------The next day---------



Today was the scheduled day for straightening and creating the rules and regulations for the army. As well as changing the various job descriptions.

A while ago, he had 20 of the women who took care of the children, a.s.sist him in sewing material badges when the children had nap time or cla.s.ses...

He had also asked department 4, to make a lot of safety pins for the badges.

Those men who came a week ago, had to properly follow a rank system. Landon decided to follow the same military rank system that existed back on earth.

The lowest rank being Private E-1.

For the enlisted soldiers to advance to the next grade, they needed to spend at least 6 months in each grade.

Within the 6 months spent, they would have three physical and written exams. Those that pa.s.s will move to the next grade after 6 months. For higher personals ranks it was usually years.

The ranks increase as so:

•Enlisted (6 months in a rank to advance):

▪Private E-1( PV1 or recruits)

▪Private E-2 ( PV2)

▪Private first cla.s.s (E-3 or PFC)

▪Army Specialist (E-4)

▪Corporal (CPL)

▪Seargent (SGT)

▪Staff Sergeant (SSG)

▪Sergeant First Cla.s.s (SFC)

▪Master Sergeant (MSG)

▪First Sergeant (1SG)

▪Sergeant Major (SGM)

▪Command Sergeant Major (CSM)

▪Sergeant Major of the army (SMA)

•Warrant Officers (1 year rank advancement):

▪Warant Officer 1

▪Chief Warrant Officer 2

▪Chief Warrant Officer 3

▪Chief Warrant Officer 4

▪Chief Warrant Officer 5

Officer Ranks (2.5 year rank advancement):

▪First Lieutenant

▪Second Lieutenant



▪Lieutenant Colonel


▪Brigadier General

▪Major General

▪Lieutenant General


•General of the Army...[ Lucius ]

Of course, Lucius was presently in the position of General of the Army.

He also adjusted the time spent in each grade, to fit this era.

Most nights who had originally come to Baymard with him, would be from Warrant Officers.

They had been training since they were 7, so they have at least 10 years of experience under their belts.

Within the new recruits, out of 1,200, only about 300 were previously knights. The rest were just ordinary people who volunteered to be in the army.



Within this 1 week, the new recruits, both men and some women.... were very happy with their choice. They studied, trained and formed strong bonds with one another.

Those that were slaves within the group, started opening up more and even joking around here and there.

The military atmosphere was truly beautiful to them.

Some were already orphans as it was. But now, they shared clean and s.p.a.cious rooms with other roommates, had fun and during their breaks, they would run around Baymard happily.

Those who were already knights were also grouped with Landon's original knights and trained.

He wanted the men to change the way they called themselves. They were soldiers in the army.. not knights in the barracks.

Everywhere in the Army estate, he had put wooden sign boards and written different words using paint.

These signs showed different directions and the names of buildings, so that n.o.body would get lost.

These signs would generally say:

[Baymard Army: Hospital or Baymard Army: Training Facilities]

Something like that.

Landon's main point was that, once they saw this daily...eventually it would stick to their minds like glue. And soon, they would see themselves like soldiers in the Army, and not knights.

He also decided that he would make the military fort like a school. They would go to cla.s.s, study war tactics, study their weapons, do physical training, shooting practices, first aid studies and so on.

He also provided enough holiday time and pay for each individual. So that those who got married could leave and spend time with their wife and children.. or husbands.

Most of them were new, and fell in the Private E-1 category. So he had some of his warrant officers split them into groups and teach them during their scheduled cla.s.s time and field trainings.

They were to understand the safety measures involving each military weapon, as well as study the weapon intently.

He also gave iron whistles to all those who were within the Warrant officer cla.s.s, Officer Ranks, and finally to Lucius.

They were to train and mold the soldiers with the whistles.



Today, he distributed the batches and posted the rules and regulations on a large notice board with pins.

He also posted cla.s.s schedules, outside the regular Baymard cla.s.s schedules and field training schedules....As well as the punishments for violating each law.

Once he was done, he closed the board with a gla.s.s frame, so that no one would dirty the board or the paper.

He placed all the boards along side each other and stepped away. The boards were as wide as 6 chalkboards joint together.

The 1st board showed clear white parchment papers detailing the military rules and regulations, as well as punishment for each rule.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th showed everyone's name and rank arranged alphabetically, depending on their ranks... The 2nd showed those within the 'Enlisted Ranks', the 3rd showed those who were 'Warrant officers' and the 4th showed those who had 'Officer Ranks'.

The 5th board showed the latest military news and exam schedules for each rank.

And finally, the 6th board showed a gigantic map of the enter Military Fort. Landon had paid the system to create a detailed colorful map that even had the names of each building written down.

Also, in all buildings, he had put building maps that showed were each room was and what direction they had to go to get there.

Each floor was labeled floor G, A, B, C.. and so on.


All the new recruits, were each given their schedules and a mini-map of the extremely large military fort by their Major general's and Captain's.

There were about 27 large buildings in the estate..Landon wanted to make sure that they didn't get lost easily while staying and studying here.

The recruits also received badge's and safety pins each.

Landon had informed them that when they were on duty, or within the Fort or in training, they had to wear their badges. The badges had different colors and strips.

All Enlisted soldiers had green badges, but their stripes were different colors depending on your rank.

The Warrant officers wore blue badges and again had different strip colors as their ranks increased.

The Officer Ranks wore red badges, while Lucius as the highest authority within the fort, wore a silver badge.

They only had to pin one a day. They were given a total 6 badges, should incase they lose them.

Landon had also requested for department 4 of the construction industry, to weld Lockers, locks and keys for each soldier. As well as create proper obstacle courses for the soldiers.



As the day came to an end, some people were excited over their ranks and badges within the army, while others where pumped up about exploring the Fort.

Some of them didn't even know that there were so many buildings within the fort. It was all new and exciting to them.

A 29 year old lady, was being led by a soldier on duty, to where Landon was standing.

"Is it time?"

"Yes my king"

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