Once they got home, Landon told his mom and Lucy all that happened. They warmly welcomed Momo and Grace into their family. Little Momo and Grace were given rooms close to each other. They were also close to Lucy and Kim's rooms.

Landon gave the job of training Momo as a Knight Page to Josh. Momo was 8 now, so it was the perfect time to train him. (Although 7 years old was the appropriate age in the continent.)

He sat on his bed and tried to go to sleep. Tomorrow was a busy day for him. He had to train with the men in the morning, and then head out to the farms to solve the barren land situation.

As he laid on his bed, his eyes became heavy with fatigue and his mind drifted to sleep.


Landon stood in the center of the inner courtyard facing over 300 men. He was impressed. If he were back on earth, it would be about 5 A.M now, and yet all the men were up and ready.

None of them came late. Even Momo showed up early. He knew that for his plan to work, he needed to discipline them well.

He looked at them coldly, giving off an aura of an old war veteran.

"Line up in straight lines of 10!"

He started counting out loud: "1...2...3...4...5...6...7.....52"

They all formed their teams under 52 seconds waited for his next command.

"Too slow. Line's should be formed by the time I count to 5. From today onwards, anyone who isn't fast in lining up will run 10 laps around the courtyard before training begins. Is that understood!!!"

"Yes King Landon!!!!!"

"During training, I will be your Commander and not your King. When Answering to me you will all say :Sir, yes Sir. Say it!!! Landon yelled.

"Sir, yes sir", they yelled back.

"There are four Military Disciplines to follow while training. These rules are to be followed only when you are in training. First: I am the Law here; second: obey my orders; third: Unconditionally obey my orders; fourth: When I am not around, Obey Commander Lucius' orders !"

The men were taken aback by his opposing aura that sent chills down their spines.

"Is that understood?!!

"Sir, yes sir"

He did warm-up exercises with them for 10 minutes and stopped. He watched and waited for them to catch their breaths. After 1 minute he yelled:

"Line up behind your a.s.signed Knight Captain's"

They immediately got up and looked for the Captain's in a flash. No one wanted to be punished. They all lined up behind, Josh, Mark and Gary. Momo lined up behind Josh since he was told that Josh would train him.

Infact Lucius was impressed. He had always struggled when disciplining young knights. This was a real eye opener to him.

"After these exercises, you all should have realized how weak you are physically. You all lack stamina and strength."

At this point, they all came to the conclusion that their king was a demon trainer. He had joined them in training earlier and yet, he stood there looking back at them as if this was a casual walk. They had to admit, their king was pretty strong.

Actually, when the system cured him previously, it also gave him extra strength when he took the system starter pack.

Staring at their tired faces without any hint of emotions, he continued:

"Captain's Josh, Mark and Gary, Step forward"

They stepped out and looked at Landon.

"You all will lead your teams in becoming stronger. You will face challenges together and ensure that no soldier falls behind. If anyone in your team fails, it would mean that you also failed. Do you understand!!"

"Sir, yes sir", answered the three.

They steppep back and stood in front of their respective teams.

"Listen up!! Everybody squat down with your feet in a wide stance, hands clasped behind your back"

Although they were confused, they hurriedly did it. Even Lucius who was standing by the sides, decided to join in. He wanted to experience this new exercise.

"Holding this squatting position, jump to move forward. You are all to do this 10 times around the courtyard. Little Momo will be required to do only 4 rounds."

Hearing this, the soldiers thought that this exercise would be a breeze. Even little Momo and Lucius was doubting the effects of this kind of exercise.

How could Landon not know what they were thinking of? Back on earth,he thought the same thing too, the first time he saw how the 3xercise was done.

Landon walked to the very back of the lines besides Lucius and squatted down. Then he yelled coldly:


Once they started, everyone was was excited. They thought they would finish it fast, and be done.

After a while, they were breathing heavily and their throats were dry. Most of them were proud of their strength before, but now they couldn't help but look at their weak bodies. Even Lucius started to feel the burn, but he knew he couldn't stop.

Gary felt like he was about to die. His heavy arms and tired legs started wobbling.

Momo felt the burn in the legs and thighs. 'Does this mean I'm weak?, he thought.

From the back, seeing people feeling tired, Landon spoke out:

"If you give up so easily, are you real soldiers?Are you real men? Get up!!!! This is an order. My command is law"

When they heard him at the back, they all had one thought:

'Demon Trainer'

As the training progressed, their thighs felt numb. Everytime they wanted to quit, they would hear the devils voice from behind:

"Those that give up will be face my wrath. If you want to see...heheheh..Try me"

As they looked at little Momo, they were truly envious of the fact that he had finished his rounds.

Trey truly felt like his legs were going to RIP off his circuits. As he thought of his bestfriend Landon, he wondered were he had learnt this sort of demonic training from. Trey thought that Landon made the training up on the spot.

Infact, no one suspected that Landon was different. He had always been a very weird child. He was always too quiet growing up, a little introverted. When people would bully or insult him he would just watch. He never really cared about how they treated him. He never cried or showed any form of worry. So they all thought this was still him.

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