"Little bro, I won't even lie to you... I came here to buy some mineral ores from you...would that be possible little bro? Please...." Santa asked with pleading puppy dog eyes

"Of course it would.....not only that.....In the future, I will be making new unique and interesting products that'll be only available only in Baymard... Anyway, Just tell me how many tonnes you need and I'll provide them for you immediately."

Santa's eyes lit up when he heard the words unique and interesting....he was a merchant afterall

As they moved through the lower region, Landon purposely showed Santa the labs and chalk samples that he developed.

As they moved through the lower region going, Santa was stunned.... 'He actually made the land bear food.....this guy.....' Santa thought with a smile on his face.

One could see fields of wheat, beans and all other foods covering up to farmalands. There were bananas and plantains growing on the sides as well as apples, tomatoes, lettuces, cabbages and spinach.

All the times he came to Baymard, 97% of farms didn't even have a single crop growing in them. But now these farms were overflowing with rich crops. How could Santa not be shocked? Was this still the Baymard he knew of?

And unlike the other n.o.bles he met, Landon didn't disrupt the peace in the village just because he was pa.s.sing through with a guest.

Santa observed that as they pa.s.sed through, everyone on the farms greeted them warmly, especially Landon. And there were no false pretenses in their gazes. He noticed that most people looked at Landon as if he were a G.o.d.

This little brother of his even cracked jokes with the villagers and carried the little children who came to see their parents at work. The kids were all happy that they could touch or be carried by their king. He even did a little magic trick for them before they left.

This is how n.o.bles should act, Santa thought. Infact, Santa was a n.o.ble himself. He was the third son of Baron Hamilton of Carona. Since he couldn't inherit his father's t.i.tle, he chose to be a merchant.

Over the years, he built quite a name for himself and became known through out Carona as the 'Foolish n.o.ble merchant' by many.

They call him foolish because since he was young, he never liked following all those pretentious and fake n.o.bel rules. At an early age, he always liked doing things that regular people loved.

Once, he disguised himself as a peasant and worked in a bakery for 3 months. On the third month, his dad found out and gave him the beatings of his life. Because of his nature, he became a thorn in his dads eyes.

People would mock and laugh at the Baron saying that he had a peasant son, as if there was anything wrong with that

He later on bought a s.h.i.+p and successfully crossed the sea's bringing different thing s from different parts of the world into Carona. He became popular and the go-to-man for all shop owners and n.o.bles in Carona.

But his dad was still constantly disappointed in him, as well as his two older brothers. For them, it was an honor for a n.o.ble to fight and go to war for his majesty.

The only people who loved him dearly were his mom and his three sisters. They thought he was cute, funny and very kind.

He just didn't like pretending and doing senseless things. Why couldn't people talk to each other regularly without the extra rules attached? That's why he secretly admired Landon, he could tell that Landon wasn't one who was also hung up on the rules of ettiquet.

As they pa.s.sed through, the villagers didn't even bother with Santa at all...Their gazes were on full focus towards his highness Landon.

Was this the weak and dumb b.a.s.t.a.r.d child of king Barn. Infact Santa knew that he wasn't weak. The aura Landon gave out was that of a person who had experienced a lot of battles.

When he learnt that Landon would be creating items that have never been seen before, Santa was skeptical.

After after taking a tour in the laboratory and seeing this so called chalk, Santa was pleasantly surprised.

Although chalk seemed like a small matter, to Santa it really wasn't. It was genius. Do you know how many slate-boards are thrown away per year in his empire because they get scratched or destroyed?

Chalk was way better than slate-pencils and way cheaper. slate-pencils are like sticks which are used to scratch the boards for educational purposes. Chalk was the best solution for this problem, and it was only found in Baymard. How could Santa not want any?

"Little brother, is it possible to buy these chalk sticks now? I need enough chalk for 10,000 people in one go"

"Not for now Santa, these chalk sticks are barely enough for my people as it is. And we dont have enough man labour to produce such large amounts....but, If you can get me 3000 slaves or people who are genuinely looking for work the next time you come, then I'll be able to produce a huge batch for you....How about that?"

"That makes sense little bro....okay okay.....at the end of each month, I will send one of my trusted aids to you with a s.h.i.+p containing 1000 workers in them. I will do this every month, until you have 3000 men from me."

"That's good.... speaking of which..how much will you pay per tonne of ores? Landon asked

"I usually pay 1200 gold coins per tonne little bro. And I'll be leaving with 150 tonnes of these ores today."

'So I'll get 180,000 gold coins today...not bad..' Landon thought.

"Alright.....so how much does it cost to get slaves?" Landon asked

"In the slave markets, slaves are gotten by how beautiful or how strong they are. The average slave costs 1600 copper coins per person" Santa said

'So for 3000 people I'll need 480 gold coins.' Landon thought.

"Do you have any rare seeds on your s.h.i.+p?"

"Of course I do silly..... Wen I used to come here, the n.o.bles would buy bags of wheat, beans and other foods from me. There would also be a few who buyed the seeds of these foods, although they knew that the lands couldn't bear anything. I'm guessing they still wanted to try their luck." Santa said with a smile

"Good.....once we are done with your order, I'll take a look at your seeds."

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