Chapter 640: Even Ate Breakfast

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The clothes Yuan Zhou was wearing were custom-made by the clothing shop which made his Han Chinese clothes. The embroidery was a kind of mythical creature that had a dragon’s head, wings, and fishtail, which had a very profound mythical meaning.

The flying fish embroidered on the clothes looked forward seriously and earnestly; therefore, appearing both dignified and magnificent. Even if the blue Flying Fish Clothes looked gorgeous and exquisite, it still didn’t appear very flamboyant which was due to Yuan Zhou’s solemn face and composed temperament.

Wearing the leather waistband around his waist, Yuan Zhou appeared neat and tidy as well as spirited.

After a sound of “Zhi Ya”, Yuan Zhou opened the door and walked straight out.

He took the elevator and arrived at the main hall. With his black boots with gilt-edged cloud patterns embroidered on his shoes, he walked on the ground without making a sound, but was still noticed by somebody.

“Boss Yuan?” The voice sounded surprised and shocked.

Of course, it was Wu Hai’s voice. This guy arrived in Shanghai early in the morning and was now checking in. As for the reason why he came, it was naturally because he wanted to eat something.

“Um.” Without saying anything more, Yuan Zhou just nodded his head and prepared to go out.

“You continue with the procedures. I’m going to have a look.” Wu Hai immediately left his luggage behind and followed Yuan Zhou, not caring about the surprised look of the receptionist.

“Boss Yuan, Boss Yuan, where are you going?” Wu Hai walked to the front of Yuan Zhou and looked at him up and down for a while. Then, he asked curiously.

The daytime in Shanghai arrived later than usual during winter. At this time of the day, it was still dark outside. Even the sun was still sleeping in.

Besides that, Yuan Zhou didn’t look like he was going jogging in this attire.

“Just walking around.” Yuan Zhou had intended to say he wanted to go watch the sunrise, but he spontaneously corrected himself when the cold wind blew outside in the darkness.

“What’s so interesting at this time of day?” Wu Hai simply felt that Yuan Zhou was sleepwalking.

“The receptionist is talking to you.” Yuan Zhou didn’t answer him, but turned around and gestured.

“Never mind. I’ll go over there later. Boss Yuan, are you going on a date with somebody since you are dressed up so nicely.

“No.” Yuan Zhou denied firmly.

“Then where are you going at this time of day? It’s still dark out there,” asked Wu Hai curiously.

“Hanging out.” Yuan Zhou change to a more reliable adjective.

“Well, take your time. Shall we eat breakfast together later?” Speaking of things to eat, Wu Hai immediately turned into a foodie.

“No need. I have something to do.” Yuan Zhou took a few steps away and then refused him.

“Boss Yuan is too weird. Would any normal person wear such gorgeous clothes and hang out at the door this time of day? How odd it is!” Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and walked back to the receptionist with a look of puzzlement.

“This guy really seems to be sleepwalking,” Wu Hai muttered inwardly.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou measured the distance with his eyes at the door.

“Well, people from the media are supposed to come inside from the entrance door and can catch sight of me very easily. After all, I’m very conspicuous.” Yuan Zhou was thinking about the matters needing attention later.

When he went abroad for the exchange meeting last time, the Japanese chefs were the protagonists and there was no room for him to show off his culinary skills. At home, however, the situation was different.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou was trying his best to maintain a perfect image in the face of the media. It was time to show the elegant demeanor of a prince charming.

“Yunshen Media is said to have a webcast and there will be huge visitors. And Chengdu Daily will come to the meeting, too. Hmm, there is also the nationwide newspaper, China Daily,” Yuan Zhou muttered to himself.

It was Zhou Shijie who told him all the information about the media. Yuan Zhou didn’t really feel nervous, but was just practicing his entrance tomorrow.

Time passed minute by minute. The doormen of Jiali Hotel also started to change shifts.

“Hey, what’s the matter with your uniform? You aren’t even wearing a tie? Go wear one now. Otherwise, you’ll be fined later.” At that time, a voice entered Yuan Zhou’s ears.

“I’m fed up with wearing the same working clothes every day. I can’t even wear my own clothes. Okay, got it. I’ll do it now,” the doorman being reminded straightforwardly complained.

