As the day went by, Landon, Santa and the knights loaded up all the ores unto Santa's s.h.i.+p and Landon gave him 12 chalk sticks as a parting gift.

Landon ended up using 300 gold coins to buy bags of dried apple seeds, pear seeds, watermelon seeds,peach seeds, grape seeds, orange seeds, pepper seeds, peanuts, rice and beans seeds.

He quickly looked for Lyore and carefully explained how the fruit seeds are to be planted.

The farmers who saw the seeds where curious about some of them. They had never heard of watermelon's and peach fruits before. They were now curious as to how the fruits will look and taste. Plus Landon was craving some himself too.

With 179,700 gold coins more in Baymard's pocket, Landon was thrilled. But this gave rise to a new issue he had...who would be in charge of government funds in the future?

For now he and his mom could do it...but later on, he needed to write Laws, procedures and violations codes for Baymard.

All his trusted aides were knights, and he couldn't use his mom or Lucy either.

The finance minister needed to be someone who was trustworthy and didn't show any characteristic traits of a greedy person. The chosen minister must also be well learned, with a mindset that always focused on the improvement of Baymard....This would be difficult. Landon thought.

----------The next day------

On the training courtyard, Landon promoted some knights and rewarded them as lieutenant's under their various knight Captain's.

Mark, Josh and Gary where promoted from Captain's to Major General's for the army. Each Major had 2 Captain's under them. And each Captain had 4 Lieutenant as well under them.

Every knight was told about their strengths and witnesses, as well as recommended personal workout routines for them to do in their freetime.

The knights who got promoted were extremely proud of their accomplishments and felt that all their hard work paid off.

Those that didn't get promoted, didn't feel jealous or envious of those that did. They knew how hard those Captain's and Lieutenant's trained to get those rankings.

Berry Jax, Terry, Billy Vein, Joseph Fig and 2 others were promoted to Captain's under their various Major General's.

Once the training session was over, Landon took Tim to the lower region and showed him around the estate on the left side of the farms and the mines.

Tim saw both mines and was completely shocked... one had iron ore's while the other, molybdenite.....the other ores in the caves held no importance in his eyes...but to Landon they were extremely rare ore's.

"Tim, I will put you in charge 350 men who will work in the estate. Out of the 19 buildings present in the estate, one will be used as a storage facility for keeping all ore stones extracted from the mines. Each stone type will be stored separately in different rooms."

"No problem your highness, this won't be an issue. " Tim said while nodding.

"The second building in the estate will be used for gla.s.s production. We will need to collect a lot of sand from the sea for that"

Gla.s.s!!!!!!!!! Tim was shocked. One had to know that gla.s.s was only produced accidentally by lightning in this era. Hence it was very rare and valuable. Sort of like a collector's item.

Tim had seen gla.s.s before, green colored gla.s.s and blue colored gla.s.s in the former Barons estate before.

In this era, sometimes when lightening striked the ground tubes of gla.s.s would be formed. The electricity in a bolt of lightening can melt the sand making it combine with other substances which later hardens into gla.s.s. Hence people thought that only the G.o.ds could make gla.s.s.

Back on earth, gla.s.s was first man-made in the late 15th century. And before that, people only waited on lightening to do some well.

Obviously, Landon couldn't wait for the 10th century to move towards the 15th or 16th century for gla.s.s making be invented. He urgently needed laboratory test tubes, so as to make gunpowder.

He needed to isolate different compounds from the ores and accurately combine them to make effective products in the future.

He needed to complete his mission as soon as possible, as well as ensure Baymards safety for the time being. He hated the feeling of vulnerability towards his enemies.

Anyone could gather a large army and kill him presently. Ever since he was cured from the Whisp poison, he had felt something or someone wanted him seriously dead.

He ruled out his father because, although his father hated him, his father also couldn't bothered to kill him. His father was the sort of person that wouldn't waste his energy on an enemy that he considered to be weak. So that leaves his siblings in the mix. All of them were black-hearted and down right cruel. It had to be one of them.

He needed to make the cannons fast so as to protect Baymard, his mom, Lucy, his men and himself as well.

As Tim listened to Landon, he couldn't help but wonder if Landon was actually the reincarnation of a G.o.d. Either way, he was happy to be a part of the gla.s.s making process. This was history in the making.

"Don't worry Tim, I'll show you how its done" Landon replied with a smile.

Tim calmed his exited heart down and looked at his highness with reverence.

"The third building will be used in producing what I call war cannons....I will also teach you how to create them."

"The fourth building will be used to make construction tools like Pickaxes, construction rail cars and other mining for the rest of the 16 buildings, keep them unoccupied for now....Soon, other things will be created in them." Landon continued

"Your highness how soon do you want to start?"

"As soon as possible. Out of the 350 men, 100 will work on ore extraction, 100 will work on gla.s.s production,100 on cannon making and 50 will work in producing construct equipments....Dont worry by the end of the month, Baymard will be expecting new workers so by then you'll have more people in the production line."

Tim nodded and listened attentively.

"You will be the overseer for all departments in the estate. I also need you to a.s.sign all 6 of your apprentices as supervisors for each sector and department." Landon said.

"The gla.s.s making department will have 2 sectors: Sand extraction from the sea and gla.s.s making itself.....Likewise, ore extraction will also have 2 sectors: ores from the first mine and those from the second mine." Landon continued.

Landon later told Tim the salary for all workers, supervisors and overseers. He also ensured Tim that he would have cooks and guards around the estate for the workers.

Since the paint company had used up all the mining pickaxes available, Landon gave Tim enough money to go to the next city and buy 1000 more in preparation for the set of slaves coming from Carona.

Tim had agreed to go to the neighbouring town, the next day and return before the end of the week, so Landon had to postpone his mission for now.

Speaking of the slaves, Landon needed to make accommodations readily available for them once they came.

In the central regions, most houses were concentrated far away from the front gate of the city in fear of enemy attacks. Landon thought that he could use those empty s.p.a.ces to build mud thatched houses for them. He would need to gather and pay a few more workers for the job though.

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