Ever since he created the daycare system, Landon had been visiting the children once a week.

He would tell them stories that engulfed morality, compa.s.sion, loyalty, hope and all over basic qualities that made humans who they were.

Landon thought that this era was completely bulls.h.i.+t.

There were hardly any morals being taught here. To them, strength was everything.

Fighting, killing and so on... Landon wanted people to only do so if they were left with no choice.

He didn't want the children to kill people, just because they could... Death was normal to this people.

If most of the people in power were somehow transported to earth, Landon was sure that they would be inst.i.tutionalized...

To many of the people in this world, loyalty was only relevant when money or power was involved.

But not everyone was bad.

The most corrupt places were those close to the Capital's of most empires. The towns or cities at the outskirts usually had far less corruption involved.

Every n.o.ble liked being close to the royal Capital cities.

Landon could understand their plight in this case.

For example, back on earth, most people would leave the country side to go to the big city, where corrupt rained and violence prevailed.

Country people were simple minded. They had their farms, they were kind to their neighbors and so on.....

Coming back to the situation in this era, earth was still a haven.

Earth had rules that forbade open murder, **** and physical abuse. There were some 13 years old slaves, that were already used s.e.x toys or house pets..... What the heck?

This was clearly child molestation. What was wrong with this people?

Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds needed to be locked up and beaten to a pulp.

Barons did it, Kings did it, rich merchants did it... this whole world should be thrown in the trash can.... Throw it away!

Landon had told the caretakers to treat those who were abused with extreme care.

He had realised that they didn't value their lives at all. They were just like empty vessels without a soul.

This world was too cruel for those without power.

That's why, a London had made up his mind to only take slaves or refugees into Baymard. He would build a paradise that, not even the so call rich people could make.

That was his vow to them.

The children between the ages of 4-14, gathered around the largest room in the building. They sat down crossed legged, and waited for the story to begin.

Every week, they looked forward to Landon's stories.



"Thousands of years ago, in an ancient empire called China.... there lived a beautiful young woman named Mulan...."

As he told the story, the kids became very sad for Mulan, as the matchmaker had confirmed that she would never be a bride. When they learnt that her father was going out to war again, they became even more depressed.

Landon looked at their jittery faces and smiled.

"Did you know what she did?"

The children shook their heads and leaned towards Landon in antic.i.p.ation.

"Late that night, she made a big... decision. The biggest of them all.... soooooo... big."

The children felt extremely anxious at this point.

Even the caretakers who were listening at the back, felt like they where about to die from the suspense.

'Your highness, can u please get to the point?', they thought.

Landon continued his tale, all the while pretending not to see their anxious gazes.

"After saying a prayer to the ancestors, she used her father's old sword and cut her hair short.Then.....she took her father's Warrior clothes and dressed herself up like a man".

Everyone gasped.

A woman's hair in this era, signified her youth and her beauty. Only married women could cut their hair.

A young unmarried woman could braid her hair, leave it free and unbound, or but it in buns.

Mulan had just cut her hair, while she was unmarried. And the matchmaker didn't even approve of her to be a wife yet.

How was she, to find a husband? Will she be unmarried for ever?

Plus was it ok, for a girl to be in the army? Although they knew that his highness had recruited women to join Baymards army, they couldn't fully understand why he did that.

And now this Mulan girl also joined the army?

Weren't women suppose to just cook, sew, farm, clean the house and take care of their children?....

"As her parents slept, Mulan jumped onto her father's horse, Khan, and took off".

As Landon recited the tale, the children would exclaim or get angry as they listened.

"Stupid Huns"

"Bad Hun's bad Hun's"

"....(sniff.. sniff) poor Mulan"

"Shes so brave"

"Oh no!! they're sorrounded"

"Go Mushu"

"I like uncle emperor"

"Waahhhh!! She found a husband"

And just like that, Landon had pa.s.sed 2 hours giving a detailed version of Mulan to the children.



"Aunty Beverly please sit....how are the children doing?"

An elderly woman smiled as she sat next to Landon. She was the wife of Chief Wiggins.

The first time she met Landon, she was surprised by his manner of speech. He always called those older than him seniors, auntie's or even grandpa. He was very respectful towards his seniors.

People in power usually didn't care about age seniority. Money and power were the only way to show real seniority in this world.

She very much, like this new king of theirs.

Actually, the only people Landon never used those t.i.tles with, were his knights and the workers within the industries. Landon had formed a bond with them and didn't feel the need to call them so.

He was a man from earth afterall, and his family had raised him with high moral values. He couldn't just break these habits away, just because he was in a new world.

Plus this was Chief Wiggins wife...there was no way that he would ever disrespect her.

"Your highness, the children are learning very fast and efficiently. We already have some bright ones in the groups as well.

Some of them in cla.s.s 7 (7 years old) can already recite the timetable and write letters clearly.

Those in the younger cla.s.ses, also know the alphabets by heart as well" She said.

"Good..Good..... what about the new comers?"

"Your highness...we did as you requested. Some of the slaves have already started to look fuller, compared to when they first got here.

They now smile more and are starting to open up, bit by bit.... Soon, they would know that they are safe here your highness. "

Landon smiled and nodded as he listened.

"You all have worked very hard....."

"Its what we ought to do, your highness." She said while shaking her head.

"oh yeah!.... I'm going back to the lower regions, is there anything you want me to give Chief Wiggins?"

As soon as Beverly heard Landon, her eyes lit up and she quickly rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a basket of food.

"Sorry to trouble you your highness.. ermm... This is his lunch" she said while handing over a large basket to Landon.

Landon could smell the sweet aroma of baked bread.

"It must be nice to be married, right aunty...hihihi...."

Beverly turned all red.

"Your highness why must you tease me so?" she said while placing both hands on her hips.

Landon giggled, and hurriedly walked out the door as fast as he could.

"Honestly, this child...." she said while smiling.

In her eyes, Landon was still a 15 year old boy who was forced to act tough now and then.

She smiled and looked out the window.

'Times have changed'

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