-----The next day------

The soldiers had gathered at the training courtyard in the castle. Today was the last day for the exams.

Those who were proclaimed 'dead' yesterday felt like they had to do exceptionally well in today's test. They were so anxious such that they were literally shaking unknowingly.

For them, they had let their Commander, Captain's, teammates and his highness down. This alone was enough for them to want to prove their worth's.

Landon looked at his men and smiled.

"Today, Commander Lucius and I will test your swordsmans.h.i.+p skills. We will be looking at your reaction time, flexibility, prowess and fighting tactics."

"Each person will be given 4 sandbags weighing 4 kg each and a 15 kg sandbag to carry on your backs. You are to fight each either Commander Lucius or myself for 5 minutes, while wearing these weights. Two matches going on at the same time. Commander Lucius will fight in one match, while I, the other."

Landon knew that Lucius could last for 2 hours straight without even taking a break when wielding his sword.

Lucius was a war veteran. To get the his position, one needed to have slaughtered a lot of enemies in the battle field. In some war cases, Lucius had to fight for 4 hours straight before the war ended. Others lasted for 2 hours while some for 3 hours.

Breathing exercises were very popular for knights. In the battle field, one needed a lot of stamina and momentum to push on.

Landon knew that at the end of every match, it would take 1 minute for the knight to leave and a new one to come on stage.

For veteran knights, that one minute was perfect for breathing exercises and gathering momentum for the next opponent. Although Landon knew this, he still didn't want to burden Lucius that much.

As for Landon he knew that he couldn't last for more that an hour without getting tired, so he asked the system for help.

'System...do you have energy boosters that I could use?'

'Answering host, this system has everything, even instant Ramen noodles. Therefore, system will have energy boosters. One shot of energy from the system can last for 1 hour only and costs either 3 development points, 5 technology points or 1 bonus points. This energy shot revitalizes one energy level, bringing one's body to maximum energy conditions. All traces of fatigue and pain will disappear from the user. Does host want to use his development points towards this?' The system asked.

'System, can I use this shot on anyone other than myself?'

'Yes you can host'

'Good.....After every hour, give Captain Lucius and myself energy shots. So for 4 hours we will need 3 shots each. In total, six shots will be used. Right system?'

'That is correct host....In total the host will use up 18 development points for the hourly energy shots'

Landon nodded and was pleased. He also decided to get some for Lucius, because although he knew that, although Lucius could really last long, he wanted Lucius to fight the young knights in his best conditions.

Others should not fight Lucius when he was tired, as that will also not be fair to the knights who fought him in his best condition previously.

The reason for the weights is to see how the men could fight in different scenarios. When facing an enemy, you might have to fight when carrying heavy items or even rescued civilians on your back.

What if you were carrying an unconscious princess and the minute you put her down, someone sneaks attacks you and kill her? Besides you might need to escape while fighting and carrying heavy items in your hand or a person on your back. Adaptability is key.

It is also important to note that your enemy might not carry any extra items or persons when attacking you. So they would be free and weightless compared to you. Hence Landon insisted that they fought with these weights on.

Landon realised that most of the young knights couldn't fight well when carrying weights on their backs and legs.

Surprisingly, the weights on their hands didn't disturb them all that much from wielding their swords. The problem was that they didn't know how to balance their center of gravity when fighting with these weights.

So most of the time, they would fall down, trip or even accidentally drop their swords. They were struggling to adjust themselves, but in battle, the enemy will not give you the time to adjust.

Looking at his men, Landon decided that he would start training them regularly with weights.

After 1 hour of battling, Lucius was surprised that he didnt feel tired at all. He a.s.sumed it was because of the breathing exercises he did during the battles.

Lucius looked at Landon and was deeply impressed. He had a.s.sumed that the young lord would get weak after an hour of multiple intense battles. He decided to see how long Landon could last before opting for a break from the exams.

2 hours went by and even 3 hours had gone by, yet Landon didn't even break a sweat. Although Lucius found it oddly strange that he wasn't tired. He now regarded Landon as a 'Monster' for wielding a sword so long.

Infact Lucius wasn't the only one thinking that. The young knights all thought Landon was not human. Lucius they understood, but Landon who had never gone to war before could last this long? They were all impressed by their king.

Once the exam was over, Landon informed the knights that they would get their results and rewards tomorrow morning before their regular training sessions.

After having breakfast, Landon made up his mind to check on the farmlands and mines today.

As he was walking out of the upper region with Terry, one of Tim's apprentices rus.h.i.+ng over.

"Good day your highness, all the slate-boards and chalkboards requested have been successful made." Paul said while bowing

his head at Landon.

"Raise your head Paul, this is Wonderful news, Let's go see your master first shall we?"

"Yes your highness"

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