As the exercise progressed, everybody gave it their all since no one wanted to do any of the devil's punishment's.

Once they were done they all dropped to the floor like flies...Every one was dead tired. Their thighs felt sore and their hands felt heavy.

Some were lying on the ground, while others were kneeling down trying to catch their breath.

Some even tried to sleep for a minute. While the ones that were awake, started looking at the main culprit who caused them to be in this state.

In fact, they almost thought he wasn't human. He had been doing these exercises with them and yet he looked the same as he was before the exercise.

Once every one caught their breaths and became more relaxed, Landon spoke.

"Line up"

Once they heard the devils call, they all jumped for their lives, lining behind their Captain's.

Even those who were almost asleep woke up and acted like's, as they desperately tried to find the Captain's.

Infact Landon was sure that after this day, most people would literally stick closer to their Captain's like glue. Landon chuckled secretly.

The men followed him in training for the next 45 minutes. They did sit-ups, duck walks, leg stretching, front kicks, normal kicks, side kicks, back kicks and roundhouse kicks.All these exercises were new to them.

When they were done he allowed them to rest for a bit. While they were resting, a maid came over and spoke to him in a very low whispery tone.

"You will all follow me in straight lines for breakfast. Your breakfast will be served every morning at this exact time. If you are absent for breakfast because you were of your duty or sickness, you need not worry. The staff will make sure to deliver your food wereever you are in Baymard..... . Now follow me"

As they followed him into the dining area, they saw 12 maids, his mother, Lucy, Grace and 12 giant pots of food. On the side of the pots were a lot of plates and spoons.

The dining hall looked exactly like the meal hall in 'Harry Potter', If not, bigger.

"You have an hour"

As soon as they heard the demon king, they quickly rushed up one by one to get their meals.

With 12 pots stationed and 12 maids serving the food, within 20 minutes everyone had food on their plates. Water was then brought out and served to the men. Those who finished their food earlier, could go for a second round it they weren't satisfied.

The only issue was that it had to be done within the time frame Landon had set for them.

He brought little Momo with him and joined Lucius, Lucy, Grace and his mom for breakfast.

Looking at the cute tired Momo, Lucy, Kim and Grace lightly pinched his cheeks.

"Little Momo, is it too stressful for you?, you dont have to work that hard, aunty will take care of you." Kim said while smiling at him.

"That's right, when sister gets strong she will feed you and take care of you" Grace said while nodding her head.

"You just tell big sister when you want to stop, okay?" Lucy added.

"Aunty, elder sister, sister Lucy, I'm Landon took good care of me when we were training. I want to get strong." Momo replied.

"My cute little cute.." kim said while rubbing his head

"My little man is so cute..." Grace said while lightly pinching his jaw

"Little Momo you are so adorable...." Lucy said while lightly pinching his other cheeks.

Momo turned and saw Lucius and Landon holding in their laughter's.

He felt wronged. No man wanted to hide behind women forever. What would people say? He looked at his arms and thought: 'Cute?....Adorable?....No! No! No!...Bother Landon was right. Right now I'm too weak'.

Once the time was up, Landon yelled:

"Line up and move out"

In the minds of the men, the words 'line up' was their devil commander's favorite words. And their worst. They were pretty sure they would have nightmares of the King chasing them while saying: Line up.

When they returned to the courtyard, Landon continued.

"Two weeks from now, all teams will compete with each each. The strongest in each team, would be made second in command to their team Captain's. Also, those who prove themselves will be promoted on the spot."

Everyone was surprised and excited.

"Everyone is required to practice their swordsmans.h.i.+p for at least an hour a day. There will be three sessions; one after breakfast, one after lunch and one right before dinner."

He looked at them seriously and continued

"For today, we will train in swordsmans.h.i.+p now. And right after training, Commander Lucius will give you all your responsibilities. some of you might need to guard to entrance, checking for spies, while others will work in the city."

Everyone listened attentively.

Landon took his sword from the ground and smiled at them, making them extremely confused.

"As of now I am not your Commander, Commander Lucius is. Right now, his word is the law. I am just a knight in training."

They almost coughed up blood.

'who are you trying to deceive with those innocent looks? One minute your a demon and the next minute your an angel?...Ahhhh thank goodness...At least now we dont need to be alert all the time.'

They all sighed from relief. Some even tried to sit on the floor. Lucius looked at them and knew that they needed disciplined.

"And who said you could sit? Those who broke out of formation. Step out and give five me 100 push-ups each. Captain Josh, start training Page Momo. The rest of you take out your swords....Let's train" said Lucius

"Sir, yes sir". They all yelled back including Landon.

The couldn't help but sigh. From the 'frying pan to the fire'. From one demon King to another.

At the sametime, Lucius was happy with the positive responses he was getting. the men were more attentive and did things more diligently.

'I can get use to this', he thought.

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