--Josh's camp---

Josh looked at his men whom he had successfully divided into groups of 5. The first group had 12 men, the second had 36 men, the third had 20 men, the fouth had 16 and the fifth had 15 men.

"Group 1 will constantly scout the perimeter of the base. There should be at least 3 people stationed at each checkpoint. If an enemy approaches, 1 person should rush back to alert us, another trails them quietly from the shadows. And the last should always stay on guard at the checkpoint, in case other enemies approach again. Remember, unless necessary, do not attack them....just observe quietly. Do you understand?"

"Yes Captain", they replied swiftly.

When they were building traps, they also built hidden bases and covered them with mud, leaves, gra.s.s and sticks, so they could spy on their enemies without being seen.

"Group 2 Will focus on infiltrating our enemy camps. Since you are 36 in number, 18 men will infiltrate Gary's camp, while the other half will infiltrate Mark's camp. From the 18, divide yourselves into 6 groups and infiltrate the camp from all entrances. Once your position has been compromised, escape and return to the base carefully."

"Yes Captain" group 2 replied.

"Group 3 will be stationed at all trap positions. Each trap should have 3 people guarding them. Once the enemy falls in to the trap, secure their headbands and take them as prisoners or free them. Once the prisoners and their headbands are secured, 1 person should rush back give little Momo the headbands. Once given, return to your positions by the traps. The other two should redo the traps and wait for another enemy encounter."

"Yes Captain" group 3 replied.

"Group four will be in charge of guarding 4 of the flags, I will keep one with me of course..... Spread yourselves around the hill in groups of 4 and protect the flags. Remember choose a location that wouldn't give off your position to the enemy easily."

"Yes Captain", they also replied.

"Finally, group 5 will have 3 sub-groups in charge of: guarding our main base, protecting little momo and protecting myself. Remember little Momo is the one who will have all the enemy headbands in his position. If another enemy steals all the headbands we worked hard to get, then we will loose this battle. Although I'm confident in my own skills as a Knight Captain, we must plan for the unexpected. Hence, since I have one flag as well, it is your duty and responsibility to protect me"

"Yes Captain", group 4 replied.

---Outskirts of Gary's hill----

A group of soldiers hid quietly in the bushes and trees, carefully waiting for their preys to move closer towards them. They had planned to ambush their enemies.

They had painted their faces, necks and hands with mud and had stuck tree branches, leaves and gra.s.s all over their hair. It was clear that they had tried as much as possible to remove any and all s.h.i.+ne from their skins. It would be extremely hard for anyone to spot them with this kind of army camouflage.

Berry Jax was one of these soldiers. He stood at the back of a tree, waiting for his prey to get closer, while holding trees branches as part of his camouflage. There were a total of 4 people walking into their territory.

Once the enemy was close enough, Berry and his team moved out quickly.

Berry arrived behind one of the men, and sharply pressed his fingers behind the man's ear, into the pit between the jaw and the neck. This region was the 'Parotid Lymph Node'. He then gripped of the ear in a fist, and dashed the lobe from bottom up, twisting the ear up towards himself.

The soldier who's ear was gripped, felt his entire body go numb...and he subconsciously fell on his knee's in defeat.

Berry, swiftly took off the soldier's headband and used his rope to tie the soldier as a prisoner. By the time his team was done, they escorted the captured soldiers to the outskirts of their base. They figured that since the soldiers were now 'dead', they would not be able to interfere with their camp anymore. Hence they freed them and returned to their main base.

As Landon watched through the monitors of the system, he took a mental note of Berry and his team. Especially Berry..... When the enemies came, he was the one who signaled the men to attack.

If Berry had been a few seconds late, this ambush would have been a complete failure. Even Berry's quickness and decisiveness when dealing with his enemies was remarkable. The others in his team were good, but Berry was a natural. It was like he was born to be an a.s.sa.s.sin.

Landon was pleased.

---Josh's Camp--

As Trey and his team left Mark's camp, they decided to first observe the perimeter of Josh's camp. They knew that like all their Captain Mark, Captain Josh would also station people around the perimeter.

The team looked at the trees carefully, but didn't see anyone on them, so they ruled out the possibility of Josh's men using tree huts like they did. In their own camp, Mark had made camouflage tree huts with mud, gra.s.s and leaves on top of the trees.

Just as they were about move into Josh's territory, Terry spotted a heap of dried gra.s.s, leaves and twigs that looked suspicious.

The only reason Terry noticed it was because the gra.s.s seemed to be growing in the wrong direction, compared to the sorrounding gra.s.s.

"What do you guys think of that heap over there? Terry asked

"Hmmmm, it looks normal to me.....do you think theres something weird about it?" One of his teammates asked.

"I think their knights are hiding in there." Terry responded while nodded.

The other 3 were shocked...The heap, is really small, how can anyone be under there? only a child could fit there alright?....

Terry wasn't sure if his hunch was right but it wouldnt hurt to double check.

"I'm guessing that they dug out holes there, jumped into them and placed the gra.s.s and leaves on their heads while waiting for enemies....Once the enemies pa.s.sed through the checkpoint, they would get out of those holes and report what they saw to Captain Josh.....I have a plan"

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