"They probably brought in their own workers, in fear that their secret would be found out...If the villagers knew of it, they would probably fight for some resources so they could sell and feed their families. " Said Trey.

"That may be the case. Afterall, since we've been in the lower region, we haven't seen any people walking around.....Since the people believe the land is barren, they don't come here anymore. And even if the did come, the mines are a great walking distance from their farmlands." Said Lucius.

"Also dont forget that the Entrance and Exit from Batmard is located in the central region, so no one really needs to be here." Gary added.

Everyone agreed as well

"My guess is that, they burnt all the workers when realised how serious their situation was." Landon said.

"That would explain all the blood stains and ash we found in all three estates..... Afterall, there's no guarantee that the workers would keep their secret forever. The only way to bury the secret was silencing the workers permanently. " Trey added.

They had to admit, the city lord and the Barons put a lot of thought into their plans. They didnt think there would be a day when they would have to leave Baymard for good.

They truly didnt see it coming.

"Since we are done, let's move to the sea coast."Landon said.

The Central region of Baymard was like the mid point of a compa.s.s.

Moving Eastwards from the central region, one would reach the Upper regions of Baymard. And In the West, you would reach the Lower region.

Likewise, to the north of the central regions was the entrance/exit to Baymard. And in the South, the sea coastline entrance.

Once they arrived the coastline, Landon and his men saw a lot of villagers fis.h.i.+ng, while some where carrying baskets of fish on their heads.

They spoke to the villagers, aided them and left to inspect the City walls and the forests by the entrance of Baymard.

Once were outside Baymard, Landon looked at the walls carefully. He had to admit, the walls were pretty formidable. The walls were in perfect conditions.

Moving into the surrounding forests, they heard a shrilled shout and the sound of a sword hitting aingst something.



There was a little boy who looked not older than 8, trying to kill a giant wild boar. The boy had light bright eyes and deep red hair.

Just as the wild Boar was about to strike him down, the boy shut his eyes tightly, as if accepting death.

He waited and was surprised.... He didnt feel any pain...

Opening his eyes, he was stunned to see a group of knights and a dead wild boar on the ground.

"Thank you sir's", the boy said.

"Whats your name?", Landon asked smilingly.

Once the boy saw Landon's genuine smile, he knew they were friendly.

"My name is Momo Lye...sir, who are you?" Momo asked curiously.

"Im the new King and Lord of Baymard, Landon"

The boy was shocked and frightened.

"My King, sorry for not greeting you earlier"

"Its alright, besides I'm more worried about you."

Mosely was shocked. 'His highness is worried about me?....' he thought.

"Mono, why were you here alone? dont you know how dangerous it is?", Landon asked.

"I live alone with my elder sister, my king..... Our parents died when I was just 4 summers old. Sister told me they died because of the cold....Sister recently got very sick. I know that for her to get better she needs a lot of meat, so I came to hunt."

Landon and the men were sad on hearing this. Although they were some of the men were bullied in the Capital, none of them had ever starved or seen someone die of cold.

They vowed that they would work hard in order to protect the people.

Infact Landon took pity on them too. In his previous life he orphan, so seeing Momo struggle, he felt he should a.s.sist him

"From now on, your sister will be my adopted sister, you will be my adopted brother and I will call you little Momo. You and my new sister will move into the castle immediately. From now on, that will be your new home. " Landon said

Momo couldn't believe it...this was the king. Although Momo was 8 years old, he knew when people were kind or tried to help him. He could tell that Landon was a good person.

Landon introduced Momo to Lucius and the other knights. Everyone started teasing Momo, making him blush.

"Little Momo, let's go take my sister my new sister home."

They carried the boar and left the forest.

Landon, Momo and the men stood outside a tiny house. They could hear tiny cough sounds coming from inside. Landon went in with Momo, Josh and Lucius.

"Sister, sister, I brought food for you"

Momo yelled as he ran into the house. Landon and group waited in the living room area.

When Momo stepped into the bedroom room, he saw a frail but extremely beautiful girl laying on a straw bed. She had fiery red hair, light brown eyes and a pet.i.te frame.

"Sister, the King is here to see you"

Grace nearly fell out of the bed when she heard Momo.

"Momo, did you get into any trouble? why would the king want to see me?" Grace asked questionably.

Momo then narrated the entire story to Grace.

"Then let me thank his Highness then" she said as she tried to stand up.

"Sister, he said that when your ready he would come in."

She nodded and Momo went out. A few seconds later, Momo, Landon, Lucius and Josh walked.

"Your highness", she said as bowed her head.

Looking at the tiny girl in front of him, Landon was sure she was 19 years old. In truth she looked like a mini-version of 'Erza scarlet t.i.tania' from 'Fairy Tale'.

"Please be at ease, your my big sister afterall."He said gently with a smile on his face.

Grace was taken aback by his words, and after a while she relaxed. She found that what Momo said was true. He was ready a kind fellow. He was somewhat cute, with his big white eyes. He looked like a cute bunny rabbit, she thought.

"My name is Landon.This is Commander Lucius and this is Captain Josh. May I know your name elder sister?"

As Josh looked at the girl in front of him, he almost forgot to breath. Although she looked sick, she was incredibly gorgeous. Her red hair and pet.i.te frame made her look like a fairy. The more he looked at her, the more he blushed.

The same thing could be said for Grace, she had a hard time taking her eyes of Josh.

She had never felt this way before. She blushed so hard that her already light red face turned deep red.

Of course Lucius and Landon noticed all these and couldn't help chuckling inwardly.

"My name is Grace Lye."

"Grace, since I already take you as part of my family. I cannot bare to let you stay here with Momo on your own. For the safety of you two, please move into the palace with us." Landon asked.

"Your highness..."

"Please call Little Landon", Landon said smilingly

"Little Landon I'll go with you."

Momo was so happy, that he jumped on the bed and gave his sister a big hug.

"Captain Josh, help sister Grace pack up here. Commander Lucius, Little Momo and myself will pack up in the dining area"

Josh was stunned. He turned and saw Lucius and Landon chuckling. He turned his head back to Grace. She keep looking towards the floor, but it was clear that she tried to hide her blush. She was so cute.Josh smiled and thought,

'These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds,they even have the nerve to give me a thumbs up...Haha .Luckily she didnt see anything...It would have been so embarra.s.sing.'

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