After the stall was moved into the restaurant and Yuan Zhou thanked Zhou Yu politely, he returned to the restaurant. At that time, the young man that sold fried dumplings also entered the restaurant.

“Thank you, Boss Yuan. Thank you so much. Without your help, I would have lost this livelihood,” said the young man gratefully.

“No need. It’s Zhou Yu who helped you. I just cooperated with him.” Yuan Zhou didn’t say anything more, but just brought out Zhou Yu’s name.

“Thank you all the same. I’ve never expected that Mr. Zhou was so kind. I’m going to treat him to fried dumplings,” the young man patted his own head and said happily.

“Um.” Yuan Zhou answered lightly.

“Of course. I will also treat you to fried dumplings, as long as you don’t mind,” the young man said smilingly.

“Move it out shortly.” After Yuan Zhou said that, he returned to the kitchen, leaving the young man there.

As for how the young man thanked Zhou Yu after this matter, Yuan Zhou had no idea of that. However, he often saw the young man greet Zhou Yu from time to time.

And he didn’t know whether Zhou Yu ate the fried dumplings or not.

“Boss, boss, what are you thinking of?” Mu Xiaoyun called Yuan Zhou twice continuously before he turned his head towards her.

“Nothing.” Yuan Zhou shook his head decisively.

“Oh. I’m leaving now. Bye, boss.” Mu Xiaoyun waved her hand and then rushed toward her house.

“Be careful,” said Yuan Zhou as usual.

“Got it.” Mu Xiaoyun answered with a nod and then ran away.

Mu Xiaoyun was more outgoing now than when she worked here before. And she wasn’t so shy as before.

The inspection of the urban management staff was always like that. They just drove law-enforcement vehicles and patrolled around the area. If there was any violation, they would try to talk it out first. And if that didn’t work, they would confiscate it. Basically, it was how they usually worked.

When the inspection finished, the lunchtime of Yuan Zhou’s restaurant also arrived.

“When Boss Yuan was in Shanghai, he was awfully handsome. He was as popular as a superstar. The reporters followed and interviewed him wherever he went. He depended on me to come back to Chengdu.” Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and continued talking about the happenings in Shanghai at the head of the line.

“Really? Can you deal with the reporters?” Ling Hong asked contemptuously.

“Don’t you depend on Zheng Jiawei to do that kind of work during normal times?” Jiang Changxi counteracted her words without hesitation.

“Of course not. I am quite reliable in front of Boss Yuan,” said Wu Hai solemnly.

Then, the customers in the line all booed him. Apparently, they didn’t believe Wu Hai.

“What are you looking at?” Jiang Changxi directly rolled her eyes and disregarded them. Then, she turned her head toward Man Man behind her and asked.

The key point was that Man Man had been looking down on her own phone for a long time and hadn’t said anything in a while.

“I’m looking at renting information,” Man Man answered without even raising her head.

“Are you going to change your house?” Jiang Changxi asked curiously.

“Yeah.” Man Man nodded her head and then continued reading.

Just when Jiang Changxi wanted to say something, Yuan Zhou’s restaurant opened right on time.

“Lunchtime commences now. Everybody, please come on in for your meals.” There came Mu Xiaoyun’s soft voice from inside.

“Finally, it’s time to eat. I feel awfully hungry every time,” a customer walked forward quickly and said that.

“That’s right. I was so hungry that I wanted to eat an entire cow at the door, but when I entered and read the menu, I could only afford a bowl of Egg Fried Rice,” Ma Zhida immediately chimed in at the side.

“It’s lucky enough that you can afford a bowl of Egg Fried Rice,” said Zhao Yingjun immediately.

Since Yuan Zhou’s restaurant had been open for business, Jiang Changxi didn’t ask Man Man more about her problems. During lunchtime, eating naturally mattered more than anything else.

In less than five minutes after she sat down, ten people’s dishes had already been ordered. And Yuan Zhou also began to busy himself with cooking.

“Speaking of which, the treatment system for the cooking fumes here in Boss Yuan’s restaurant is extraordinarily good. It’s not only quiet but also effective.” Ling Hong looked around the ceiling.

