"System, show me my stat and rewards" Landon said as he lay on his bed.

>Host name: Landon Barn

>Age: 15

>Status: King of Baymard

>Level: Beginner (Still Level 1)

>Current Sitaution: Healthy

>Host also received 120 BP for the creation of gla.s.s.

>Originally, host had 82 DP and 50 BP

>But since host had previously used 71 DP points for buying s.p.a.ce time capsules and concentration pills, your DP dropped down to 11 points.

(* Note: DP= development points, TP= technology points and BP= bonus points)

He looked at his mission status again and thought about how he should proceed in the future.


Mission: Build cement block houses for all Permanent residents in Baymard.

Sub-Mission: Since host has received 20 G.o.dly food recipes and 5 spice making recipes, host needs to create new pallets and spices for your people.


•Full knowledge on the human Anatomy and beginner to intermediate knowledg in the medical field. So what if you can build a lot of warfare weapons? Host doesn't even have a single healer in your town.. Shame on you!....

•Host will also be given 5 random medical techniques for treating patients.

•Lastly, host will also receive 350 development points (DP) and 2000 Technology points (TP).

Deadline: no specific time required


Landon sighed as he looked at his rewards towards his next mission. Where were was the outlay or mechanisms on guns?...

Honestly speaking, Landon majored in electrical engineering, and also did alot of hardware engineering as well.. he only knew how to develop and design electrical appliances.

It was unrealistic to think that just because he had come into a fantasy world, he would suddenly become a sage... bruh...

Yes, he was smart... but he only focused on electrical and hardware engineering. The rest of his time was focused on anime, manga and light novels..

Although he had done military service for his country, that didn't mean that he would know how to create guns..... He could quickly a.s.semble some of them, but that was it.

Each weapon had it's own mechanism and important materials that needed to be used in order to successfully create them.

If it was anything involving phones, laptops, TV sets.... that,..he could do... But to Suddenly tell him to create paper... (sigh) isn't that too much?

Who could honestly say that if they were put in his situation, they would know more than he did?

If a person knew everything, that meant that he/she would have had to study all engineering types, gone to law school, while being a doctor part-time and maybe even ran his/her own company as a boss. As well as teach on the weekends.....

There are more than 200 industries on earth. If someone claimed to know everything, they were simply scammers.

Also, there was no electricity in this era, so even if he made a printer or photocopier, where would he plug it? And even if he needed a battery wouldn't he need time to create it?

Landon also realised another major problem that he was facing.

Although the system had given him knowledge on cement making, it hadn't given him knowledge on house designing and construction.

Landon wanted to build houses in a way that would take the future into account.

Soon he would put water pipes throughout the City, as well as other daily commodities. He had no idea where and how to place the pipes. All he knew about was how to place the cables and wires for electricity. Ge didn't even know how thick the various pipes should be.

Landon had decided that every house would have 2 floors: the ground floor and the top floor.

Each house would have a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, a parlor and 4 bedrooms at the top floor. It would also have a front and back yard, as well as a mailbox and a garage.

Oh yes...he was planning way ahead for when he would finally make cars. He also wanted to make the houses accessible to street roads, railways and bus stops.

All this depended on how the houses were built and positioned in the city.

He had noticed that all the houses were focused around the town square in the central region. There were almost no houses close to the upper regions or lower regions.

In future, all the schools would be located in the upper region, as well supermarkets, luxury hotels, malls and so on.

Landon knew that most people would eventually want to live close to the upper region.

Hence he decided to start building the houses in the part of central region, that was closest to the upper region.

Once the first houses were completed, he would start moving the citizens in to them in an orderly fas.h.i.+on.

Landon had a grand plan for Baymard. He decided to divide the upper region into 4 sections.

District A, would obviously host himself, the knights and the barracks.

District B, would host Fighter plane airforces and other airborne military weapons.

District C would host justice courts, the main public police offices, the Education Bureau, Government Policy Offices, all schools, banks and so on..

District D would have, Luxury hotels, amus.e.m.e.nt parks, car stores, banks and so on...basically good entertainment.

Landon also decided to break the Central parts into 4 parts.

District E, would be the closest to the upper region housing all of the 1500 original citizens who had always stayed here.

District F, would follow after District E. It would host all the Regfugees and Slaves.

District G, would have all the regular hotels for visitors, as well as beautiful national parks, some banks, bars and so on...

District H would be closer to the entrance/exit having other police stations and offices that determine whether or not someone could go into the city. It also had offices that issues ID cards, other important outposts and so on..

As for the lower region, it would also be divided into 4 parts...but it would still be completely filled with factories, be it toothpaste, soap, whatever Baymard needed.. Only those that worked there or had a tour pa.s.s, could enter the region.

The coastal part would also have 4 parts. All in all, there would be a large dock for visiting s.h.i.+ps, another area that would focus on military submarines, as well as military s.h.i.+ps..

The possibilities were endless.

For now, Landon just had to focus on building cement houses.

The point to note was that, although there were 1500 people present in Baymard, there were only about 1000 houses here. People lived together as married couples, they had children and maybe even lived with their grandparents or parents..

With 3,000 more people coming in, he could easily build the houses for 4,500 people fast.

Once he succeeded in providing housing for everyone, he would then start building high story buildings that would house future families and slaves who come into Baymard.

These houses would come have ma.s.sive car parks and other amenities. Of course, those that come later would have to pay rent for those places.

For refugees and slaves who come in the future, he would give them a 4 months headstart before he started collecting the rents. He hoped that before the time was up, they would have already gotten jobs around Baymard.

The rents for these houses would be fairly cheap depending on the dust that they're built in.

Each District in the central region would have sky high buildings to rent, as well as normal villa houses for those who have made enough money to live lavishly.

Also, all districts, be it the upper or lower regions, would have at least 1 police station and 2 gas stations.

Landon thought about Baymard and sighed. The population was really too small for the land ma.s.s.

Take Toronto Canada for example. That city alone had 95,000 privately owned housing units, over 100 hotels, several schools, about 80 malls, several airports and other buildings...

Yet Toronto was smaller in land ma.s.s compared to Baymard..... Was this some type of joke?

Driving from one part of Toronto to the other could take up to 10-30 minutes without traffic, so one could only imagine how huge Baymard really was.

The more Landon thought about the future, the more Landon realized how much knowledge he lacked and how he little the population of Baymard was.

But he wasn't really in a rush... Building his dream world, would take a lot of time and a lot of effort.

For now, he could buy knowledge on whatever he needed from the system.

"System, can I buy knowledge on house designing and house construction? As well as all knowledge involving handgun mechanisms, paper making and water supply for buildings."

"You can host. For the guns, would you like knowledge on the Single-Action revolver, Double-Action revolver or Semi-automatic Pistols?", the system asked.

"The Semi-automatic pistol would do".

"Host's first request will cost you either: 120 DP, 300 Technology Points points or 100 Bonus Points

The second request will cost host either: 100 DP, 250 TP or 80 BP

The third request will cost either: 80 DP, 100 TP or 20 BP.

And finally the fourth request will cost either: 130 DP, 380 TP or 110 BP" the system asked.

"Take out 120 BP points for the first request, 100 DP for the second request, 20 DP for the third request, and 130 DP for the final request... Also, show we my balance points again".

"Host's Overall Points: 11 DP, 1000 TP and 50 BP"... Does host want to receive these information now?"


As Landon laid on his bed receiving the long string of information that he had just bought, he couldn't help but feel that, tomorrow would be a very hectic day.

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