Landon looked at the tiny stone building in front of him. It was one of the few stone buildings in the Central region of Baymard.

As he walked in, he observed a short looking who seemed to be fully immersed in making something.

The man looked to be in his late 40's, having deep green eyes and whiskers that curled at the tips. His over grown beard and mono-brow made him look like a dwarf fairytale character. Landon decided to sit and wait for him to be done while observing the tiny workshop.

There were also 6 other people at the back, who seemed to all be around the ages of 18-25. They were also fully submerged into their own works. Landon could tell that they were the old man's apprentices.

Once the man was done, he looked up and was shocked to see that someone was sitting down waiting for him. He hurriedly wiped his hands on his ap.r.o.n and rushed towards Landon.

"Sorry customer..I didnt see you there....I hope you didn't wait for long...I'm Tim Mayers, the owner of this workshop...How may I help you?" the man said with a forced smile.

Landon could tell that Tim was a kind hearted man. He could easily see that Tim felt guilty for making him wait.

"It's alright, I didn't wait for long anyways. I'm here because I want you to aid me in making school supplies", Landon said with a welcoming smile.

After observing that Landon was truly not angry, Tim visibly relaxed and had a genuine smile on his face.

"Are you talking about Slate-boards and slate pencils sir?"

"Yes....but I'm talking more about chalkboards."

Tim was confused. He didn't know what chalkboards were.

In this era, schoolchildren used slate-boards to practice handwriting and arithmetics without wasting paper. Slate-boards were made from slate stone. The boards were about the size of a laptop back on earth. They were portable, usable and disposable.

Since, paper was very expensive in this era, it was more reasonable to write on slate stones.

As for slate pencils, Landon really didn't need them as a planned to use chalk instead. Slate pencils were made from softer pieces of slate rock.

Slate pencils always left scratched mark's on the boards and the sound they make when used was just utterly terrible. It sounded like nails screeching on a chalkboard. Infact Landon thought that the sound was just like those shriek sounds in horror movies.

Also when slate pencils were used, the boards would need to be thrown away after a short period of time. That's were chalk has the advantage over slate pencils. Chalk could be easily used without destroying the boards.

At the same time, he noticed that teachers didn't write or show their capabilities. They just talked for hours trying to make the students memorize things.

Slate stones could only be cut into smaller pieces, so making a very large slate-board was near impossible. Hence, he really couldn't fault the teachers for their teaching methods because they didnt have anything like Chalkboards (also called blackboards). Of course in the future, Landon knew that he would upgrade to the popular whiteboards commonly used in universities.

Landon looked at the confused Tim and smiled.

"Dont worry....I'll guide you on how to make them."

Immediately as Tim heard what Landon said he nodded and felt re-a.s.sured.

"How many would you need sir?"

"I'll need 60 chalkboards and 2000 slateboards"

Landon planned to line up at least 3 Chalkboards in each cla.s.sroom just like how his University did.

Tim was quite curious about this customer of his. Judging from his clothes he must be a knight. So why would a knight need all these?

"Pardon me for asking sir, but who are you?" Tim asked inquisitively.

"Ahh pardon my manners, I'm your new king of Baymard, King Landon..... I plan to develop Baymard in all aspects of life. I want my people to all be learned. For this I will need your a.s.sistance."

Tim was shocked....weren't all n.o.ble's suppose to be sn.o.bbish. The young man in front of him was intelligent and very humble.

Landon spent the entire day explaining how he needed the Chalkboards to look like and what materials were to be used.

At the end they came up with a price range for all the products. Each slate-board would cost 7 copper coins and a Chalkboard would cost 4 silver coins.Landon thought those were pretty reasonable price ranges. It was also concluded that a month from now, all the boards would be available.

For the chalkboard paint and the actual chalk, he needed the mineral ores in the caves.

The next day he gathered 300 men and appointed Lock Wiggins as the supervisor for digging the ores out, making the paint and also making the chalkboards.

He agreed to pay each worker 400 copper coins, while chief Wiggins would get 600 copper coins per month. He also arranged for all workers to have meals during their lunch break which would be cut from their salaries. A plate of food would cost 5 copper they didnt really mind.

A week pa.s.sed by and Landon realized that they had collected quite a lot of ores. It was finally time to show chief Wiggins how to make chalkboard paint and chalk.

From the group of 300, 20 men were selected to make blackboard paint while 80 men would make chalk. Chief Wiggins also appointed 3 new Supervisors under him.

Hail Verno would supervise ore extraction, Charles Mopey would supervise paint manufacturing and Javon Stern would supervise chalk making. Of course chief Wiggins would oversee everything. Their salaries were also upgraded to 500 copper coins.

The last estate Landon went to last time in the lower regions was cleaned and used as the storage facility for all ores and the manufacturing industry for both chalk and paint.

The ores were put into different buildings according to their types and the amount deposited registered at the end of everyday day.

Landon also appointed 5 cooks and 30 knights to guard and protect the workers in case of any unforeseen incidents.

Once the first batch of chalkboard paint was made, Landon sent it to Tim Mayers. As well as a sample of chalk.

Landon knew that this chalk would be used by both teachers and children. For now he decided that chalk should be free...but once the economy picked up, he would sell 12 pieces for 10 copper coins.

Time flew by very fast, and before he knew it..the last week of the month was here.

Just when Landon was about leaving the upper region of Baymard, he saw Waldo running towards him.

"My king, the plants have bore fruits"

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