“Right. My store is full of the flavor of the bread and cakes when I prepare them during normal times. Luckily, it’s all a nice scent. If it were cooking fumes, that would be big trouble,” Man Man nodded her head and said approvingly at once as she was also running a store.

“Man Man, where are you moving?” On hearing Man Man speak, Jiang Changxi suddenly thought of the matter they talked about outside.

“Huh? Are you moving away?” Ling Hong looked at Man Man in surprise, too.

“That would be great. There would be one less person who fights over the dishes with me,” Wu Hai stroked his mustaches and said amusedly.

“Ho Ho. You wish. I just want to get a larger room for my store. I won’t move my house and I’m still going to be here to eat meals,” Man Man directly answered back.

“Then what did you say that for?” Wu Hai said that discontentedly.

“What I meant is that it’s not easy to find a good location.” Man Man couldn’t help sighing while speaking of that.

“The neighboring locations of Boss Yuan’s restaurant are all not bad,” Ling Hong said sincerely.

“It is because they are too good, no one is willing to rent any out.” Speaking of that, Man Man became more willing to sigh.

“Yeah, that’s true. I heard that somebody wanted to buy my apartment in that building.” Ling Hong nodded his head. When he thought of the slip on the door of his apartment, he felt it a little funny.

That’s right. Both Ling Hong and Jiang Changxi bought apartments in the building where Wu Hai’s art studio was located. However, they hadn’t moved there yet as the apartments were still being renovated.

“That’s why I said it’s not easy to find a store at a good location.” Man Man lay on the long table disappointedly.

“Man Man, did you forget that I’m doing the business of real estate? I dare not promise you a building, but a store at a good location is a piece of cake for me,” Jiang Changxi directly patted on Man Man’s head gently and said confidently.

“No, no. Thank you, Sister Jiang.” Man Man shook her head and refused at once while raising her hand and protecting her head.

“I can’t take advantage of Sister Jiang. I must depend on myself. You know, I found this store by myself and now, it has become a much-in-demand store,” Man Man threw out her chest and said proudly.

“But it’s also your capability to know me and make me willing to help you,” Jiang Changxi said naturally.

“Huh?” Man Man opened her eyes wide and looked at Jiang Changxi.

“It’s exactly your capability to get to know me over here and get along well with me and moreover, maintain the good relationships with me. So what do you think you should do next?” Jiang Changxi smiled arrogantly and asked.

“That does make sense. Thank you, Sister Jiang.” Man Man wasn’t a reserved girl. Having thought for a while, she agreed with Jiang Changxi.

“Dear beautiful, kindest, queenly, and merciful Sister Jiang, please bestow a large store at a golden location on me.” Having straightened out her thinking, Man Man immediately put her palms together devoutly and bowed to Jiang Changxi.

“Haha. All right. I will ask my secretary to check for you tomorrow and provide some options,” Jiang Changxi was amused and then said smilingly.

“Thank you.” Man Man was so excited that she went up and hugged Jiang Changxi.

“All right, all right. Go back to your seat and sit down.” Jiang Changxi was slightly older than Man Man and Yin Ya, therefore, she was fairly tolerant towards them.

“Ever since I began to eat in Boss Yuan’s restaurant, I have become more spirited; my business has been getting better; I have made more friends and become more beautiful. The happiness index has simply rose greatly,” said Man Man with a blissful expression.

“Hey hey, little girl, stop daydreaming. Wake up. Leaving your preceding words aside, it’s definitely an illusion that you became more beautiful,” Wu Hai immediately contradicted him.

“That’s because you have poor eyesight.” Man Man humphed and directly disregarded Wu Hai.

“My dishes do have the function of improving people’s appearance,” Yuan Zhou carried the dishes to them and said primly.

“Huh? Really? Which one is it?” a girl asked right away.

“Well, every and each of them.” Yuan Zhou nodded his head affirmatively.

“Why?” Even Jiang Changxi asked curiously.

“Because I am the one who cooks the dishes,” Yuan Zhou said that and then returned to the kitchen.

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