Currently, Baymard had a lot of heavy construction machines available.

With 6,000 workers making these machines on a daily basis, Baymard presently had 388 different machines ready for use.

Atleast for now, Landon was satisfied with the number they had made.

And as time went on, this number would surely increase by an even larger amount.

For construction and Mining , Baymard had:

•26 Bulldozers

•14 Track-Type Bulldozers

•43 Excavators Types (including Trenchers)

•40 Loading Trucks (dump trucks)

•14 Road Graders

•16 Sc.r.a.ppers

•11 Lowboys

•13 Forklifts

•37 Pipelayer Vehicles (Drain layer)

•29 Road Pavers

•8 Slipform Pavers

•8 Lift Cables

•2 Cranes

•7 Street Sweepers

•3 Reach Stackers

•6 Tunnel Boring Machines

For Wood cutting:

•12 Feller Buncher's

•7 Wheel forwarders

And finally, for Agriculture, Baymard had :

•11 Harvesters

•15 Farm Trucks

•10 Balers

•16 Reapers

•4 Agricultural Roller machines

•9 Planters

•9 Manure Spreaders

•8 Sprayers

•7 Swathers

•3 Grain trucks

•8 Farm loaders

•4 Telescopic handlers

Landon had created the farming machines because, he didn't want the workers to be out on the fields by winter time.

Back on earth, Farmers would use tractors and other machines to harvest and roll the soil, during winter.

The farmland in Baymard was too big and wide to cover up. It was bigger than most plantations back on earth.

During winter, he wanted the workers to sit in the machines and work.

He couldn't afford for them to go out in that weather and start picking up food or fruits with their hands... That was just wrong.

That's why he made harvesters, planters and so.... Some of those machines could work on, up to 24 farm beds in one sweep.

The same thought process went for the miners.

Now that he had built these heavy machines, they could use the excavators and other machines, to dig out the ores from the mines.

He couldn't possibly allow them to continue using pickaxes during the winter.

And some of these equipment's could be shared with other departments.. like excavators, which is used for digging.

Some of these machines could also be used by both, the food and construction industry.

The Chemistry/Alchemy industry, also needed trucks, loaders and so on to move their products and chemicals from place to place.

These equipments were for everyone, that's also why he decided to use this month, to start driving lessons.

For the entire month of June, Landon had decided to make a schedule to teach 2 times a day.

Of course, they still had to attend their math and language daily... That's why he made 2 sessions a day.

Plus, it wasn't compulsory.. expect on their days off.

People could attend it once a week or twice a week if they liked.

Those who have evening s.h.i.+fts, can join any of the morning s.h.i.+ft sessions. And vice versa, for those with morning schedules.

Those that have their off days, could come and spend an entire day learning and driving... It was really up to them.

Landon had decided to have 15 people for one session.. So in a day, he would be teaching 30 people.

He also decided that those who were proficient enough in driving, could come to cla.s.s and teach new people as well.

This way, everyone would learn how to use the machines faster.

The overseers and the supervisors, would also join him in teaching the workers.

Landon didn't want all the overseers and supervisors to be out at once, so he created a teaching schedule for them.

Basically, 9 people including himself, would teach the workers how to drive, on a daily basis.

So a day, the workers would have access to 18 driving

Once the first trencher was made last month, Landon had been teaching the overseers and supervisors how to use the machines, designated for their departments.

To make things easier, Landon decided that each of the overseers and supervisors, would only teach those within their departments.

He couldn't very well tell the alchemy supervisors, to teach the construction workers how to use a paver, could he?

As for him, he would teach all departments.

On day 1, he could teach the construction industry, Day 2 would be food industry.. and so on.

This way, he wouldn't have to move up and down the place a lot.

If today was the day for teaching the food industry workers, Landon would take the machines to the farms for an entire day. He would spend time there, showing them how it's done.

If he were teaching the construction workers, he would take them to a site, and show them how to use the machines fore digging and so on.

He also decided to give the mining and wood cutting departments separate days as well.

The same thought process went for the alchemy industry.

Today was his first driving lesson aimed at teaching the construction workers.



Randy was a slave that had come from Carona, a while back.

Ever since he came to Baymard, he had been so shocked and impressed by how many things they had built.

He now got a better understanding of what chemistry was about and now new how to properly measure lengths and other dimensions.

Last month, their new king had a.s.sisted them in creating this gigantic carriages... no! no! no! They were not carriages but heavy machines.

All the machines were painted yellow and had a name printed on them.

All the machines started with the name Baymard.

Today, he was going to take driving for the Baymard Bulldozer A23, or B-Bull A23 for short.

After Landon had explained the basic safety functions involved with the machine, he showed them what each panel, wheel gears and b.u.t.tons did.

Now, it was time to drive.

Randy jumped in the large wheel, just like Landon did previously, and opened the clear see-through gla.s.s door.

Once he strapped his waist seat belt, and inserted the key and turned the ignition key beyond the on position.


A very low sound came from the interior of the car... Randy started getting really excited.

He remembered that Landon said that the engine would need time to start.

30 seconds later, he was good to go.

He looked out side his window and also saw all his driving cla.s.smates in their own bulldozers.

'How exciting', everyone thought.

He looked at his full fuel tank and nodded. His highness said that it was important to always make sure that it never went below 30% full.

There were 2 gear joysticks at each of his sides and one lever slightly at the back of his right gear. There were also a lot of b.u.t.tons around him that had different labels on them.

All the machine cars were placed at a distance between each other. Landon had given them different areas to work on.

Landon had hoped that while they worked, they would get better at using the machines.

Randy used his right joystick to go forward gear.


'Its moving... its moving', he thought.

He quickly moved around a barrel and started pus.h.i.+ng a pile of dirt that Landon had previously placed. Randy's goal was to level the ground.

Randy was pumped up and ready to learn.



The lessons went on for a while, and finally, it was time for the show to end.

The workers didnt eant to leave and kept sighing helplessly.

Landon could understand their plight. This was their first time driving or even using such machines to dig and what not.

For them, this experience was the same as using sports cars or a Lamborghini.

Who wouldn't want to atleast go for a test drive?

Randy looked at his machine, and decided that he would sign up for the next available cla.s.s.

In his mind, he had already started calling the B-Bull A23 his baby.

'Ahhh!!!... I must register for the next cla.s.s... My baby, wait for me.'

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