-------- Secret Hideout--------


William's door opened and his father, mother and his uncles came in.

"How did it go little w.i.l.l.y?.. Where you hurt? Are you ok?.. Haven't I told you never to do anything reckless?" Mona said while frantically rus.h.i.+ng over to him.

"Mona, William is a man now.... He should have to face some challenges on his own" said uncle Murel.

"But the mission this time was difficult.... What if... what if he got captured?" Mona said while sitting very closely to her son.

"He won't. Little w.i.l.l.y isn't easy to hunt... With his brains and prowess, it would be extremely difficult for anyone to find him or trap him". Said uncle Powin.

"Honey, the boy has grown.. there is no one who could defeat our son". Oden said while rubbing William's hair.

William looked at his overly protective mother and smiled.

"Mom, I'm fine... Have you forgotten who I am?.. It would take a miracle for them to find me".

"That's right little sister, since the boy has been trained by us, there's no way that anyone would be able to find him right now". Uncle Murel added.

Mona looked at her husband, her elder brothers and her son, who were anxiously trying to lighten her worries.

She knew that what they said was true... But she still wasn't comfortable letting her son go for such difficult missions.

Mona decided to calm down and focus on the situation at hand.

Over the past one months, Slytherin Cord had been targeting and trying out find out all her son's moves.

A while ago, he had attempted to find William, but for some reason, he decided to stop his search..... Now, he resurfaced again with the same goal.

With her spies all over the empire, Mona was finally able to get facts about who he was and who he was actually working with.

Mona knew that William wanted to sit on the throne, so she and the family could finally be able to live freely... She knew that it would likely be her son, that took King Barn's head.

But the information she got about King Barn's children, were all shocking.

All of them wanted their father dead.

Hahaha.. Karma was a b****.

That's what he deserves for all the wrongs that he had done... The only person who didn't seem to care about the empire, was his last son Landon.

At first, Mona thought that maybe Landon hid pretty well. But after reading Landon's information properly, she could clearly understand the thought process of both Landon (the old Landon) and Mother Kim.

She had discovered that both individuals, seemed to want a quite and peaceful life far away from the Capital... They had been longing for a life filled with easiness and happiness.

Although they were treated poorly, they never truly had deep hate for the royal family. So they were likely not interested in taking up kings.h.i.+p.

Mona couldn't see Landon as a ruler at all. Throughout the years they were in the Capital, Mona had been sending her spies to integrate with those in the palace.

One was even a maid, who asked the old Landon what he truly wanted.. And Landon's only answer was a peaceful life far away from the capital. The child just wanted to take care of his mother in a safe place.

To make sure, She herself had disguised as a common cook and sneaked into the palace to observe all the children.

It was as they said. He didn't give a d.a.m.n about any kings.h.i.+p, and he also didn't have much hate for anyone as well... When she saw mother Kim, she was also remind of her past self.

When she and her spies had stayed in the palace, they easily knew which children were viscious and which ones would pose a threat to William.

Finally, when Landon was 15, her spies had reported that he was poisoned by the Nolat Wisp.

She knew that the poor child would die, since there was no cure for that. So she stopped sending her knights to spy on him. She decided to let his remaining days or months in this world free and peaceful.

Plus it would be such a ha.s.sle to get her spies over to Baymard.

Although she had a lot of spies, most of them worked only in the South, West amd Central of the Arcadina... She had no spies towards the East or North.

Mona's base was in the West, while Baymard was in the East.

It would take 8 months in good weather and over 1 year in bad weather, for her or her people to get there from the West. It was such a ha.s.sle.. and they needed more men in the central region monitoring the royal family.

All the Cities given to the Prince's, were either around South or central Arcadina.

The south was closer to the Deiferus borders. So incase of any wars with those people, the Prince's could make their way over there and fight.

Now, she realized that prince Eli might have gotten information about William from Slytherin Cord.


The funny thing was that Eli had not released any information on William... he had instead put a cap on William's ident.i.ty.

After torturing one of Slytherin's men, Mona found out that the little prince planned to kill her son in silence, so on one would ever know about his existence.

He felt threatened by William.

Since he wanted to kill her son, there was no way that she would let him live.

But she didn't want to kill him just yet. Since he and his siblings had planned to kill each other and King Barn, she decided to watch the play unfold from her hiding place.

She knew that it was only a matter of time before that b.a.s.t.a.r.d of a king dies.. She truly wished that she would be there to watch him fall into despair.

She really wanted to watch the whole ordeal and spit on his face... For Augustus, her parents, her son, her brothers, her knights and herself.

But she also knew that one impulsive move from her side, would ruin the future for all her lov ones.

Right now, she was just waiting patiently, to see who could make it to the finish line. Whoever it was would die if they didn't concede the throne to William.

Oden was really hurt by his brother.

He had always loved his brother and thought that his brother loved him too... He never saw that betrayal coming. And to top it all off, Alec had the guts to kill their father too.

How could he kill their father? Their father had worked hard for the empire and was seen as a fair and just ruler to all...

Oden's revenge was for his father, his wife and her family, and most importantly his freedom.

The reason he demanded that William wore a mask was because William looked exactly like him... he looked like a Barn. Anyone who got a glimpse of him would be able to guess who he was.

But the funny thing was that those who saw him thought that he was Alec Barn's bastartd son.

Oden had always made sure that William had atleast 3 spare masks within his possessions, whenever he was on the move.



"Has that b.a.s.t.a.r.d taken the bait?" Oden asked.

"Naturally... From what we gathered, this Slytherin fellow is making his way to Binkong City as we speak" uncle Powin replied with a smile on his face.

"Good..... truly a little fish in a big pond."

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