is extremely strong and attained the position of 'Knight Lieutenant'.

In the empire, knights were ranked after a.s.sessing their achievements and strengths. A knights rank starts from the least rewarding position; a squire to a page then Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Commander, Master Commander and finally a Provist.

After they all had their full, their continued to journey towards their new home. Baymard.

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