The reason Landon didn't go and fight with the previously, was because it would be too troublesome for him to explain how he knew of the attack before hand.

So he decided to act out in the shadows, and let the guards accidentally catch the so-called

And if he was to use the system to teleport out of the gates, how was he supposed to explain how he had suddenly pa.s.sed the guards. Who by the way, were guarding the gates all day and night?

It was just too bothersome.

-----Landon's Castle Dungeon------

"Aren't you going to remove these vines from my body?" Dumbo asked with an annoyed and prideful tone.

Landon looked at him, and whispered something into Lucius' ear.

Lucius was confused, but still decided to do as he was told.

Dumbo couldn't care less about what kind of torture they gave him.. he wouldn't break that easy.

As, when while training, he had been tortured by his teacher daily, just to get used to the idea of pain. What could a useless brat like Landon know, or so he thought.

Landon knew what he was thinking.

Not all torture had to involve whipping, boxing and so on. For a man like Dumbo, that kind of torture would only make him smile.

Once Lucius brought the stuff, Landon cut his clothes off carefully, avoiding the all vines roped around his ankle waste and upper arms.

He also threw oil on him, and poured salt all over Dumbo's body. He then soaked Dumbo's feet in salty water.

Lucius, Bari, the Major Generals and even Dumbo the were confused.

Did he plan on cooking him? What kind of torture was this?

Back on earth, when Landon had been forced to take world history as a non-elective course in the university, he had come across an interesting fact.

In the 17th century, the tickle torture was invented and used in Europe, China, Egypt, Rome and other countries.

Later on, by world war II, people said they had witnessed the Natzi prison guards, using this methods to torture and kill people.

Landon wanted to test out the effectiveness of this method for himself.

3 minutes later, Captain Trey brought 4 goats into the room.

Once the goats came in, they immediately ran towards Dumbo and started licking him aggressively.

'Slurp Slurp slurp'

12 minutes into the torture, Dumbo was laughing his lungs out while crying.

Continuous laughter can cause the body to go into cardiac arrest or Asphyxia.

(*Cardiac arrest=sudden loss of blood flow

(*Asphyxia=Lack of sufficient oxygen to be body due to abnormal breathing)

As the torture went on, Dumbo felt it hard to breath and his body kept aching with pain all over.

"Please. haha. please.. Hahaha Haha.. stop. I'll tell you.. Haha... whatever Haha.. you want to know" Dumbo begged while crying.

Everyone in the room was confused. Was it really that painful? He looked like he was laughing his life out.. when did Landon actually torture him?

Dumbo on the other hand, swore that if he had the chance, he would for kill Landon... this disgrace and humiliation was too much.

Landon felt his killing intent and smiled. He had the men hold the hungry goats, while he walked closer to Dumbo.

"Speak, who are they?"

"Free me first, then I'll tell you" Dumbo said, while struggling to breathe.

"Do you really think that I don't know who is trying to kill me?Wasn't it the Baron?"

In truth, Landon had no clue of who it could be. But after accessing the situation more, he had cancelled out his entire royal family.

After they had successfully poisoned him with a poison, there was no way that they would still hire an all the way from the Capital, just so they could kill him...

His siblings would definitely feel that, it would be wasteful to use an on him. They saw him as trash, dirt, vermin... to them, he wasn't even worthy of having their attention.

But the city lord and barons were a different matter.

He was sure that it was one of the barons because on his way here, he had heard that the king had ordered the city lord to move back to the Capital.

He knew that this attempt could only stem from greed.....Right now, Landon was just probing Dumbo, to see if he would show any reaction to it being a baron.

Dumbo was shocked and eyed Landon to see whether he was lying or not.....After observing for a while, he realized that this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually knew his enemies.

"But you don't know who he is working with, from behind the shadows.. If you agree to untie me... I can tell you"

Everyone else in the room thought it was a bad idea.

Landon smiled, moved closer and freed him.

Once he was freed, he quickly tried snap Landon's neck, with his bare hands.

Landon pulled out his waist knife and immediately poked his acupuncture points.

Dumbo froze and Landon made a clean cut through his throat, instantly killing him.

(*Fatality.... Landon wins!!)

All this happened in less than a minute. Everyone started at Landon, as they opened their eyes widely.

"My king, did you really know who it was?" Gary asked.

"No I didn't... but I could come up with a suspect based on our time in Baymard... My family is too conceited and will never stoop so low as to use an on me.... at least not presently.

But if they find out that I became strong, then for sure they would definitely send one... But presently they still think I'm still sick.... And since the former City lord left for the Capital, only the Barons would do this".

"But why? we've never even met them my lord" Trey asked confusedly.

"Greed... My guess is, they still want to make money from the mines... maybe they were transferred to a terrible place or many they want more money to increase their power... who knows"

They all nodded their heads, as they listened to what Landon said.

"But the question is, which Baron?" Trey asked

"I think we should send some men to scout and find his horse and his belongings? It was unlikely that he walked all the way from wherever he came from." Lucius replied.

"Excellent... I couldn't have said it better myself.....Tonight you all did great, now.... free the goats, so they can keep feasting on their food. And when they are done, dispose of the body."

Everyone was stunned by what Landon said. He's already dead, why let his corpse suffer this sort of humiliation?

"Those that come after my life, family, friends and my people, shall never be forgiven.... I will never let my enemies off.. even after death." Landon said with an intimidating aura.

The men couldn't help but fell sorry for the people who tried to provoke his highness Landon.. They almost wanted to make a short prayer to their ancestors for them. Their king was too scary towards people who attacked him and those that he loved.

But it was this method of taking action, that made them stand firm behind him. They looked at him proudly. His aura was that of a man who ruled several nations... This was their ruler.

This was their king

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