Terry and his team walked in casually pretending to not be aware of the hidden knights in hiding.

Once they were out of view from the heap on the ground, they hid in the bushes and waited to confirm their speculations.

As expected, after 3 minutes.....two knights jumped up from the ground. One went towards the left, while the other towards their direction.

Terry signaled for two of his men to capture the other knight, while the rest focused on the the approaching knight.

Once the knight pa.s.sed their hiding spot, Terry quickly arrived behind the knight and covered the knight's mouth with his hand. While his teammate quickly weakened his pressure points and took off the knight's headband from his arm.

"Now you are considered dead, remember dead men tell no tales. So once I take my hands off your mouth, you cannot speak or scream...Understand?"

The soldier nodded understandably. Afterall, what could he do? He was just a corpse now.

They decided to check if there was any other person in that hole. They couldn't ask the captured knight because he was already considered 'dead'.

Terry decided to go for a surprise attack by jumping into the hole and taking out his enemy.

Once in the hole, the young knight was shocked for a while before trying to defend himself. They battled in the hole for 2 minutes, before Terry found and opportunity to secure the knights headband.

It wasn't that the knight was weak or anything. Infact, from a spectator's point of view, they were evenly matched in strength. The only reason why Terry won was due to the fact that he had way experienced in combat and battle than his opponent.

Just as he was done, his other teammates brought back the headband from that knight that went towards the left.

With just 3 headbands, they decided to continue until they got at least 10 more.

A while after they left, Lucius came out from his spot of hiding. He told the dead knights to go towards the meeting ground and wait there until the exams were done.

"Terry my boy, your biggest a.s.set is your brain. This boy is already smart and observant enough to access his enemies potentials. Combined with his fighting prowess, in the future he will be a powerful force to behold." Lucius thought.

-----Mark's Territory-----

A group of knights were silently following their prey while waiting for an opportunity to seize their enemies flag.

At the start, they thought that these soldiers were looking for people to hunt down, so they decided to lay low for now. But after following for a while, they noticed that there soldiers were not hunting, but hiding.

This only meant that they had their camps flag with them and didnt want to get caught. They were 4 enemy knights in total. But his team only had 3 members. They needed to act real quick to accomplish their task.

Although it was risky, they were all willing to take that risk.

One of these soldiers was Billy Vein, who was a knight under Captain Josh. He was the shy knight that gave Landon a smarr suggestion during the city's inspection a while ago. But now, he was beaming with confidence.

The enemies located a good hideout and decided to stay there for a while. Just as they were about to lay low, Billy's team appeared swiftly.

Billy quickly numbed the first knight by hitting his pressure points and took his headband. By the time he was done another enemy came towards him. This one was strong. A began seriously fighting while observing his other two teammates from the corners of his eyes.

His teammates had been a little slower in attacking their enemies. Hence the element of surprise didn't go too well as they planned.

Everyone was fighting seriously, trying to s.n.a.t.c.h each others headbands. Billy had been thinking of how to get close enough to s.n.a.t.c.h his opponents headband tied around his neck, when all of a sudden he realized that his teammate was about to be 'killed' (headband taken off).

He hurridly kicked his opponent and successfully helped his teammate in the nick of time.

His teammate used the opportunity to quickly take the headband, while Billy returned to fighting the knight he fiercely kicked.

His teammate who he had just helped, decided to a.s.sist the other teammate who also had trouble finis.h.i.+ng the job.

Billy fought for 7 minutes before successfully taking the headband from his opponent. He looked at his opponent and said

"Your good, I'm honored to have fought with you this time. I was just lucky to have won this time around, Thank you." Billy said while smiling

His opponent smiled back, but didn't say anything. Afterall he was dead. What could a dead man say?

Once Billy and his team were done, they decided to quickly leave and head back to Josh's camp. Walking around with the enemies flag was also too risky.

As Landon observed more, he was shocked at Billy's transformation. Wasn't this the boy who had once looked like a cute K-pop star? Now his body looked like a s.e.xy 'Gong Yoo'. Even his shy att.i.tude and aura had been replaced by a serious and manly one.

Landon really admired Billy's courage and fearless att.i.tude. Although it was risky for their 3 man group to go against 4 enemies, they still took the chance.

And when Berey saw the helpless situation his teammates were in, he didn't even hesitate to help them out. He was loyal and hardworking.

Such a man could even die for his comrades in war. Although it was admirable, Landon didn't like them taking such risks as sacrificing their lives easily. What he wanted was for them to think various ways of rescuing their teammates and themselves safely.

If the chances of a soldier making it back was less than 70%, Landon didn't want them to take on the jobs. Like he said it was admirable, but too risky.

Take for example, if the empire was to send thousands of troops right now to kill him, his people and retainers, he would try to find a way to secure everyone's safety by letting them escape. What was the point of fighting to the death with no power.

Landon firmly believed in the 'Live today to fight tomorrow' philosophy.

Just because one couldn't fight his enemies today, didn't mean they would never crush them in the future. As for Landon l, the only thing he needed was time and the systems help to avert all crises coming his way.

And when he was ready, he would find out who poisoned this daddy here. Oh yes.....he was still p.i.s.sed about the poisoning that took place when he first got here.

Although he was cured, he was still a very petty person. If you were good to him, he would give you the world. But if you looked for his trouble, he would kill you a million times over. He was a very very very petty man, and he was aware of that flaw.

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