As City Lord Shannon looked at his knights, a murderous smile formed on his face.

Just with one glance, anyone could tell that these knights had years of experience and training under their belts.

Their muscles were ma.s.sive and their appearance seemed like they had just crawled out of the pits of h.e.l.l.

They were prepared for battle.

City Lord Shannon had fought several battles with his men. They had expanded the city of Riverdale, and had also fought several border battles throughout the years.

His knights were strong, proud, very st.u.r.dy and most of all, extremely loyal and fearful towards him.

They knew what their lord could do, and never ever thought of crossing their lord for one second. Their lord was a brutal and frightening man, who ruled Riverdale with iron hands.

30% of his men were as good as the top knights within the Capital.

He had secretely spent most of his resources and time, training these men to be one of the best in the empire.

Of course he did all these away from the watchful eyes of King Barn.

Everytime that he went to the capital, he would take only 40% of his men with him. He would mix both the weakest and the strongest in the group, so as to hide any suspicions towards him.

As he looked at his knights, he was confident that his indestructible team, would easily conquer Baymard.

How could a lion compare to an ant?

The knights carried hard iron s.h.i.+elds and long sharp swords, as they steadily made their way towards Baymard.

"My lord, we should be arriving Baymard in an hours time, should we make camp and attack first thing tomorrow morning?" Asked his second in command.

"Do we have to sleep outside to defeat such a puny city? We will be arriving at 2 P.M... Once we arrive, get the men will rest for 30 minutes, before we start!!... tonight, I want to lay in my bed back in Riverdale. " City Lord Shannon commanded.

"I think we should be extra careful just in case that brat has more tricks up his sleeves." Baron Rogers advised.

"Hmmp!! No matter how many tricks he has, there is no way that he can win against my men... He had just 330 knights... how is that even a possibility?" City lord Shannon sneered.

Baron Rogers also thought that what city lord Shannon said made sense. Indeed, it was not a possibility.

"From here, are you heading back to the Capital?"

"With the border wars getting more and more fierce, the king had called me in to a.s.sist in the wars this time... After, I finish up here, I will leave half of my men with you in Baymard. Do what you mustto keep anyone out of Baymard for the time being... After the border battle, I will come back to further a.s.sist you." City Lord Shannon said.

The message he had received did not mention the progress of the war, but described the need for extra hands at some of the border posts. Deiferus was getting more and more daring with their actions.

The empire of Arcadina was the largest empire within the continent.

One could say that it was almost double the size of Deiferus.

Greed, jealousy and envy had led to this never ending war.

But for King Barn to send more troops as backup, meant that the war was probably not going as he planned.

King Barn could never allow a tiny empire to insult him by taking part of his land.... It would have to be over his dead body.

Even if he had to use all the men in his empire, he would gladly make that sacrifice... provided no part his land got reduced.

There was another reason why city lord Shannon was excited about partic.i.p.ating in the border war.

If he did extremely well, the king would reward him with anything that he required.

He himself had always wanted to control the entire West region of the empire.... It was perfect.

Non of the prince's were located in the West. And with no major power constantly breathing down his throat he would easily become a mini king within the empire.

Who knows... maybe he could get enough forces to be break the West region away from the empire itself.

City Lord Shannon had been King Barn's trusted friend ever since his days within the knight academy.

He had always been a lackey for King Barn and had always despised the fact that King Barn could have everything he wanted.

He had been gathering his forces for years in hopes that he would one day break the West region away from the capital.

The West region had more than 12 cities and other villages within it.

He had planned that when he performed exceptionally well, he would ask for just 2 more cities to control.

Once he successfully conquered the Barons of those cities, he would further move on the shadows to conquer the entire West region.

Who didn't like power?

Originally, Riverdale was just a tiny city. But as time went on, city lord Shannon had attacked the villages around the territory, making the city grow... But he was still not satisfied.

He had watched King Barn s.h.i.+ne for too long... Even if he couldn't fulfill his dream, he hoped that one of his sons would do what he always dreamt of accomplis.h.i.+ng.

He wanted his family to have a n.o.ble blood line.

That was also why he kept pus.h.i.+ng his sons towards the royal princesses.

Right now, his sons were studying in the knight academy in the Capital.

He had made up his mind that even if this plan failed, he would get the king to atleast bethrow one of his sons to any of the princesses fast.

As he thought about his plans, he couldn't help but smile happily he rode on ahead.



Once they exited the forest, they saw several hazy figures standing on the city walls.

The soldiers tensed up, as they stood om the enormous clear fields.

The second in command had the men rest, while observing Baymard.

"My lord, it seems that they were waiting for our arrival..... But there's something strange about this.....Why aren't they standing outside the city gates, but instead observing from the city walls?... are they already prepared to surrender?" His second in command asked.

Everyone looked at the situation and couldn't make heads or tails over what these Baymard Knights were Planning.

"I have always heard that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d prince was a fool.... better I never thought that it would be this bad.... What sort of battle tactic is this?... Even if the prince had never experienced war before, isn't this just plain stupidity?.. Why didn't his knights advise him on what to do?" Another knight asked confusedly.

"Who knows... maybe he's just arrogant, and didn't want to heed to their advice."

"Do you think that they plan to trap up when we succeed in getting into Baymard?" Baron Roger's asked.

City lord Shannon looked at the hazy silhouettes and frowned.

"What difference would it make?.. you go tell the prince that this is his last chance... he either surrenders to me now, or all the citizens would die with him after the battle."

Once the messenger left, the men started a.s.sembling in formation, as they waited for the messengers return.

City lord Shannon sent the messenger, so that the knights would again be rea.s.sured that Landon indeed had no thoughts of surrendering Baymard to them.

He too wanted to make sure, as he was thoroughly confused by whatever stunt Landon was pulling.

As they saw the messenger coming back, City lord Shannon sneered as he looked at Landon's silhouette.

It was finally show time.

"Men..... leave no one alive!!!! ... kill all!! Even the women and children..... Now, charge!!!!!!!"

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