For the past 1 week, Landon had been waiting for the s.h.i.+p to come with the slaves.

Landon had decided to use this period, to create more equipments for the new industries, that were about to be formed.

And after waiting for another 3 days, he was informed that there were 10 large s.h.i.+ps sailing towards Baymard.

From the system, Landon could identify the s.h.i.+ps. They were Santa's s.h.i.+ps... but why were there so many?

'Just what was he thinking?' Landon thought.


On the sh.o.r.e, Landon looked at the ever smiling Santa and felt helpless. It was really hard to get angry with this jolly fellow... sigh..

"Little bro..... I've missed you... not seeing you all this while, has made my heart uneasy.... Little bro, I hope your not mad at me for coming late....hihuhu...." Santa said while giggling.

Everyone on the s.h.i.+p was surprised. Isnt that the king? .. why would he talk to a n.o.ble like that?

Before they had set sail to Baymard, Santa had explained to them the situation Baymard was in.. He also a.s.sured them that the king of the newly independently established territory, would definitely treat them well. He had guaranteed them safety, shelter and food.

Back on the sh.o.r.e, Santa explained what happened and why he had brought 10 s.h.i.+ps of people with him.

Long story short, once the 9th prince arrived Vienna, everything was going on fine at first.

But a month later, there were sudden attacks and killings happening within the city. By the end of the next month, more than 11,000 people out of 96,000 people had died.

When they had captured one of the attackers, it was revealed that the queen had been sending a group of bandits called the 'Evergreen Bandits' to hara.s.s the citizens, while trying to kill him. Once he was killed, it would be announced that him alongside the citizens, died from an attack from bandits.

The queen had to make sure that it wasn't traceable to her, so burning and killing other people was only their secondary mission.

But when the bandits came, the prince along side the city lords knights fended them off bravely. At the end, their primary mission of killing Bari had failed.

The queen became restless and ordered her secret knights and about 23 gangs with more than 5,000 people in each gang, to join forces and burn down the entire city.

The city lord got wind of the plan early on and informed the prince. It was said that in the next 3 months, they would arrive Vienna and the attack would commence.

So,they started evacuating the people from Vienna immediately.

Once the Bari heard the news, he also sent a letter to Santa requesting for his help.

2 months later, the city lord had evacuated all the barons, as well as over 71,650 people. The city lord of the next town was close friends with Basi as well..... so Bari successfully settled these people to settle in his town with all their belongings.

4 days after that, Santa arrived with 10 giant size s.h.i.+ps... they boarded the s.h.i.+ps and headed for Baymard.

The city lord couldn't go with Bari because he was still an official in the empire. He took his family and his knights and headed back to the Capital.



Listening to the story, which felt like all those Tv dramas he had watched, he was somewhat taken aback. He also felt pity for Bari, his family and the people.

But basically, apart from the 800 slaves that Santa originally got.. he still took 13,350 people from Vienna.

So in total, there had 14,150 people on those s.h.i.+ps.

Although he felt sad for them, the amount of mud houses he built couldn't contain all of them... forget it, he would just have to give them an estate in the upper region to live in.

He decided to use the closest estate to the central region.

Of course the prince and his family would live in the castle with him... royalty was royalty, afterall.

Santa looked at Landon and smiled.

"Since you paid for 3000 slaves, I will send the other 2,200 more... remember, there are 800 slaves amongst the group", Santa said.

"How can I ask you for more? what kind of person do you think I am? You don't have to do that."

"Its because I know what kind of person you are that I'm willing to get more slaves for you. It would be good if you can save them from their salvery. These people are usually treated and treated even worse than animals.. If they stay with you, I know that you would help them in every way possible."

"Your right.. I agree with you... Since that's the case, I will pay you for your trip as well.. And if you ever find refugees ur people that need help, send them over as well". Landon said

After getting the gist, Landon sent 50 knights to call over all the overseers, supervisors, Major generals, Captain's, his mother, Lucy, Grace, little Momo the head butler and Maid to come over.

He wanted to introduce them to everyone here.

Once everyone arrived, Landon had them line up on the highest point of the ground... As he did that, he also had Santa gathered all the people along the sandy

'System, can you amplify my voice? I want those at the back to here me loud and clear. At the same time, I don't want those at the front to feel like I'm screaming... I want everyone to get the same Volume or tune when I'm speaking'.

'Host, yes I can. It will cost host 10 DP, 15YP or 4BP per hour'.

'Why so expensive? Isnt it just amplification? Aren't you cheating me?'

'If the host thinks that it's too expensive, then that is not the system's problem... the system is an almighty system and above petty arguments with host. .. is host buying or not?"

Landon really thought that this system was a petty black-bellied system. Above arguments? Pleeeease...

'Fine.... I'll buy it then.. use my BP for 1 hour"


"My friends, I know that some of you feel helpless, scared and afraid..... I a.s.sure you that Baymard will be a safe haven for you.

You all had laboured and toiled within Vienna, and had to face and witness death of your own friends and families.

Yes, I'm talking about the 5,000 poor innocent souls that died from the first attack on your city.

You all have been put through h.e.l.l by those treacherous gangs who only feel plessure from bloodshed.

I promise you that within my territory, I will give you a new life and a new path, in which you all can proudly walk on!!

Whether you are slaves from Carona or citizens fro Vienna, from this day forward, you all will be my friends and my family. Your pain will be my pain... and your happiness will be mine as well.

I hate that word 'slavery'. It is vulgar and goes against my beliefs. In this land, there is no such thing as slavery.. and there will never be

On my land, everyone has to go to school, and children are not allowed to work until they reach the age of 14, in which they can applly or get what we call 'an interns.h.i.+p' for the time being until they finish school.

With time, you all will come to understand and love Baymard, just as much as I love it.

And if you face any issues within the territory, you can meet any of these people standing behind me, to aid or a.s.sist you...

Once more....Welcome to Baymard!!!!!"

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