Chapter 642: Seeking Perfection

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Dashi Xiujie was instantly infuriated by Yuan Zhou who spoke as if he was really going to teach others how to cook. He flushed with great anger, but nevertheless couldn’t say anything in that instant.

Chairman Masheng was unlikely to have a hand in their conflicts as Zhou Shijie had been talking to him. At that time, the seemingly amiable person Tengyuan suddenly began to speak.

“That’s great. I wish you can cook a satisfactory dish. I haven’t eaten an authentic Chinese dish for a long time in China,” Tengyuan used sharp words with yet a gentle tone.

“I wish this Chef Yuan won’t let me down.” When Tengyuan mentioned Yuan Zhou’s name, he slightly leaned forward and looked at the nameplate on his clothes, appearing as if he didn’t know whom Yuan Zhou was.

Zhou Shijie had already introduced Yuan Zhou to him just now, therefore, he apparently wanted to warn Yuan Zhou by doing that.

“That’s because you have never met me before,” Yuan Zhou said proudly yet in a flat voice, which sounded like it was obvious.

As soon as he said that confidently, even Tengyuan became stupefied, let alone others. They all appeared to be a little astonished.

Dashi Xiujie became more speechless. If his Chinese were fluent enough, he would have already said to Yuan Zhou, “Sir, why don’t you soar up high to the sky with the help of the wind?”

Simply speaking, he was actually saying, “Why don’t you just rise to the heavens now?”

Unfortunately, he couldn’t. Therefore, he could do nothing but stare at Yuan Zhou helplessly.

“Professor Tengyuan, please come over here and have a rest. The exchange meeting is going to commence very soon,” Chairman Masheng came up to them and tried to smooth things over.

After all, it wasn’t the right time to offend them openly. Meanwhile, Zhou Shijie also began to speak.

“Go prepare now. The exchange meeting is about to start,” Zhou Shijie instructed them smilingly. He didn’t care about the friction at all.

“Many of the delicious Chinese dishes exist among the people. Actually, there are a lot of such dishes,” Chu Xiao first said that and then patted on Yuan Zhou’s shoulders, suggesting that Yuan Zhou go with him.

“Well, that’s right. But it’s very normal that he can’t find such kind of dishes. Though he’s an expert on Chinese dishes in Japan, there are many limitations,” Yuan Zhou nodded his head quite naturally and then added.

Chu Xiao took a look at Yuan Zhou in silence. His word was essentially meant for Tengyuan and he didn’t expect Yuan Zhou to answer him at all.

At that time, Tengyuan and Dashi Xiujie had barely left for two steps away. On hearing Yuan Zhou’s word, they straightforwardly shivered with anger.

Having ignited the explosive, Yuan Zhou nevertheless didn’t realize anything wrong. He even looked back when he found Chu Xiao had not followed him after several steps.

“Probably only you and I are the ones who would dare say such offensive words,” Chu Xiao took a look at Yuan Zhou and said helplessly.

“Pardon?” Yuan Zhou revealed a puzzled look.

“That Professor Tengyuan has a fantastic and amazing tongue. Chu Xiao’s sense of smell is extremely sensitive, but this professor’s sense of taste reaches an incredible extent.”

Chu Xiao didn’t answer him, but Zhong Lili couldn’t help saying that to him at the side.

“Um.” Yuan Zhou nodded his head and indicated that he had heard her.

“I’m not yet finished,” Zhong Lili was a little helpless and anxious, but she still continued saying.

“Tengyuan has only been here twice to attend the exchange meeting. On both occasions, however, Chef Chu wasn’t present. I don’t know if what Tengyuan did was intentional, but in those two occasions, a chef who obviously cooked very well was rated by him to be worthless. It was the gray-haired chef that went together with you to Japan last time.” For fear that Yuan Zhou didn’t know whom she was referring to, Zhong Lili specially described the features of that chef.

“He’s the chairman of Jiangsu Cooking Association and he cooks super delicious dishes. He’s qualified to cook even in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, but that professor insisted that his dishes tasted bad,” Zhong Lili said indignantly.

“Thank you,” Yuan Zhou thought for a while and answered.

