“Take off your coat and empty your pockets. Take the umbrella from the chest as well,” the short-haired girl in charge of the security check told Yuan Zhou the same time the system sounded.

Yuan Zhou instinctively frowned when he heard the system’s question. He then answered with an “accept” inwardly.

However, Yuan Zhou’s frown caused the security girl to misunderstand.

“Are there any problems?,” asked the short-haired girl as she looked at Yuan Zhou with a stern look.

“Nothing. I don’t have an umbrella,” Yuan Zhou maintained the solemn expression on his face and answered seriously.

However, the short-haired girl did not let Yuan Zhou off. She directly did a thorough inspection on Yuan Zhou. Even his shoes were taken off before she was satisfied.

“Ok. Take your stuff there,” the short-haired girl said briefly.

“Ok,” answered Yuan Zhou as he calmly put his shoes back on.

This calm and collected manner in which he was carrying himself caused the short-haired girl to feel somewhat embarrassed. This had never happened when she held inspections on others in the past.

What a weird person, she muttered in her heart, her face abruptly blushing.

On the other hand, Yuan Zhou did not feel anything. After all, he had gone through the same inspection previously. He was only thinking that perhaps the inspection was somewhat stringent now since it was the new year. In any case, a young girl was the one conducting an inspection on him. She had been quite gentle at it too.

Not long after going through the security check, the plane arrived. As usual, Yuan Zhou was seated in the first class cabin. He did not need to take any medicines this time. The moment he got on the plane, he shut his eyes and started resting his mind. Of course, he was actually conversing with the system.

“System, what is the new mission?” Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

The system displayed, “Host, you can check by yourself.”

“System, you are getting more and more unlovable. Even the security girl earlier is more lovable than you.”

The system replied with a row of dots.

“System, looks like you are growing, eh? You even know how to use ellipsis now,” Yuan Zhou spoke in surprise.

This time, the system thoroughly went quiet and did not answer. Yuan Zhou waited a while. When he saw that the system was ignoring him, he requested to check the mission.

“Show me the mission,” Yuan Zhou said with his eyes shut.

The system displayed, “The main mission has been released.”

[Main Mission]: To obtain peak popularity in the province within three months

(Mission tips: As a to-be Master Chef, obtaining peak popularity is only the first step. Host, please work hard to become the most most popular chef of the province. Work hard, young man.)

[Mission Reward]: Reward Gift Package

(Reward tips: You will know when you get it after completing the mission.)

“System, you are getting lazier nowadays. What reward is this exactly?” looking at the totally unusual description, Yuan Zhou asked helplessly.

The system displayed, “You won’t know that until you complete the mission.”

“Hehe, so you won’t even tell me what the reward is anymore?” Yuan Zhou suspected that the system was trying to get back at him for the joke he made earlier.

“Let me change my question. How many rewards are contained within the Reward Gift Package?” Yuan Zhou made the smart choice of instantly revising his question.

The system displayed, “Host, please work hard to level up.”

“I know, I know. I might even level up again after completing this mission,” Yuan Zhou said with a shrug.

Fortunately, he wasn’t a stubborn person. Since the system refused to tell him, he stopped asking and started studying the mission.

“I am already popular among the province now, right? I’m probably nearing the level of being famous countrywide at this point,” Yuan Zhou rubbed his chin and muttered confidently.

“But I am definitely not the most popular person in the province yet,” Yuan Zhou recalled the newspapers he had read the past few days as he tried assessing his current popularity.

That’s right. He had been reading any newspaper he could get his hands on for the past few days. Of course, he had only been reading the news about him. He had also read the news column of that popular food critique Ah La.

“Mhm, he has good taste.” This was Yuan Zhou’s first reaction.

He did not think that they were excessively praising him. Nobody would think that they were receiving too much praise.

“Looks like I need to cause a huge incident,” Yuan Zhou thought as he pondered on what he needed to do to increase his popularity.

There were still a couple established great chefs in the province he needed to surpass in popularity. With his eyes shut, Yuan Zhou pondered about the mission. He did not even realize the plane setting off and landing and remained in thought until the stewardess came to wake him from his pondering.

“Sir, the plane has landed. Please get your luggage and prepare to get off the plane,” the stewardess spoke with her gentle and crisp voice.

“Thank you.” Yuan Zhou opened his eyes. Not a trace of confusion was found in him. After picking his bag, he prepared to get off the plane.

After getting off the plane, he went to wait for his luggage. Then, he left the airport and ordered a cab to get back home. Yun Zhou was already well-versed in all these steps. When the plane landed, it was noon time. Therefore, it was quite early when he arrived at the restaurant.

A “creak” sounded. As usual, Yuan Zhou entered the restaurant from the back door. The moment he entered, he reached the kitchen. All the equipment and plates in the kitchen were still clean. The kitchen was as clean as a new one, as if someone had always here, cleaning it up. It did not look the slightest bit like a kitchen that had been abandoned for seven days.

“Nice.” Yuan Zhou smiled and climbed up the stair with his luggage, preparing to rest for a bit.

He would clean everything each time he came back. This was a habit of his. With the system keeping everything clean, let alone dust, not even dangerous bacterias could be found here. However, he was used to cleaning it whenever he returned as this was what his parents used to do.

“Since it’s still early, I’ll go out for a stroll.” Yuan Zhou stretched and prepared to go out for a stroll, wanting to visit Broth.

Since he entered through the back door, he naturally exited through the back door as well. He did not need to go far to see Broth lying at its usual spot.

“Hey, I’m back. Are you going to welcome me?” It was getting quite late. Yuan Zhou raised his hand and spoke to Broth with a crisp voice.

Broth raised his head to look at Yuan Zhou. It stared at Yuan Zhou with its black eyes for a while before lying down on the ground again.

“You are way too cold. We haven’t met for a week. Shouldn’t you wag your tail and cry out to welcome me back?” Yuan Zhou complained.

Broth sent Yuan Zhou another gaze with no reaction whatsoever, not even bothering to raise his head this time. If he could speak, he would probably say something like, “I can’t be bothered to respond to you.”

“You’re really heartless. No matter what, I am your food supplier,” Yuan Zhou muttered. When he turned his head, he noticed several yellow bicycles parked to the side.

“Why are there so many bicycles here after I left for a week?” Yuan Zhou got curious. After all, he had been noticing many bicycles parked beside the road on his way back.

“Quick, there are a few more bicycles we can ride here.” While Yuan Zhou was pondering, the voices of several youngsters rang out.

Then, a few teenage boys in jackets ran over.

“Luckily there are more bicycles here. Go, go, go, take the bicycles and go,” a teenager with spiky hair said before taking out his phone to scan the QR code.

“Ok. With this, there will be enough bicycles for all of us. Let’s go to the public park for a game of ball.” The other teenagers also quickly took out their phones and spoke while scanning the QR codes.

Yuan Zhou watched on silently. When they left, he walked over to read the notice pasted on the bicycles. ”

“Shared bicycle? Leave after scanning the QR code?” Yuan Zhou looked at the yellow bicycles thoughtfully.

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