After cannon testing, Landon asked Lucius to ensure that the soldiers trained daily on how to use the cannons.

Every week, Lucius would be in charge of drawing a schedule that allowed everyone to train and prepare on how to use the cannons. Afterall, it was impossible for 330 soldiers Plus the added 150 recruits to practice daily.

So a schedule was the best way forward for these 480 men.

All in all, each soldier would have the opportunity to practice cannon firing at least 3 times a week, going from Lucius' drawn-up schedule.

Landon held his mothers hand with his left hand and Lucy's hand with his other hand, as they walked around the barracks.

"Brother Landon, why don't we go to the castle?" Lucy asked curiously.

"Little Landon, Im also curious as well....arent we done? why aren't we going back home?" Mother Kim asked suspiciously.

Lucius and Landon looked at each other for second and quickly averted their gazes.

Something was fishy to both women, but they decided to brush it off.

As they continued to stroll, Landon kept looking at the blus.h.i.+ng Lucy and smiled.

Mother Kim, as if feeling the weight of being a third wheel, held onto Lucius' arms, as well as Grace's arm and ushered them forward.

Too bad she didn't see the intense blush on Lucius' cheeks.... But Grace did.

Grace in turn rushed up ahead with little Momo leaving the royal couples behind. She had to get to the castle quickly.

Mother Kim felt awkward and blushed deeply. She looked at the handsome Lucious from the corner of her eyes, and was lost in thought for a while.

When she and her son were banished, Lucius resigned and decided to offer his services as a knight and protect them towards their journey to Baymard.

Kim had always known that Lucius took Landon as his son, and that Landon did the same with Lucius. She always thought it was natural and never thought anything about it.

But when she was at her lowest, this man had always stood up for her and guarded her against any dangers and troubles.

She didn't have any feelings for him before, because whether she liked it of not, she was king Barn's concubine at the time.

But when she was freed from her h.e.l.l, she decided to live her life a new.

On the day they left the Capital, she started noticing how handsome and manly Lucius was. As time went by, she realized that all this while, she had been in love with Lucius.

She didn't even know when it started..... was it when Lucius helped her take care of her son in the Capital? Or when he resigned to follow her to Baymard. She didn't know and she didn't care.

When he smiled at her, her world would stop and she would get confused and say the wrong things.

Plus, she wasn't sure if he felt the same way.... what if he didn't love her? Wouldn't she just be forcing her love onto him? What if she ruined her friends.h.i.+p with him because of love?.. She would never allow that to happen.. No way!

Lucius as if noticing her gaze, turned his head facing her.

"Your highness, should we go back to the castle now?" Lucius asked as he saw her flushed face.

As he spoke, her face turned redder and redder.....Honestly, he thought that if her face got any redder, it would pop.

He chuckled inwardly and smiled.

"Y..Yess let's do that....uhmm a..after you" she stammered.

Landon and Lucy who kept watching at the back almost couldn't hold it in. Was this the tiger mother that they knew? Who was this shy woman?

As soon as Lucius and Mother Kim disappeared from their view, they laughed out loud and almost fell over.

As they were laughing, Landon sneakily pecked Lucy's left cheek.

Now, it was her turn to blush. She placed her left hand on her cheek and pointed the other one at Landon.


Landon took hold of her hands and smiled at her warmly.

"Is that all you have to say to me... my dear Fiance"

Lucy almost choked at his words.. Fiance? Since when? How come she wasn't aware of this?

She was blus.h.i.+ng even more now, and quickly pulled her face away from his gaze.

"Ayyye.... Why are you hiding from me?....."

"Brother Landon why are you teasing me like this?...I.. I.." Lucy stammered as she spoke.

"Come with me"


Landon covered her face with a thick piece of cloth and led Lucy up the staircase off the castle. They moved for a while slowly, until they reached the throne room.

Once Landon dropped the cloth, Lucy was shocked.

There were a lot of people in front of her, candles sorrounding her and a lot of flower petals sprinkled all over the throne room arranged in a special way.

[Will you Marry me Lucy]

was spelled out by the flower petals.

Lucy turned around to look at Landon and was shocked.

He was on bended knees.

Was a king suppose to kneel to anyone? she asked herself worriedly. But that thought quickly left her brain when Landon gave his speech.

["Lucy Gustav, we've known each ever since we were little. You've always been there for me through thick and thin.

When I was down, you stood up for me..... when I needed someone to lean on, you were always there.

As time went by, I slowly fell in love with you. I love your smile, your caring nature and your heart.

Look, I guarantee that there'll be tough times. But no matter what troubles we face, I will fight for you and continue to love and cherish you.

I promise you that no one will work harder to make you happy more than I will.

Lucy, I want to marry you because when you love someone as much as I love you, getting married is the only thing left to do.

So what do you say, will you match me Lucy?"]

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