Everyone including, the knights, the maids, Tim and Chief Wggins were shocked.

What did they just see? The King was kneeling down!!

Is this how marriage proposals are suppose to be made? This was the first time they had seen such a thing. Usually women didn't have a choice. Their parents chose a strong reliable husband who could take care of them and that was that.... sometimes they would be lucky if it was the man that they took loved. Marriage usually involves politics and power for most n.o.bles.

But his highness bent down on one knee for his wife and even made such a grand gesture towards her.

The women on the other hand were all in the spirit of romance. Grace, mother Kim and the maids felt like this was what a man should be.

The men looked at the women and thought:

'Is this what women want?'

They had to admit that this was pretty romantic. The flowers, the candles, the ring, those words..... It all made sense somehow. They were almost gave a big thumbs up to his highness for his idea.

From the moment Landon came into this world, he had noticed his uncontrollable feelings for Lucy. Whether it was because of the old Landon or the current him, his emotions were strong. Every time during dinner, supper,..heck even breakfast, he would stare at her in a daze.

As the days went by, he also began to notice her feelings towards him. They're love was literally oozing out every time they met.

Of course he didn't want to marry her immediately.... they were just 15 years old, afterall.. But in this era, most girls got engaged at the age of 12 and married at 18 to 20.

Lucy being engaged now, was considered late in this era.

Also, Landon didn't want people to think that there was something wrong with her or that she only good enough to be a concubine or a wh.o.r.e.

No matter how times change, human beings were always the same. Back in earth, if a woman pa.s.sed the age of 30 and never got married, everyone would point fingers at her. Even at age 26, people would still talk bad about them.

He had seen and noted all of Lucy's uncertainty. It was very clear that she had a.s.sumed that she would end up as a concubine, or worse just a side-chick.. bruhhh....

He did this to rea.s.sure her that she would always be his queen.

In his mind, they would get married when they were old enough to do so. For now, he just wanted her to know that she belonged to him.

So within this period, he had asked Tim to create a ring made out of Iron with a tiny green jade stone on it.

Landon brought out the beautifully crafted ring and waited for her reply, while looking deep into her eyes.

Ever since he started talking she had been crying. Of course she loved him... it was so obvious for everyone one to see.

"Yes brother Landon... I..I..I'll be your wife." (sob sob)

Landon took her left hand an placed the ring on her middle finger.

"This ring is a symbol of my love as a man to you. It is also proof that you are my fiance, the one I love and the one I will marry."

Landon got up and held her in his embrace.

"If you should willingly remove or give me back this ring, it would mean that you no longer want to marry me or have me as a husband...Keep my ring safe and cherish it as well" Landon said while looking at her warmly.

Everyone clapped and cheered for them.

Josh looked at Grace and smiled. Grace upon feeling someone's gaze on her, turned and locked gazes with Josh, who was standing directly behind her. She blushed and turned towards little Momo.

"Elder sister are you still sick? Why is your face so red?" Little Momo asked innocently upon seeing his sister's condition.

Josh chuckled, and Grace truly wished that the floor could open up and swallow her whole.

'How embarra.s.sing ', she thought.

Even Grace felt like no one would ever marry her anymore. Her friends in the village were already engaged, while others married.

She didn't want to marry young or be promised to anyone, because she had to take care of little Momo.

But looking at Josh now, she started having hope that he would marry her as a concubine at least.

Lucius on the other hand, was extremely happy.

Landon had come to him last week and told him to man up and confess his feelings to his mother. Infact he himself had started to see the way she would always look at him. He was sure that she cared about him. Landon was right. What was he waiting for? Was it when he turned 50, that he would confess?

Hence he and Landon had worked out this whole scenario.

They need to find a moment where both mother Kim and Lucy would not be around the castle alot, as well as have cla.s.ses. Today was that day.

They had been in cohorts with Grace, the knights, the maids and everyone else.

On his way to the castle, he had brought Kim to the gardens and confessed to her. He did it the way Landon taught him.. on bended knees. Heck he even rehea.r.s.ed some other lines that Landon gave him.

Mother Kim was so shocked that she too burst out into tears. She accepted his love kissed him and ran away from him like a 5 year old girl. He quickly chased after her and brought her here.

The mighty Tiger became a small kitten in his embrace.

Lucius looked at Mother Kim's smiling face and whispered in her ears.

"When I propose to you, I will make you happier. Because I love you."

As he said that, He slowly used his left hand and held her right hand tightly.

She looked at him and was stunned for a moment. Then she Suddenly smiled.

Their hearts were finally one.


Landon climbed on his bed and thought about the day.

Even at dinner, Lucy would look at the ring and smile at it.

Even the way she waved, had changed. She started waving using the back of her hands like how Julia Robert's did in the Princess Diaries.

Himself, Grace, Lucius and the 3 Major General's were trying to hold back their laughter's every time she did it.

Women.... they were all the same no matter the era (sigh).

Landon smiled and looked his next mission.

[Cement Manufacturing]

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