As they left the castle, Landon quickly checked on the system.

'System, how do I use you to map out the territory?'

'Answering host. Host just needs to look at the map of the empire, stored in the system and highlight the territories that belong to host.'

'Just like that?', Landon asked almost not believing the system.


'so what happens when I want to expand my territories?'

'If that were to happen host just needs to highlight more regions on the sytem map.'

Landon nodded as he listened to the system.

'This is also very useful, as the system will inform host if any there any enemy attacks or unwanted guests in the Host's territories.'

'That's good then'

Landon looked at the map and decided to draw a circle around Baymard. He made sure to add at least 20 meter difference between the city walls and the surroundings.

Once he was done, a pop-up screen appeared.

'Would you like to view your selected Territory on the Monitor?'

He was excited. With a monitor could check every area in Baymard without being there in person. This is extremely useful for times when he might have to leave the territory for urgent matters. He clicked on yes, and viewed the city.

Looking at the monitor, it resembled a regular flat screen T.V.

He could sea people fis.h.i.+ng on the sea coast, people farming inside the city, people going out to hunt, the city walls, the castle, and so on.

He was satisfied with this 'mapping' function in the system.

Baymard was divided into 3 regions; the Upper regions, the Central regions and the Lower regions.

As he pa.s.sed through the upper region of the city, he saw various estates. There were 16 estates, that each had at least 6 stones mansions and 10 small buildings on them.

These mansions were extremely huge, having their own courtyards and servant quarters.

Each estate was surrounded by a 4 foot fence. A person standing next to the fence, could see the entire estate without stressing themselves.

If it were back on earth, each of these mansions could be used to open a major University. They were big, but not as big as his castle.

'At least there are no n.o.bles in the city to bother me'

The City lord used to stay in Landon's castle, while these other estate belonged to the Barons and dukes.

Once they heard that Baymard will no longer be under the protection of Arcadina, they all fled to the Capital.

They didnt want to serve Landon, so they left. What a joke, serving a 15 year old prince who has no power. In their eyes he was trash, a prince with only 330 soldiers? They were all way stronger than him physically and had a larger number of knights under their wings. In his world strength is everything.

They knew that Landon had been exiled along with his family to Baymard. Staying, would only bring the Wrath of the King onto them.

Choosing to serve Landon would be stabbing the king in his back.

Besides, they didnt want to lend any of their knights to aid in protecting Baymard. If a war broke-out between Baymard and any neighboring cities, there would be no reinforcements coming in to help them.

Coupled with the lack of food in the territory, it was not a risk they were willing to take.

They knew that the King was Indirectly saying 'I want Prince Landon out of Arcadina, and if anyone helps him, they would face the consequences.'

Once Landon and his men left the upper region, they arrived at the central part of Baymard. This region was where the villagers lived.

As the group moved through the city, they greeted the villagers and aided any who needed any form of a.s.sistance. Landon kept observing his surroundings.

Compared to the houses in the Capital, these ones could easily be destroyed in harsh weather conditions.

From his memories, the houses in the Capital were all made from stone and wood, making them st.u.r.dy and long lasting.

But the houses in Baymard were made of sticks, straw and mud. They all had frameworks made of Timber. Their walls are made of a dried mixture of woven twigs and mud. And their roofs made of straw. This houses were typically called Mud-Brick houses.

'No wonder it was reported that Baymard had the highest death rate in Arcadina.' He thought.

Looking at the roads here, they were not as good as the ones In the upper region. There were patches of mud on the ground and a lot of pot-holes on the roads.

On their way to the lower regions, they saw a group of men carrying bows and arrows hoping to get some meat for their families, women carrying water and children running around and playing.

Once they reached the lower levels, it was all vegation and farmlands.

Landon could see over a three hundred fields, but only about 5 people on them. It was clear to see that even the people believed that their lands were barren.

Looking west from the fields, Landon was surprised to see two giant estates.

He then turned to the east from the fields and only one gigantic estate there. Landon's interest was piqued. He turned to the Lucius and the group.

"Why would n.o.bles leave the upper region to build their estates here?, dont you find it very strange?"

"indeed my King", Lucius said and everyone else nodded.

"My King, maybe they found something valuable in this lower region and decided to stay here." said a shy knight.

The knight had blond hair and dark brown eyes. If he were on earth he would look like a K-pop artist. He had no muscles and looked incredibly weak, like a twig. Landon was not worried because once he started training them, they gain a lot of muscles.

The knight's voice showed a hint of shyness and fear. It was clear that he lacked any confidence in himself.

"What's your name, age, rank and Captain?", Landon asked.

"Billy Vein, age 17, Squire under Captain Mark. My King"

"Billy, that was an excellent suggestion. They might be things there that could help us better the kingdom. EXCELLENT." Landon said while smiling.

Inwardly Landon was shocked that Billy was 17 years old. He really looked like a 14 year old boy.

Billy was extremely excited to be complimented by the king. One had to know that when he spoke he was shaking like a leaf. Seeing his highness in high spirits, he felt more confident in himself.

The other knights also nodded and thought that what Billy said made sense. Afterall, even the villagers didnt stay here. So why would n.o.ble's? It all seemed very sketchy and questionable.

"Lets go West first. I'm curious to know why they needed two estates there, compared to the east."

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