"Goodday Your highness, all your orders have been completed and are ready to go. If I must say your highness, these chalkboards and that strange white stone you call chalk are simply genius." Tim said while gazing at Landon with eyes filled with wors.h.i.+p and adoration.

Landon chuckled

"Dont get too excited Tim, in the future we will create more marvelous products in Baymard. Afterall, although the idea was mine, you and your apprentices did all the actual work. So you all deserve most of the credit."

"No no no your highness, a true man doesnt take credit for what he did not do." Tim said while shaking his head.

Landon could only look at him helplessly.

Infact, as time went by...Tim had come to know of all the brilliant ideas and things his highness had done in Baymard. From making the land bear food, to producing chalk and so on.

How could a 15 year old have such profound knowledge? In his eyes, Landon had already become a wise sage who knew how to solve every problem in the world.

"Tim, are you and your apprentices literate?" Landon asked.

"Yes your highness, I taught them how to read, write and do Math." Tom answered confusedly.

"In the future, I would like you to teach more people about Capentary and construction. Would you be able to do that?"

Tim thought for a while and finally replied.

"I would your highness, but my workshop is too small to accommodate a lot of people here." Tim said while looking around his messy workshop.

"Dont worry about that for now....Tim, I want to open a school for everyone in Baymard. Once people know how to read and write, I want you to pick two of your apprentices or yourself, to teach them about Capentary and construction later on. You don't need to worry about anything else. I will give you an entire estate in the lower region consisting of 18 buildings for your new workshops."

Tim was shocked. Isn't an entire estate too big for just a tiny workshop. What is his highness planning? ...Landon looked at Tim and instantly knew what he was worried about.

"These buildings will be able to allow over 2000 people to work in them at once. I will put you in charge of these buildings and all construction projects in Baymard. Although we don't have a lot of people now, very soon this place will be filled with people."

Tim finally understood where Landon was driving at.

"Plus in the future, I will also teach you new never before seen techniques for welding, constructing materials or buildings and creation of new devices and equipments. You will be the first person in the entire empire to use these techniques. As for the new equipments, they will mostly be made from Iron. Of course you and all villagers under you will get paid for your services monthly."

The more Tim heard, the more excited he became. Right now, he hardly had any customers who in his workshop. His customers over the years, were the Barons and the city lord. They paid him a fair price for all his works, and he was content with the amount.

The only reason he cared about the money was to feed his apprentices and himself, as well as help some villagers here and there.

When he had excess money, he would drive a cart to the next village, buy food and share with some villagers of Baymard.

But now, he had the chance to let the villagers earn some coins, while he would learn new skills and techniques in his profession. How could he not agree to his highness' request?

"So once you understand the principles and methods that I teach you, I need you to also teach everyone coming later on into your workshops." Landon continued.

" Of course your your highness" Tim said happily.

Landon knew that he couldn't request Tim to teach the princ.i.p.als of construction now, or Wiggins to teach the princ.i.p.als of mineral ore extraction or anyone for that matter.

Right now, none of them knew anything about physics, chemistry or even biology. They knew math, but not the earth type of math. They only knew how to add, subtract and do basic division. The good thing was that they were all literate.

Landon planned that while the villagers were learning how to read, write and perform math, he would give each of the leaders books on all four subjects. Allowing them to study them first and then later teach their workers in all work departments.

Tim was happy.....but also now extremely worried.

"But your highness, more importantly how are we suppose to get enough Iron for all these?"

"Dont worry, after you install these chalkboard to the various cla.s.srooms in the upper estate, I'll take you to a place."

Tim was still confused, but chose to believe Landon anyway.

Tim took three apprentices, put all the boards in a cart and followed Landon and Terry to one of the estate's in the upper region.

Once they arrived, they spent their time, dismantling the fancy designs and paintings on each wall... Afterall, Landon thought cla.s.srooms should be free of all distractions, so the students could better concentrate on their studies.

They attached the chalkboards to the walls in various rooms and used one room as a storage room for all slate-boards.

Landon decided to go to the lower regions so he could show Tim the Iron ores and also collect chalk for the cla.s.srooms.

On his way down, the system notified him for his reward.


'Congratulations host for creating chalkboard (blackboards) and chalk. You were rewarded 40 Bonus Points (BP) for the creation of the chalkboard and 10 BP for creating chalk.' The system replied.

'System show me my stat's.

>Host name: Landon Barn

>Age: 15

>Status: King of Baymard

>Level: Beginner ( Still Level 1)

>Current Sitaution: Healthy

(* Note: DP is development points and BP is bonus points)

Actually Landon had forgotten about the fact that he could get points for creating chalkboards and chalk. His mind was very focused on starting his mission on cannon making and gunpowder.

He needed to teach chief Wiggins the alchamist, how to make gunpowder for the cannons fast.

Suddenly, the system gave him a new warning alert.

'Warning Warning.....Host a s.h.i.+p is sailing towards the sea coast of your land.'

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