Seeing that Yuan Zhou was starting to ignore it, Broth sprawled on the ground and fell asleep straightforwardly.

“Interesting.” Yuan Zhou stroked his own chin and appeared quite interested.

“Hua La”, Yuan Zhou rang the bell of the bicycle in front of him and then took out his phone. It seemed that he was prepared to scan the QR code and try the bicycle.

“Ding”. He was notified to have scanned it successfully, but the next moment, he received the prompting message that he needed to download the exclusive App.

“Huh? It’s a little troublesome.” Yuan Zhou knitted his brows.

In a short while, however, he thought of the convenience of riding a bicycle and then continued downloading it patiently.

“I can ride a bicycle and go to buy vegetables later. It’s going to be environmentally friendly and convenient,” thought Yuan Zhou proudly in the heart.

“I can ride a bicycle to go pay taxes, too. It can keep me fit and warm me up.” Yuan Zhou looked at the progress bar on his phone and thought of some long-term matters.

“Besides, it costs only 0.5RMB for every thirty minutes. It’s quite economical.” Looking at the price shown on the phone, Yuan Zhou nodded his head contentedly.

“Of course, I am definitely not riding the bicycle just to save that minuscule amount of taxi fares.” Yuan Zhou felt that he sounded a little obsessive when talking about money, thus he immediately comforted himself inwardly.

“I ride the bicycle so that the pedestrians can see more of me in the streets. After all, I’m now a renowned chef throughout the province,” Yuan Zhou thought of that complacently. These kinds of things that benefit the country and the people must be carried out right away.

After he downloaded the app, Yuan Zhou pushed the bicycle and went to the back alley.

Even if he wanted the pedestrians to watch his graceful bearing, he must make sure he could ride it. Therefore, Yuan Zhou went to the back alley and prepared to learn.

That’s right. Yuan Zhou still couldn’t ride the bicycle until now. Nor could he drive the car, naturally.

“Da Da”. Once Yuan Zhou got on the bicycle, he fell off in less than three seconds. He knitted his brows and continued getting on the bicycle, but nothing changed.

The bicycle had basically started to shake and fall before Yuan Zhou got his balance. At that time, Yuan Zhou had to get off the bicycle.

“It seems fairly difficult to ride the bicycle. Let me try again.” Yuan Zhou started to keep trying on the yellow bicycle again and again. ”

Fortunately, the tires of the shared bicycle didn’t require inflating. Otherwise, it would have already been deflated.

After he tried diligently for more than one hour, Yuan Zhou still hadn’t learned to ride the bicycle. Even worse, he didn’t make any progress.

At the very beginning, he could stay for only three seconds on the bicycle. Now, he still stayed on for three seconds, without a single second more or less.

“Zhi”. There came an ear-piercing sound from the bicycle when the tires touched the ground.

“I was so dexterous and quick in action when I was little, but now, I am getting older and am not suitable to learn to bike anymore.” Yuan Zhou behaved as if he were trying to regain face, even if nobody saw him fail in learning to ride.

“I’m getting old. I’d better leave such kind of things to the young people.” Yuan Zhou pushed the bicycle and walked towards where he came just now.

“Actually, walking is more environmentally friendly. I had better go buying vegetables on foot. It can not only keep me fit, but also cultivate my patience,” said Yuan Zhou conclusively after he parked the bicycle.

“Yo. You come back, Boss Yuan?” Yuan Zhou had just persuaded himself to quit biking when somebody passed by on a bike and greeted him.

The person was 30 years old or so and had a medium-sized build. He was dressed in a navy blue uniform of the urban management staff. With a smile on his face, he waved his hand and greeted Yuan Zhou.

“Um.” Immediately, Yuan Zhou kept away from the bicycle without turning a hair and answered lightly.

“It seems that I have to come on duty again tomorrow,” the urban management staff stopped and then said to Yuan Zhou.

“Aren’t you on duty today?” Yuan Zhou asked back.

