He knew he would change the way the knights trained, but he had to start gradually.

In this era, they didnt have any form rigorous training like the one's established on earth.

In fact, when he turned 18 he had served his country for two years before settling before he worked as a mechanical engineer. He knew more than anyone else, the importance of all those military routines.

Since the system would eventually reward him with all knowledge on canons and gunpowder making, its safe to a.s.sume that he would be making his very own machine guns soon. Hence, he needed to train the men's reflexes and physical conditions so they could efficiently work guns or any other military equipment's.

Although he didnt have any guns presently, it didn't mean he would neglect the benefits from that kind of training. Those routines helped soldiers build confidence in themselves, their subordinates and their Companions.

It also helped the soldiers improve their leaders.h.i.+p skills, develop a sense of belonging, pride, compa.s.sion towards others and of course extremely strong body.

What he needed, were soldiers who were loyal to him, the people and the kingdom. And not men who did things for merit or money.

He scanned the soldiers seriously, ensuring that he met almost everyone with his eyes. He gave off the aura of a well accomplished soldier.

"Tomorrow morning before the dawn of day, all knights will a.s.semble at the inner castle for training. This training sessions will involve new routines, as well as your normal sword practices...All those who arrive late will have no breakfast and lunch for the rest of the day. More than 3 Absences without a good reason will result in no food for a day and intense punishment...now...DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!!!!"

All the knights immediately yelled back,

"Yes My King"

"Excellent.....now divide yourselves into three groups. In can be in any order, but each group must contain at a hundred men." Once he finished speaking, he walked towards his mother and Lucy.

"Mom, we will need enough food to feed all the knights, our workers and ourselves.... How much much do we have?" he asked. His mom thought for a while an answered,

"We brought 3 Wagons filled with wheat, 1 wagon filled with beans, 1 wagon filled with peas, 1 wagon filled barely, rye and oats. And finally a wagon filled with various seeds needed for farming."

"That's good....Mom, Lucy.....tommorrow morning, could you all make sure that the kitchen makes enough food for all the knights? I need all the food delivered to the inner courtyard at day break every morning. " He asked softly. Afterall she was his mother not some soldier in the army, and Lucy was someone he cared about deeply.

Lucy looked at Landon's handsome face and blushed. 'Since when did Brother Landon look so cool and handsome?...'. Lucy continued to blush as she observed Landon.

On the other hand, Kim looked at her son's handsome face. She smiled and thought, 'When did my little baby grow up? he's so cute, acting all tough and manly. Pinching his checks gently she said,

"My little boy has grown up. Of course I'll do it. This our home now. what ever you need me to do just say it."

"Brother Landon, do you even need to ask? I'll do anything you need me to do". Lucy said.

Immediately as she realised what she just said, her blush intensified. Kim noticed and couldn't help giggling. Landon was confused so to why his mum kept giggling.

"Thanks mom, thanks Lucy"

Looking at them, he felt that he was truly blessed. Even though he felt like that, he couldn't help but sigh inwardly.

'woman, why can't you take me seriously? Although I may look 15, I'm a full grown man for pitsake. Can't you see that this is a serious military moment? you just said I've grown up. Yet, here you are, pinching my cheeks in public?. .. ..huuhhhhh, I give up. luckily no one saw you do it or else this serious atmosphere would be a joke.'

Once he finished speaking to his mom, he looked around and saw all his soldiers split into three main groups, excluding Commander Lucius. He walked towards them with a serious look on his face.

"Since we have three Knight Captain's in our kingdom, all knights will be grouped under these Captain's. All the Knight Captain's will in turn answer to Commander Lucius. Captain Jos.h.!.+"

Josh stepped out of the crowd and gave a salute.

"My King", he said still on bended knees.

"You will lead, train and take care of all men in the first group"

"As you wish my King"

Josh moved towards Lucius, gave him a salute saying, "Commander" and walked towards the first group.

When he arrived in front of them, they all shouted


Josh then stood in front of them and faced Landon. Landon then continued on with allocating the other teams to Mark and Gary, repeating the same scenarios.

Once everyone looked satisfied with their various groups, they all faced Landon and yelled, "My Lord".

They felt like they truly belonged here as compared to when they were in the Capital. No one had ever paid so much attention to them as Landon was doing.

"You all will take each other as family, as each others brother. Your will eat together, work together, grow strong together and build this kingdom together. No Knight will ever be left behind."

They were stunned and equallysuprised. no one would be left behind?...this was the first time that they heard such a phrase. In this world the strong rules and the weak perished. That'sjust the way things were. But since most of them were considered as weak in empire, so they were heavily affected and touched by Landon's words.

"For Now we will do an inspection on the land. Commander Lucius, what do you think?" Landon asked while looking at Lucius.

"My King, it's an excellent idea. I propose that we all go for the inspection, so to know how to protect Baymard." Lucius answered immediately.

"I agree. Afterall, we need to have a clear understanding of the situation here. Based on the information we gather, we will be able to appropriately allocate duties and responsibilities to everyone.....For now, let's go look at Baymard". Everyone needed.

As he was about to move out with his men, Lucius stopped him with a smile on his face.

"Little Landon, does your cheeks still hurt?"

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