Landon said his goodbyes to Tim and rescheduled with him for tomorrow.

Landon then made a U-turn with Terry back to the upper region. Terry was confused as to why Landon looked so fl.u.s.tered.

Immediately as Landon stepped into Lucius' office, he said

"Uncle Lucius, there's a s.h.i.+p coming towards the sea coastline of Baymard. Please gather 100 men and come with me towards the coast."

Lucius jumped up from his chair, took his sword and ran out. While they were running Lucius asked.

"How long do you estimate before they arrive?"

" 2 hours time." Landon replied.

Everything happened so fast and Terry was still confused, but he decided to wholeheartedly trust Landon's a.n.a.lysis.

He thought that when he and Landon made their way towards the lower region, Landon must have probably seen a tiny dot-like figure on the sea approaching Baymard. Afterall, one could see the seas from the central region clearly.

1 hour later, while they were gathering enough men, a soldier from the seaport ran up to them.

"My king, a large s.h.i.+p is approaching the coastline. It is estimated that they would arrive in an hours time." Said the knight.

"You did well soldier.... Thank you for your report. Go back and tell the rest of the soldiers stationed there that we will bring enough men for safety before the s.h.i.+p docks on the coast."

As the soldier was about to leave, he turned around and realized that a lot of knights where already gathered in the courtyard with Landon.

'Did his highness already know of the approaching s.h.i.+p? or is there another training routine I'm not aware of.' the young knight pondered.

Just like that, 30 minutes more had pa.s.sed by, and Landon started moving towards the sea coasts with his men.

Once at the seaside, Landon had the villagers go back for safety reasons and waited for this unexpected s.h.i.+p to dock.

The first time Landon came out here during the inspection, he knew something fishy was going on.

There was an already built s.h.i.+p dock here, and the most villagers had said that every after 4 months, Landon's father, the king of Arcadina who came to Baymard in the s.h.i.+p for visits.

Apparently the city lords and Barons had lies to the poor villagers so as to stop them from being nosy.

During the time when the s.h.i.+p docked, the city lord would always ban people from coming to the coastline or even going towards the lower regions.

Thhe city lord claimed that they would bother his majesty and get killed if they showed up to any of these places.

The villagers were so afraid to die that once the s.h.i.+p docked they would hide in the central region and only hunt for food in the forest outside the city gates.

At first, he didn't understand what the barons and city lord's plans were. But after visiting the mines in the lower region, he had finally completed the puzzled mystery.

There was no way his father would take time out every 3 months to visit Baymard. He would rather believe that cows could fly that believe that story.

The villagers had lived all their lives here and were simple people. What did they know about royal visits? sigh..they were really scammed out by those n.o.bles.

It was clear that these were the merchants who traded with the city lord and barons. The emblem and flag on their s.h.i.+p shows that they're from the empire of Carona.

From Baymards location, Carona was its closest neighbouring empire compared to Terique. It made sense that these n.o.bels would trade with people outside the empire of Arcadina. That way his father would never know a thing, So Landon concluded that this s.h.i.+p must be a merchant s.h.i.+p.

As the s.h.i.+pped docked, a chubby 20 year old boy surrounded by his own knights walked off the s.h.i.+p towards Landon's direction.

He smiled as he opened his arms and loudly spoke:

"Ahhh where is Baron sylvain and city lord Augustus? have they fallen I'll? I have just finished trading with some cities in the empire of Yodan and decided to get my usual supply from here."

As Landon looked at the boy, he observed that the the boy was completely clueless about Baymard's current situation.

This boy was a jolly guy alright. Infact Landon thought that he was the smaller chubbier version of Santa Claus back on earth without the grey hairs and beards..... Just looking at him would make anyone smile.

As he spoke, one could tell that his smile was genuine and he's cheeks would get turn rosey red. Such a cheerful guy, Landon thought.

"Sorry sir, but the city lord and Barons have been stationed in other cities in the empire. I am the new lord and new king of Baymard, king Landon." Landon said with a smile.

Mr. Santa Claus was taken aback, yes Santa... Infact Landon had already decided to call him that irrespective of what his real name was.

Santa's eyes almost popped out and his mouth opened widely. Landon really thought that this guy didn't have any poker face at all. Why so surprised?

"So you are king Barn's son Landon? Your nothing like what the people describe you to be. I can tell a person's true nature by just observing them. Hmmhmm I think your a good fellow bro...You give me good vibes." the man said while nodding.

Santa walked around Landon in a circular manner while constantly nodding. Landon and his knights didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. (?)

'Sir, can't you see hes our king? can you at least not circle him as you like? Can't you do it without making it look so obvious?' The knights thought.

'Yup. I was right, no poker face at all.... but I like it' Landon said with a smile.

"Ahhh where are my manners?" Santa said.

Everyone rolled their eyes heavenwards...(??).. even his own knights did it too.

"My name is Benjamin Hamilton...for short, you can call me Ben or what ever you like. Since we are already friends, I'll call you younger bro..hihihi infact you all should call me elder bro or little bro..hihihihi" Santa said while acting shy like a blus.h.i.+ng maiden.

'Since when did we become friends with you? can you not be so shameless?' most of the knights thought.

"Since we are already friends, I'll call you Santa from now on...right santa?" Landon replied playfully.

"No no no what kind of name this that? Little bro, are you making fun of your older bro here?.....hmhm Its weird alright?" Santa said while holding his jaws and shaking his head. (???)

Landon couldn't hold it any longer and burst out laughing hard.

"Ayee... you said I can call you whatever I want, so are you going back on your words now?....Besides santa means a cheerful person (**he lied ?) . I like you a lot that's why I gave you the nickname."

"Really?....I like you too bro...yayyy..." Santa replied while holding Landon's hands and shaking them vigorously.

One of the knights from Santa's side coughed and looked at Landon as if begging for him to forgive Santa for his actions.

Landon smiled back at him as if rea.s.suring him that it was ok.

"Little brother let's talk business" Santa said as he held onto Landons shoulders and walked towards the lower region.

In conclusion, when it concerned Santa, Landon had just one philosophy to go by.

'If you can't beat him, join him'

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