------- Riverdale City------

"So, your saying that you personally saw Tim Mayers leave with a wagon filled with thousands of pickaxes? And he didn't tell you why he needed them?" City lord Shannon asked with a cold and intimidating voice.

"Y...y..yes city lord.... w.. we saw him." said one of the young men kneeling on the ground fearfully.

" W..we don't know why he nee...needed them my lord..." Another one said.

Shannon Lurp drummed his fingers against the table and carefully observed their reactions.

'druum druum druum' his fingers drummed.

'It doesn't look like their lying', he thought while sizing them up.

The 4 poor men were s.h.i.+vering under his ice cold gaze. They dare not meet his gaze. Everyone knew that their city lord was a tyrant. He killed when he felt like it. In their opinion, it was best not to anger this maniac.

It's just that they couldn't understand what they had done to wanton the city lords att.i.tude towards them.

3 of them were just common welders while the other, was also just an ordinary merchant. They didn't even know Tim Mayers well enough...So why were they treated like this?

'Was he a criminal? Was he wanted in the empire? Did they accidentally sell goods to a fugitive? Is that why they were here?' they asked themselves worriedly.

"You all can leave.... And..... keep this conversation confidential... I don't need to remind you all of what I will do to you if this conversation gets out. Do I?"

"My lord, I swear on my life that I will never tell another soul...." replied one

"I swear too my lord" the other 3 said hurriedly.

"Go!!!" Shannon Lurp yelled.

They s.h.i.+vered as they stood up and immediately walked away as fast as they could. In their minds, they had just come out of h.e.l.l...

They made up their minds that if they saw Tim Mayers again, they would stay as far as possible from him.

Once they left, a man came out of the shadows and sat beside Shannon Lurp.

"He knows" The man said.

This man was Baron Rogers who used to live in Baymard before Landon took over.

Baron Rogers was sent, 4 citys away from Baymard by king Barn. He was sent to the flouris.h.i.+ng city of Prisdon.

As soon as he arrived, he realized that his stay there, would be far much worse than when he was at Baymard.

Prisdon was a moderately sized city with over 15 Barons and 1 city lord who controlled and distributed funds for all the n.o.bles.

Part of the money he received from the Capital as a Baron, was cut away by the city lord of Prisdon. Apparently, he was not the only one.

The city lord of Prisdon requested for the n.o.bles to give him 10% of their monthly wages given by the empire.

But Baron Rogers needed the money more, so he couldn'ta accept it.

He requested for his money to be returned back to him, but the city lord never even gave him a glance. 'What an jacka.s.s' he thought.

He looked at Baron Rogers as if, looking at a foolish child who didnt know what was good for him.

Baron Rogers was almost angered to death.... For pitsake, he needed more money to take care of his knights and keep his household in check.

Back in Baymard, although the land was barren, the money he got from selling those ores was at least 4 times greater, than what he received in Prisdon as his monthly upkeep.

The worse part was, ever since his fight with the city lord, everyone isolated him.

Some barons constantly tried to pick fights with him and even tried seizing part of the money as well.

They even tried to buy his knights over, promising to give them more money than what he offered. How could he take this kind of insult as a man and as a Baron?

Living in Baymard for all those years, he had truly forgotten how nasty and horrible n.o.bles and people in power could be.

His wife and children, who use to be to high up ( they were the one's who bullied and beat up the maids and citizens of Baymard), were now mocked and picked on, by the other n.o.bles.

His sons had been constantly bullied in the Knighthood academy of Prisdon, and his wife constantly mocked because she didn't have the latest fas.h.i.+onable clothes. He felt really low as a man.

Hence he needed money fast, so as to secure his position in Prisdon.

Once he thought about the mines in Baymard, he started thinking about Landon's death.

For him, even if all the citizens of Baymard had to die for Landon to do die as well, he wouldn't give a d.a.m.n.... all he wanted was the money.

He couldn't just move his knights, who were 4 towns away, to come over and fight Landon and his 300 knights, everyone in the empire would be suspicious. Especially King Barn and that annoying city lord of Prisdon.

That's why he had told and made a deal with city lord Shannon about the mines and the land.

Since Baymard was very close to Riverdale city, city lord Shannon accepted the deal. For him, it was a great way to expand his territory and while making more money at the side.

Because Baron Rogers had to do it discreetly, he decided to leave Prisdon on the excuse of visiting an old friend.

If word got out that he was interested in going to Baymard, people would start wondering if there was any special treasure there in Baymard.

From there on, they would launch a full scale investigation on Baymard.

If they truly discovered the mines, he was sure that king Barn would surely execute him immediately.(**Off with his head!!)

As for Shannon Lurp, he had no intention of informing the king as well. Afterall, he too wanted the money made from the mines...

Once and if, king Barn found out about the mines, no one would benefit from it other than King Barn himself.

So they decided to find an opportunity to discretely deal with Landon without raising any suspicions.

If they Suddenly attacked Landon, people would want to know their motives. This would definitely bring the kings attention on them. So for now, they decided to play it safe.

"It doesn't matter whether he knows about the mines or not.... We'll a.s.sa.s.sinate him..... a.s.sa.s.sination is the only way to get rid of him without raising any suspicions." Shannon Lurp said.

"I agree... but, If we're going to do it, we need to get 1 of the top 5 a.s.sa.s.sins in the empire..... I think 'Dumbo the Butcher' would be the best candidate for the job." said Baron Rogers.

"Not a bad choice, afterall he's the closest one around presently.... I reckon if we send a letter now, he would arrive here in a month and a half."

"WlThen, what do we do till then?" Baron Rogers asked anxiously.

"We wait..... remember... right now, the capital is in an uproar... If we pull attention to ourselves, the other Prince's would surely seek us out..... Waiting is the only option." Shannon Lurp replied, while sipping on a cup of wine.

Baron Rogers thought that what Shannon Lurp said made sense. The fight for power within the royal family was a well known fact to all the n.o.bles in the empire.

As n.o.bles, they had the option to side with any of the prince's in the empire.

But if the prince they choose, doesn't win in the fight for the throne, it mean't that their days where numbered. Or they would be hated and treated as trash by the ruling king.

It was a tough call for most n.o.bles.

"Who do you think would win the fight for the throne?" Baron Rogers asked.

Shannon Lurp leaned on his chair and looked up to the ceiling. He seemed to have fallen in a deep trance.

The royal Barn family.

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