“Of course not. I just came to see if you returned,” this urban management staff said frankly.

“Ok.” Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then turned around and prepared to leave.

“Bye, Boss Yuan,” without saying anything more, the person waved his hand and said goodbye to him neatly.

“Goodbye.” Yuan Zhou did the same to him.

He then returned to the restaurant to prepare the ingredients for tomorrow. More importantly, he had to prepare dinner for himself and Broth.

The young man was the urban management staff responsible for this are and had been managing this area for almost half a year. His name was Zhou Yu and he was a very interesting man.

“It seems that I have to come here for a look again early tomorrow morning,” Zhou Yu muttered while he was moving forward on the bicycle.

On the following day, Yuan Zhou’s restaurant opened its door very early. Zhou Jia and Mu Xiaoyun arrived at the restaurant on time, as usual.

“Boss, you are so awesome this time. I read the newspaper,” said Mu Xiaoyun excitedly to Yuan Zhou as soon as she arrived.

“Boss, you indeed did a good job. A few days ago, many newspapers reported your glorious deeds jointly and they all said you won much honor for the Sichuan people,” Zhou Jia also said proudly.

“Thank you.” Yuan Zhou nodded his head calmly.

“Boss, Boss, look at this.” Mu Xiaoyun suddenly took out something from behind and directly handed it to Yuan Zhou.

It was a yellow hardcover notebook of normal size. Instead of characters, there was only a photo, which apparently was cut out from somewhere, on the cover as the leading role.

“What’s this?” Seeing Mu Xiaoyun appear so earnest, Yuan Zhou received the notebook with both hands and then asked in surprise when he saw the photo on it.

That’s right. The leading role on the cover was apparently Yuan Zhou.

“Boss Yuan, I read all the newspapers about you these few days and cut them out and pasted them together on the notebook. It’s very beautiful, isn’t it?” Mu Xiaoyun asked expectantly.

“By the way, Sister Jia Jia and Min Min bought the newspapers while I cut them out and pasted them together,” Mu Xiaoyun declared seriously when she saw Zhou Jia at the side.

“Thank you.” Yuan Zhou opened the notebook and leafed through some pages. Then, he looked at the two girls solemnly and expressed his gratitude seriously.

“No need. We are also very happy to see you do so well. And we are very proud.” Zhou Jia shook her head and then said.

“Yeah. Boss, you are too awesome. I feel that nothing can baffle you. You are definitely super terrific.” Mu Xiaoyun’s lovable face was full of admiration.

When Yuan Zhou heard Mu Xiaoyun say that nothing could baffle him, he thought of the bicycle that he failed in learning instantly. However, he immediately got rid of that unpleasant thought.

Looking down at the worshipping expressions on both girls’ face, Yuan Zhou put away the notebook meticulously and felt quite moved inwardly.

It was indeed so. Normally, only superstars enjoyed such a courteous reception. And now, Yuan Zhou received the same treatment.

Not long after that, the breakfast time commenced.

“Boss Yuan, you are now a very famous person and a renowned chef.” Every customer said that when they entered the restaurant and saw Yuan Zhou.

“Exactly. The reports about Boss Yuan are all around on the newspaper these days. My eyes are very sharp. The first time I came here, I knew that Boss Yuan cooked well.” Ma Zhida said shamelessly.

He had totally forgotten that he muttered that Yuan Zhou was definitely running a scamming shop at the beginning.

Not to mention, who would say no to Yuan Zhou’s craftsmanship after they ate it?

“Haha. Exactly. This time, our Boss Yuan defeated that old guy Tengyuan,” said Ling Hong proudly. He knew better than others concerning issues in the gourmet circle.

What Ling Hong said immediately aroused the same feelings in everyone. After all, the newspapers all mentioned what an awesome person Tengyuan was.

While the customers in the restaurant were all discussing Yuan Zhou, the street pedlars were also chatting about Chef Yuan Zhou …

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