“To be short, if the full mark is 10, he will only rate it at 5 even if you can actually cook it at around 9. He will absolutely seize the minor disadvantage and make a fuss.” Chu Xiao summarized briefly. After that, he left straightforwardly.

“It doesn’t matter. My dishes are definitely beyond full marks.” Yuan Zhou nodded his head, indicating that he understood.

“But…” Zhong Lili still wanted to say something when she was stopped by Zhou Shijie.

“All right. Leave them alone. They know how to behave appropriately,” Zhou Shijie said directly.

“Oh, but I haven’t told him that the gray-haired Chef Dong became dispirited for quite a while after he was criticized by that professor,” Zhong Lili muttered in a low voice.

Without saying anything more, Yuan Zhou straightforwardly nodded his head and then went back to his own position to get prepared.

When he went back, he looked around the main hall and found that gray-haired Chef Dong wasn’t there.

“What a pity!” It was unknown what Yuan Zhou was referring to by saying pity.

Contrarily, those reporters who heard all these things became excited at the side.

“Hurry up. Did you take pictures of the scene just now?” A reporter asked his own cameraman anxiously.

“Of course,” The cameraman made a gesture of OK.

“Chairman Zhou, what do you think of the chef who spoke wildly just now?” It was a Japanese reporter who worked in China. He used word of respect, but his tone sounded to be very dissatisfied.

“Chairman Zhou, that chef is attending the exchange meeting for the first time, doesn’t he? Is he your new disciple?” This Japanese reporter was obviously quite spiteful. He wanted to put a label on Zhou Shijie.

“The last Chinese chef that conquered Tengyuan Jiayuan before had been dead for five years. What do you think of that, Chairman Zhou?” This Japanese reporter asked proudly. He seemed to put much emphasis on the words “has been dead”.

“You’ll naturally have the answers to these questions after the exchange meeting commences.” Chairman Zhou didn’t look good, either. He straightforwardly declined all those reporters’ questions indirectly.

After the Japanese reporters finished asking their questions, they were pushed away by the Chinese reporters. When the Japanese reporters found they couldn’t obtain a concrete answer, they were divided into two groups. The first group went over to Tengyuan while the second went over to Yuan Zhou.

“Chairman Zhou, is that Chef Yuan very confident in this exchange meeting?” The questions from the Chinese reporters were nevertheless milder.

They basically came to ask about Yuan Zhou’s background and his genuine capabilities. For a while, no one spoke ill of Yuan Zhou.

After all, the Chinese tended to cooperate in the face of other countries. If Yuan Zhou was defeated, however, the situation would naturally be different.

But Yuan Zhou was unlikely to be defeated.

“Professor Tengyuan, what do you think of the chef that spoke wildly just now?” The Japanese reporters rushed to Tengyuan like a swarm of bees and started to interview him.

“Professor Tengyuan, please tell us about your opinion,” the Japanese reporters all asked about the happening just now.

Though Tengyuan was in a temper, he had a sense of propriety while talking.

“He’s nothing but a chef that has never been abroad for any competitions. It’s fairly common for some chefs not to know the immensity of heaven and earth.” Tengyuan smiled and put on airs. He behaved as if he were lecturing his inferiors.

“That’s right. Mr. Tengyuan Jiayuan is often invited to attend meetings of the International Chefs’ Association,” Dashi Xiujie added in time at the side.

“So do you intend to instruct that chef?” The Japanese reporter asked excitedly.

“Of course. There’s an old saying in China called Zhe Ji Zhi Zhang.” Tengyuan Jiayuan nodded his head smilingly and appeared to be quite generous.

He cited an ancient Chinese proverb. Many Japanese reporters didn’t understand the meaning of the proverb, but Dashi Xiujie explained to them at the side.

“Tengyuan Jiayuan means that he will teach the chef that spoke wildly just now a little more severely like an elder should to his juniors.” Thinking of what Yuan Zhou would face later, Dashi Xiujie couldn’t help showing sympathy for him.

After all, he would be finished if Tengyuan seized any bit of Yuan Zhou’s disadvantages. Tengyuan’s severity and strictness were not to be messed with…

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