As they neared closer towards the city, Landon couldn't help but gasp. The city was almost as big as the Capital. Although its said that the lands are 'baren', only an idiot would truly give it up. 'Probably my father had only heard of the crises going on here and never stepped in the city to check it out...truly a fool', Landon thought.

Baymard was surrounded by extremely high city walls, which looked to be about 16m high. There was only one outer gate post for entry and exit in Baymard. It looked exactly like a medieval city in the movies. As they drove through the city, people looked at them curiously. He could almost hear whispers.

"Is that the new lord and his family?"

"Do you think they would help us?"

"I heard that the new lord isn't favoured in the empire "

"Really, Aiiiiiiiiiiy....Do you think we're finished then?"

As they drove by, Landon started accessing the situation in this new kingdom. These people were extremely poor and didnt have the money to afford anything right now. They get their food mainly from fis.h.i.+ng and occasional hunting. If he had to run the kingdom, he needed money...a lot of it.

Luckily his mother and the old Landon were smart. His mother started saving all her coins, since he was born. While he, Landon started saving at age 7. Royal Prince's start having their monthly allowances at age 7 because that's when they start their knighthood training as a Page.

when they were in the Capital, the wives of the king had a monthly allowance of 500 gold coins, while his mother would only take 200 gold coins. Once his mother found out she was pregnant, she knew it was only a matter of time before they kicked her out. So she saved all her money, never spending more than what she needed.

As for Landon, when he started training as a Page in the royal family, he recieved 50 gold coin per month (if he were a commoner it would be 700 copper coins), while his brothers had received 300 gold coins per month. He gave all his money to his mother to save. They didnt need much in life.

Since they eat and lived at the back of the palance, never needing any anything else. They were able to save quite a few gold coins.But all of that is about to change.

Before, they had only themselves. But now, they have an entire kingdom to feed and wages to pay for their Knights and servants, which is fair. Before all these people took their salaries from the empire. Now, Landon would have to step up.

He quickly calculated that their savings should be able to take care of everyone for at least six months. (Based on the currency 1 hundred copper coins gives 1 silver coin. Similarly, 1 hundred silver coins give 1 gold coin). The average salary pays up to 250 copper coins, while a knights salary pays 700 copper coins minimum, depending on their ranks.

He also took into account that he may need to build new equipments and buildings. He quickly remembered the starter pack he received. Once he waited for food to grow, he would have to fish the kingdom.

When they arrived at the only castle in the city, maids rushed out to greet them.

"Good day your Highness and highnesses" they said while curtsying.

"Be at ease. I am your new Lord, Landon Barn. This is my Mother Kim, my friend Lucy, my loyal retainers and my staff....Now, let's see our new home shall we?" he said with a smile on his face.

Once they were introduced and shown the entire castle. Landon all they staff gathered and waited for further instructions.Looking at the group of people, most were in their early twenties, while some were in their late teens and a few in their early teens.

"How many people work in the castle?" he asked.

A girl in her early twenties stepped forward and spoke, "Answering my lord, 30. There are 12 gardeners, 4 stable boys and 3 cooks and 11 maids."

"Good..... Nathan, Daniella, please step forward " he said.

"My lord", they said while stepping forward.

Both have been loyal to his mother for many years. Nathan is a 47 year butler while Daniella is a middle age woman. They are actually married and their only child is actually Gary.

"Nathan you are to train the boys, while Daniella will train the girls. You all will be paid at the end of the month. your salary will be 350 copper coins. Use it to take care of your families. If you all have any difficulties, please inform any of us present.... Afterall, we are all family."

As the servants heard this, they were stunned and then very excited. One should know that, there was no money around to even buy food. Their families had had a very hard life here. They all knew that the average salary is 250 cooper coins, but his highness offered 100 more copper coins.... What did this mean?... 'His highness is so kind and compa.s.sionate. we must serve him loyally', they all thought.

Once he dismissed all the servants he decided to discuss with his retainers.

"You all have served my household loyally for years. This is our new home, our new life. The empire has sent us away for good....."

As he said that he looked at hsi retainers. They were all angry. They then continued

"They might have thought that they'll have the last laugh.... They might even think we would all die without their help..... They think we are weak, defenceless and a nuisance to the empire. But I dont believe so. We will turn this place into heaven and deny them access to it."

As he spoke, the knights were getting very excited. They're blood were boiling. Most of them were told they were useless all their lives. they are called trash and looked down on many times in the Capital. Even Lucy and his mom couldn't help it, as they blood boiled.

"Are you all with me?"

"yahhhhhhh", they replied

"I said are you all with me!"

"Good, because I need super knights who would train efficiently, so I will only pay the salary for a super knight. All Page's will get 1000 copper coins, Squire's will get 2000 coins, Lieutenant's get 3500, Captain's get 6000, Major's get 9000, Commander's get 12000, master commander's get 15000 and finally Provist's get 18000 copper coins a month."

Everyone was shocked. The amount was definitely too high for the various professions.

"This is a new era, a new time, a new home, and...a new King"

"Long live the King"

"Long live the king"

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