“Stop it. It’s a must for us to wear working clothes. Keep your voice down in case our supervisor hears you,” the other doorman said that immediately.

“Got it, I got it,” the first doorman answered impatiently.

Having heard the whole conversation, however, Yuan Zhou felt a little stiff in his muscles.

He had stayed still for quite a while, just like a woodpile.

Only after a long time did he come to himself.

“Shit. It seems that I also have to wear the chef’s uniform tomorrow in the exchange meeting.” With the characters of ‘chef’s uniform’ echoing in Yuan Zhou’s mind, he just looked toward the front blankly.

“So what did I bring my Flying Fish Clothes for?” Yuan Zhou subconsciously tidied his sleeves and didn’t recover at first instance.

That’s right. The organizer didn’t specify what kind of clothes to wear, but an official chef’s uniform is a must if one was prepared to attend the exchange meeting.

Although Yuan Zhou also wore the Han Chinese Clothing, it was made to look official and convenient for activities. However, he wasn’t likely to cook dishes if he was dressed in the Flying Fish Clothes.

“Holy sh*t.” Yuan Zhou felt rather frustrated and speechless in his heart.

With the sound of “Ta Ta Ta”, Yuan Zhou walked quickly back to the hotel. He took the elevator to the floor where his room was, preparing to have a rest.

“Ding”. After Yuan Zhou swiped the card, the door was opened. Then, he changed into his casual clothes with composed manner while looking at the warm lamplight.

“It was quite cold outside just now. I should wear less tomorrow, otherwise it won’t be convenient to do anything,” Yuan Zhou said that to himself while putting his clothes away.

He behaved quite naturally as if he had barely gone out to experiment how cold it was in winter of Shanghai.

As a prince charming, Yuan Zhou wouldn’t admit his foolishness just now.

This person could be described with a proverb, “After the duck dies, only the mouth is hard. (indicating that one was stubborn and reluctant to admit mistakes or defeats)”.

Later in the morning, Yuan Zhou especially went to visit Zhou Shijie.

After all, Yuan Zhou was the last one that arrived. Even Chu Xiao arrived from France the day before yesterday. Therefore, Yuan Zhou especially went there to thank Zhou Shijie.

“Sorry for bothering you so much,” said Yuan Zhou courteously and seriously.

“All right. For Chu Xiao and you, it’s a free day today. You can go out to have fun by yourself. I still have a lot of work to do today. Tomorrow, the exchange meeting will officially start and somebody will send for you by then,” Zhou Shijie waved his hand and said with an indifferent look.

“Okay. I’m going to the meeting place to have a look again.” Yuan Zhou answered him by nodding his head.

“Go ahead, just go. Chu Xiao and you are on the same floor. He’s supposed to be overcoming jet lag now,” Zhou Shijie suddenly said to Yuan Zhou.

“Ok.” Yuan Zhou didn’t think too much. He just nodded his head and then turned around and left.

Seeing Yuan Zhou leave, Zhou Shijie sighed with emotion, “Who knows which of them have better skills now.”

After coming out of the room, Yuan Zhou went directly to the meeting place. He never even thought of going to say hello to Chu Xiao.

In his eyes, they were neither friends nor enemies. More precisely, they were nothing but competitors. And this time, Yuan Zhou wanted to win over him and also felt he could.

“Nobody, nobody can beat my sharp eyes. Besides that, I just ate two steamed meat buns in the morning.” Yuan Zhou thought that confidently. He didn’t even know what connections were there between the two matters.

However, Yuan Zhou didn’t know that Chu Xiao wasn’t overcoming the jet lag at this time. Instead, he was reading a piece of information with great interest.

“Interesting. This Tengyuan actually also came to attend the exchange meeting? I really have to thank Yuan Zhou.” Looking at the participant list of the exchange meeting, Chu Xiao revealed a smile.

“I just don’t know if Yuan Zhou can steal the title of “One That Knows Chinese Dishes Best” from him. After all, that person is said to have a golden tongue.” Thinking of the dishes cooked by Yuan Zhou, Chu Xiao suddenly had such an idea.

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