Landon looked at the finely grey cement particles and was pleased... He had also noticed that there were over 2000 blocks of cement that were already made.

At the beginning of the month, Landon had created a cement making department, and allocated 900 workers towards it.

Landon broke them into 2 groups:

•Cement production:100

•Cement block Molding: 800

Landon was happy that everything was going according to plan.

For this month of June, he had given every department new tasks to complete.

The food industry made spices, vinegar and oil. While the Alchemist Industry made plastic, ink and paper.

And finally, the construction Industry focused on cement making.

Landon decided that for now, each industry should just focus on their given tasks.

"Your highness... do you think we should start construction now?" Tim asked curiously.

"Not yet... at least until July... plus we need more people for that. And there are other things that I need you all to crdate before we can fully start."

Landon already knew he was lacking some basic needs for housing... so he decided to put it off, until he had more people... and until he made all that he needed.

For his mission to be complete, Landon needed to build houses for all the original 1500 people in Baymard... Once he housed them all, the he could finally pa.s.s this phase and unlock the medical rewards from the system.

He also knew that he needed to build these houses at most before mid-November (which was winter).

He had already made up his mind that before September, he would build a water/sewage treatment plant, electrical plant and central heating plant.

Since he was only supplying all these within Baymard, the plant size didn't need to be extremely large.

Back on earth, the plants that were large usually supplied water or electricity to more than 3 cities at once.

Landon was working with 1 city so he didn't need it to be extremely large.

As Landon kept talking with Tim, he spotted one of his soldiers running frantically towards him.

"Your highness, a war messenger has arrived"



Landon had already been alerted by system of his arrival, but he choose to wait, since the system had notified him that only 1 person was riding towards Baymard.

Plus it was broad daylight... what could 1 man do during the day? Heck, it was only 11 A.M.

Landon had absolute trust that his men at the gates would would be able to handle the situation no matter what.

The men didn't allow the man to step into Baymard as per Landon's request.

For now, Landon didnt want anyone to see any changes that had taken place within Baymard so far.

So he had the men refuse access to anyone who wasn't in dire need of help from entering Baymard.

But Landon was really surprised by this sudden declaration of war.

In this era where there were knights and n.o.bility, one would always get a notice of any incoming battles.. before they were fought.

Knights were very proud people. They believed in proving their strengths rather than sneaking around and killing people... it was just not honorable.

Gangs and on the other hand were a different matter.

Those ones wouldn't give you any prior notices, and instantly attacked you in the dark.

Knights didn't believe in killing the women and children, when fighting over territory... That's why they sent the messengers tell their prey that if they dont surrender, their women and children may be killed in the process.

Landon knew that for their enemy to inform them, that would mean that it's either the attackers are entirely knights or are a group of knights and gangs...

Either way, no knight would fight without ensuring that a letter had been delivered to their enemies. As that was also the rules between most empires.


Bowman had been standing there for over 30 minutes now and was getting f***ing p.i.s.sed.

Who the heck did they think they were? Wasn't this place just some deserted area?.. To think that they would keep him, the 2nd official messenger of the great City Lord Shannon under the sun for so long... How dare they?

Bowman was now itching to tear them to shreds...

But something confused Bowman greatly.

When he left Riverdale, City lord Shannon had told him to go to Greengold city and take his a.s.signment there.

Greengold city was the next city after Riverdale, in the direction of the Capital.

Why go to Greengold city, only to reverse and go towards Baymard?

It made no sense to him... couldn't he just have left Riverdale and rode his horse towards Baymard?

Bowman couldn't understand city lord Shannon's sneakiness, so he chose to forget about it... afterall, he was just a messenger and a soldier for the man.



He sat on his horse and saw 3 men riding towards him. There wwere 2 knights riding at the back of a young boy, who looked no younger than 15.

The boy rode his black stallion majestically towards him.

Bowman scrutinized the young boy and a sense of displeasure arose in his heart.

'How dare this b.a.s.t.a.r.d make me wait?.. hmmp!!! Just you wait!!.... my lord would surely make you drink your own blood later' Bowman thought as he grumbled inwardly.

Once Landon arrived, both he and Bowman got off their horses, and walked towards each other.

Bowman didn't even wait for him to speak before throwing a letter towards Landon rudely.

"Here! Hurry up and read it.... I don't have all day so I suggest you hurry up!!" Bowman said as he sneered at Landon.

The knights who were watching around the gate were almost angered to death.

'How dare this n.o.body talk to their king like this?.. d.a.m.n!!'

"What's there to read? Just surrender..... Do you really think you have a Choice with just 330 knights... If you surrender, who knows.. you and your people could live happily as slaves for our city lord... no one can help you win this war... Hurry up!!!"

Landon lifted his brow and immediately threw the piece of paper back.

"Theres no need for me to look any further... I refuse" Landon said with a cold tone.

Bowman was taken aback and looked at Landon as if he was a fool.

"Heheheh..... I had heard that the little banished prince of ours was a little foolish... but I didn't think that you would be stupid too... In 3 hours time, my lord will arrive and behead you all if you don't hurry up!!

Don't you care about that mother of yours?... If you want to save her, you better sign that paper quickly.. or else no one can blame us for what would happen to the wh.o.r.e."


Lucius who was standing by Landon's side, had wanted to kill the d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.d... but before he could do anything, Landon had immediately punched Bowman throwing him to the ground.

Bowman held his jaw and was shocked. His lips quivered and he quickly got up from the ground, instantly turning into a mad dog.

"You dare hit me?.. b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!!.. Am I lying?.. So what if you were once royalty?.. your just a piece of trash now.. And so is that wh.o.r.e mo...."


Landon had hit him again. Bowman was so mad that he almost fainted from anger.

Landon's eyes became colder and his frown deepened.

Bowman looked at Landon's eyes and became scared.

"W....What are you trying to do?... you can't kill the messenger..... it's against the empire's laws.." Bowman said while taking 2 paces back.

Landon smiled coldly.

"I would like to remind you that Baymard isn't part of the empire... is it?" Landon said while closing in on him.

"You... you.. you better not be rash.... better sign that paper fast before lord Shannon gets here... no one can help you..."

Landon's killing intent increased.. and Bowman started sweating heavily.

"So you want me to allow my people to become your lord's slaves?.. Haha Haha... I wasn't betting on anyone helping me.Tell your lord that I refuse... My 330 men will win this war against you all.... Now.... get out!!!!"

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