Now, it was time to head on over to the Chemistry Industry.

This was mid 2nd week of June.

On the first day of June, Landon had given the Alchemy department several tasks to complete on their own.

Today was the deadline for him to inspect the products.

Landon had created new departments that had a mixture of both new and old workers.

With the work experience of the old workers, Landon was sure that the new workers would easy learn and compete the projects given to them.

He had previously opened 3 departments within the alchemy industry:

• Plastic:

▪Manufacturing: 100

▪Plastic Molding: 400


▪Production: 100

▪Ink Weiting material production: 300


▪Manufacturing: 200

▪Exercise book making: 300

Up until now, Landon had always been there in every major production process.

Landon knew that for his overseers, supervisors and workers to grow, they needed to do things on their own.

This way, they could better their skills and increase their knowledge steadily.

If they made mistakes during the process, they could just try again later.

Landon had given them a detailed descriptions of the entire process, as well as all the safety hazards involved with the process.

He had also reminded them that no one was allowed to work without his or her safety equipments.

Of course he was going to tell them how to make all these products. What he wanted, was for them to make errors and see why they had failed.

For example, back on earth, even if someone gave Landon a detailed description on cake making, he was still sure that his first try, wouldn't come out okay.

Heck, he might even burn the entire cake while it was still in the oven. Some people even forget to add baking soda sometimes.

Only by practicing, would one perfect their skills.

No matter how many youtube video's one watches, it was no guarantee that anyone would be able to pull anything off, just by watching.

Landon remembered how he had watched countless hair tutorials on YouTube, back on earth. No matter what he did, his hair never came out like 'JB' from 'GOT7'. Life was just not fair.. sigh.....

Anyway, It was the same with this case.

Hence he approved for them to finally have the go ahead to start all these projects without him.

Now, he wanted to see the products and get their feedbacks.

In front of him were 3 plastic cups, 8 pens and 3 exercise books.

He looked at the products and smiled.



Since Landon advised him to start with plastic making first, he did just that.

On that very first day of June, that Landon gave Chief Wiggins the project, he had failed woefully.

The time when the Naptha was being cracked, Wiggins and the workers removed the Naptha a bit too early, which didn't allow the ethane to properly formed.

The chemical reaction became incomplete.

Other times, he forgot to add other catalysts to the production process.

And on the 3rd day, he began screaming like a maniac within the department. The workers also joined him, in the madness, as well.

They were finally successful. They felt like that day was the best day of their lives.

Ink on the other hand, was a different matter.

They learned the hard way that Ink had too many different types, that also had different uses.

•Aqueous (example: pictures from camaras)

•Paste ink (textile & paper printing, ball pens)

•Liquid Inks (Also used for printing)

•UV Cured Inks (Electrical printers)

•Latex Ink (wallpapers, vehicle graphics)

The list goes on.....

Each ink type could only work with certain chemicals, agents, resins and additives that were different from each other.

Once, they had accidentally used a solvent which was used for aqueous ink towards that used for paste-like ink.

It was a complete catastrophe... they truly felt like crying.. What sort of joke was this?

Chief Wiggins now understood why Landon had suggested for him to start with plastic first.

The casing for the 'pens', as his highness puts it, where made from plastic, the cork and the tiny inner tube.

Also, because there were no automatic ink filling machines available now, Landon had asked them to create needle syringes (which are made from plastic as well) and feed the ink to the tiny tube.

The needles of the syringes, were the only things that were tiny enough to fit in the tube. They were perfect for filling the pens.

Paper was by far their best to produce. The production process was cleaner and easier to accomplish than the rest.

Now was the 10th of June, time to show some results to their king.

Now that everything was good with the Alchemy department, Landon decided to check on the a.s.signment he had given to Tim previously.



"How was the experience to you all?" He asked the entire room, and chief Wiggins as well.

"Your highness, before, we didn't understand the reasons why you did things at high temperatures.." one worker said excitedly.

"or low temperatures..." another added.

".. but now we do."

"Your highness, we made so many mistakes these last few days..."

"One time, we used too much additives...."

"A....And that messed up the product big time!"

"Dont forget about the time that we added too much solvents to the ink."

"Ahhh!!.. that's so true"

"There were also times were we didn't put enough resins during the process"

"Everyday, we would have atleast 12 different trials.."

"Your highness..... my brain is saturated right now.... ahh!.. I correctly used the word saturated.. did you hear it?....I'm now a genius"

"Look at you!! Just saturation?.. I can now use the word h.o.m.ogenized.. in a sentence.."

"Hahahahha"... They laughed, as they recounted their experience to Landon.

Landon looked at his silly workers and smiled.... They were truly happy over their accomplishments....Now, they too felt smart. Only like this, could people grow.

Infact, Wiggins had also understood how difficult it was to do the things without Landon's help.

When Landon did them, there were no mistakes or errors involved. He would do it perfectly in 1 go.... Was he even human at this point?

Before, they thought it would be easy, since his highness could do it just like that..... But when they started doing it... They literally started sweating everytime they messed up.

They had produced so many funny looking products that came as a result of their numerous errors.

One time, they poured the wrong chemicals into the process, and the products fizzled like soda, overflowing out of the tank.

Wiggins and the workers were intrigued by that reaction....Wiggins in particular made a mention note of it and decided that he would research that particular reaction later.

Some of the workers were now more diligent and started reading and asking more questions about the process.. they wanted to know the how's, the why's, the when's and the what's.

They were now cautious about how much they should put in as raw materials.

This was the effect that Landon was going for... He wanted them to think on their own.


-------Riverdale City-------


"What do we do now?" Baron Rogers asked nervously, while hysterically pacing around the room.

"d.a.m.n!!!.. how could this happen?.. Are there any strong forces around him?" City lord Shannon asked.

"Impossible!!" Baron Rogers yelled.

City lord Shannon nodded his head in agreement.

"Your right.... I'm guessing that Commander Lucius killed Dumbo..... He was afterall, one of the strongest men in the empire... With that much experience under his belt, it was no wonder that Dumbo wasn't his match." City lord Shannon said.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!! S***.... didn't you guarantee me that this would work? ....F***"

"Calm down!! ...Do you really think that hiring Dumbo, was my only plan?". City Lord Shannon said, with a spine-chilling smile on his face.

Baron Rogers looked at City lord Shannon and also took 2 paces back.

The man's smile could make anyone shriek.

"This time, there will be no mistakes"

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