Having heard Dashi Xiujie’s explanations, even the Japanese reporters couldn’t help showing sympathy for Yuan Zhou who would be confronted by the sharp-tongued Tengyuan later.

“Of course, the instructions of Tengyuan are quite rare and precious for a chef.” The Japanese reporters all looked forward to enjoying the show.

After they received the answer they had wanted, the Japanese reporters began to occupy the good spots for filming the exchange meeting later.

After all, it was quite necessary to find a good spot if they wanted to shoot the scene where Yuan Zhou would be taught a lesson later. Such wonderful news cannot be stolen by others.

As for those who came to interview Yuan Zhou beforehand, they had gained nothing because Yuan Zhou had already begun to prepare the ingredients and knife tools.

At that time, Yuan Zhou wouldn’t answer these insignificant questions.

At 10 a.m., the exchange meeting commenced.

There was the customary opening speech to start with. It was Zhou Shijie who did that personally this time.

“First, I should say thanks to my fellow chefs from Japan. Also, I must say thanks for the support from the people of the media. The exchange meeting begins now.” Without delivering a verbose speech, Zhou Shijie declared the opening of the exchange meeting straightforwardly. Then, there came a burst of applause.

“Presumably, the rules are known to everybody over here. So I won’t stress them anymore. The most important thing is to savor the delicacies. Please taste them with your heart,” Zhou Shijie said that leisurely with a sense of humor.

“So just start, everybody,” Zhou Shijie paused for a while and then walked down the platform.

Then, the exchange meeting commenced officially.

“Tengyuan Jiayuan, do you need me to accompany you?” Chairman Masheng looked at Tengyuan respectfully and asked.

“No need. You just do what you should.” Tengyuan refused him directly.

“Chairman, I will be in the company of Jiayuan,” Dashi Xiujie took a step forward and said.

“Okay. Please enjoy your time, Jiayuan.” Chairman Masheng revealed a smile and then went for Zhou Shijie.

Chairman Masheng wasn’t going to let Zhou Shijie affect Tengyuan venting his anger; therefore, it was the best choice to delay him now.

However, they didn’t know that Zhou Shijie was absolutely not worried about Yuan Zhou and Chu Xiao. And he had never thought of protecting them at this exchange meeting.

“Jiayuan, which place do you want to go taste first?” Dashi Xiujie pointed at the countertop of Chu Xiao and Yuan Zhou and asked.

“The best thing should definitely be put at the end. Let’s go to Chef Chu first,” Tengyuan said straightforwardly.

“Yes, you are right.” Dashi Xiujie nodded his head to show consent.

Tengyuan Jiayuan and Dashi Xiujie didn’t intend to go to eat Yuan Zhou’s dishes immediately, but other Japanese chefs did.

Now, most of the people were crowding in front of Yuan Zhou and Chu Xiao.

“This guy causes chaos no matter where he is,” Li Li stood at his own kitchen counter and muttered speechlessly.

“Huh? Do you know that Chef Yuan? Oh right, you are also in Chengdu. How are his culinary skills?” The chef beside him turned his head and asked him when he heard Li Li.

“I’m not acquainted with him very well, but his craftsmanship is really not bad,” Li Li commented on that point.

“Tsk-tsk. That Chef Yuan looks more arrogant than Chu Xiao. The key point is that he even takes that for granted. I’m afraid that old guy Tengyuan would be very angry with him.” The chef beside Li Li was a round-faced fat man. When he talked, he paused from time to time, which was quite distinctive.

“Indeed. But his craftsmanship is even better than his capabilities to enrage others,” Li Li thought for a while and said so.

“Then there’ll be a good play today.” The fat chef stroked his own belly and appeared very excited.

“I think so, too.” Li Li nodded his head. Thinking of his crushing defeat, he suddenly looked forward to the frustration of Tengyuan Jiayuan.

After all, if such a kind of person was defeated by Yuan Zhou, it could well explain why he had also been defeated by him before. It wasn’t because his craftsmanship was bad, but this person was too good.

While they were talking about Yuan Zhou at this side, other chefs were actually also talking about him.

The name of Tengyuan Jiayuan was actually known to most chefs in China as long as one worked long enough as a chef and had decent craftsmanship.

This person was well-known to all for his severity and as chance would have it, he had a very sensitive tongue. Even if you put a grain of salt more than necessary, he could tell that. Furthermore, he would take advantage of the shortcoming and directly give you a failing grade.

That was called severity, not strictness.

Even so, however, the chefs disqualified had nothing to say. After all, that person had reason to do that as their dishes were really not perfect.

Such perfect dishes could hardly be cooked by anyone. Only a few people could do that.

Therefore, the chefs on the spot felt quite relieved when they saw Yuan Zhou not show due respect to Tengyuan. However, they inevitably worried if Yuan Zhou could really make Tengyuan speechless.

Just when Tengyuan prepared to say something after he finished eating Chu Xiao’s creative dishes, the Japanese chefs that tasted beforehand at the side shouted in surprise.

“Amazing. Is it the milk snow cake?” A Japanese chef at the side pinched a piece of the double-wedged snow-white cake and said in surprise. There was obviously a small piece of the cake bitten off.

“Um.” Yuan Zhou nodded his head and didn’t explain much to them.

“It tastes soft and refreshing and is really delicious.” While praising him, this Japanese chef gulped down all five pieces of the snow-white cake provided by Yuan Zhou.

“Your craftsmanship is really fantastic.” The Japanese chef was quite excited. Meanwhile, he looked towards the steamer pot constantly.

“Thank you.” Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

Seeing Yuan Zhou not say anything nor intend to cook more, this Japanese chef left regretfully.

If it wasn’t that he couldn’t speak Chinese very fluently, he would have already asked for one more serving.

At the other side, the reaction of this Japanese chef contrarily drew Dashi Xiujie’s attention. However, he prepared to say something after Tengyuan commented on Chu’s dishes.

“No wonder it’s called a creative dish. It’s indeed quite creative.” Without saying more, Tengyuan only nodded his head.

He only took a single bite of Chu Xiao’s dish before he commented so.

“Thank you.” Chu Xiao also nodded his head. He wasn’t really affected by the rare praise from Tengyuan and appeared quite casual.

After he commented on Chu Xiao, Tengyuan put down the plate and prepared to go off to watch Yuan Zhou who spoke wildly.

“Chef Jiangshang said that the snacks of that person tasted quite good,” Dashi Xiujie said timely.

“With his culinary skills, he could make nobody but only Jiangshang feel it was tasty. And I believe that’s probably the best he can do,” Tengyuan said lightly.

“You are right.” On second thoughts, Dashi Xiujie agreed with him.

The difference between Chef Jingshang’s craftsmanship and Tengyuan’s was like the difference between a pupil and a college student.

“So what do you want to eat?” Dashi Xiujie asked proactively.

“A fish cuisine,” said Tengyuan neatly.

“Okay.” Dashi Xiujie was quite delighted. Obviously, Tengyuan was helping him save some face.

“Chef Yuan, are you ready?” Dashi Xiujie asked Yuan Zhou arrogantly.

And Tengyuan just stood there and said nothing. He behaved as if he were an expert that waited to taste the dishes.

“Please check the nameplate and order your dishes,” Yuan Zhou said that without turning a hair.

“Considering that you were born and grew up inland, please cook a fish cuisine. Anything is okay. We don’t have any specific requirements.” Dashi Xiujie brought out Tengyuan’s demands.

“Wait a minute,” Yuan Zhou answered him without even looking at the two of them. He behaved naturally and started to prepare the dish straightforwardly.

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