------ Yodan Empire-------


A clay vase ornament was thrown at the floor, nearly hitting the 5 s.h.i.+vering men, who were kneeling down quietly.

In their hearts, the woman before them was the incarnation of the devil.

"You d.a.m.n buffoons!!! Where are they?"

No one answered here as they nervously looked at the ground.

She took an apple and threw it at them.

"Answer me G.o.ddammit!!" she yelled.

"My queen... W.. we tried our best...b..but.." one of the men finallya spoke fearfully.

"But, but, but, but what? Must I do all the work myself?.....Answer me!!!!!" she yelled.

The men didn't know whether to speak or not. If they spoke she would get mad... and if they didn't, she would still get mad.

"My q..queen... we were only able to confirm tha..thatt they left the empire on a s.h.i.+p. Our subordinates... are tr.. trying their best" Another man said.

"So are u saying it's my fault?... How dare you?" She said angrily as she quickly grabbed a sword and sliced the man's left hand off.


"Good... useless men don't need hands" she said

She had meant to cut off his head.... but when the man saw the blade, he leaned back with his hands up, and instead got his left one cleanly cut.

'Better hands than my head', he thought

The man felt a heart wrenching pain....But he knew that if he made a sound, this maniac of a queen would kill, not just him, but his entire family as well.

She looked at the blood on her shands and she became more p.i.s.sed off.

Just as she was about to vent her anger on another man, a maid walked in an whispered into her right ear.

She dropped the sword and slowly sat down on her chair.

The king was coming

"You all can go... use the back exit"

The men praised who ever it was that had saved them, as they hurriedly got up from the floor...And just as they were about to leave, the devil intervened.

"Wait!... I change my mind.... Guards!!!! Take these men to the dark room and torture them to death. I believe that they are spies from my husband's enemies".

The queen's command was simple: Torture these men under the excuse of them being spies for the king's enemies.

The men who were previously kneeling, didn't even struggle. The color from their faces were completely drained.

As she watched the men being dragged out, a gruesome smile was plastered on her face.

'Its only a matter of time'


Over the past 1 week and 5 days, Landon had been shuttling between 4 different groups.

Of course, out of the group of slaves and refugees that arrived, Landon allocated:

•1,000 Wood cutting

•1,200 to rubber production

•1,200 to pipe production

•6,000 towards building construction machines like excavators and trenchers

•800 towards building fuel based electrical systems for these heavy construction machines.

of course previously, he had already allocated 200 workers towards crude oil refining and added 300 workers to department 4.

As for the wood cutting group, he basically needed them to fall down trees and make different plank sizes and shapes.

Landon had noticed that when other companies needed wood, they would go and cut trees to get it.... That wasted everybody's time.

Plus in the future, Landon would also need a lot of wood to make molds as a foundation foot for construction.

He needed wooden plank boards ready at all times, when any department wanted to build anything.

The first thing he did, was show the workers how to use the 2-man saw. He and Chris (The newly appointed supervisor) fell down a tree with the saw and used the other saw types, to cleanly cut the wood into several shapes and sizes.

From then on, he gave different sketches to Chris, showing the different measurements for different planks. As well as teach the workers how to use the measuring stick and other tools.



As for the pipe making industry, Landon needed them to start producing them Asap, some of the pipes he needed were huge and ridiculously large.

Those pipes were typically the ones used in industries and all around the city.

Those pipes would carry water and sewage, all around Baymard. Of course he also needed to start making house pipes as well.

He needed; Industrial steel pipes, Cast Iron Pipes, PVC pipes, and so on.

During this period, Landon had also explained and aided another group of workers to create heavy construction machines.

He explained to them where each part went, and the importance and function of the parts.

Since he was basically an electrical engineer, he also taught a group of workers how to make cables and how to create an electric system for heavy construction machines and cars.

The first thing they succeeded in building was a trencher.

Once it was completed, Landon called over both the electrical, heavy machine building and rubber making teams, to witness and see how they were to install them.

He called the rubber team over, so they could see and understand why rubber was important. As well as witness their creation.

Tim and a few supervisors also came as well.

Everyone paid careful attention to what Landon was doing.

He hooked up the tires and connected the electrical cables to the trencher.

Then he explained were the fuel went, how water would be used to cool down the engine and every other thing involving the machine.

He then went poured fuel into the engine, inserted the key.

'Vrrmmmmm Vrmmmmm'

Everyone was shocked.

"Its alive.. its alive"

"Hahaha did you see that?"

"Its moving without a horse".

Honestly the workers admired Landkns creativity and vision. in their minds, not anyone could come up with such things.

He was simply a genius.

They were really thanking G.o.d that they chose to come to Baymard.

Landon drove forward and chose an empty spot for practice.

He pulled down a gear stick and the machine instantly dug the ground as it moved.

Trenchers were good for digging up the ground for installing underground pipes and electrical cables.

"Ahhh... oh my G.o.d, did you see how it digs into the ground as it walks"

"Waht a G.o.dly carriage"

And just like that, the curtains were closed, and it was finally, the end of the day.


The night sky was dark and mysterious.

It's black beauty and mildness, crept through the world..... engulfed with several fleets of stars.

It was the biggest indicator for sleep. The kind of rest that puts one, in a steady and peaceful state of mind.

Its tenderest and warmth engrossed Landon's mind, as he laid on his bed.

He needed some rest.

And just when Landon was about to fly into dreamland, this sweet and gentle warmth, was interrupted.

"Intruder Alert... Intruder Alert."

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