Abraham was one of the Warrant soldiers who came with Landon to Baymard.

As Abraham listened to Landon's battle speech, his blood became hot.

When he was in the Capital, he would get humiliated on a daily basis by stronger knights... he had always thought that he was inferior to everyone else.

But coming to Baymard made him feel like he was wrong... He wasn't inferior, he just lacked the proper guidance to become one of the best.

Ever since he came here, he had gotten a lot stronger and had somehow become smarter. Even though he had never experienced any war before, he now understood war tactics and several fighting techniques.

He also realized that his king was unlike all the other n.o.bles.

Ever since they came to Baymard, the people had a lot of food, and were now independent on their own.

He could easily see the joy in all their hearts.

He clearly remembered that when he got here, the people were no different from street beggars in the Capital. They looked haggard and worned out.

When he remembered that scene, something tugged in his heart, as he didn't want Baymard to go back to the way it used to be.

Abraham had come with his sister and his father on his journey to Baymard.

His father used to be a chimney cleaner in the Capital, but now he worked at the Food industry and earns a lot more than what he used to get in the Capital.

His sister who used to stay at home all day cleaning and cooking, now worked as a caretaker for the children. She too was happy with her job and her income.

With everyone satisfied, how could Abraham not be angry with this so called threat?

Baymard was their paradise their home and their happiness.

Buy now, some scheming n.o.ble wanted to take all this away because of greed.

Abraham knew that once that n.o.ble took over, all that they had worked for would be lost.

There was no way that these n.o.bles cared about the people or the soldiers.

That's why Abraham decided to fight.... to fight for his King, his sister, his father, his friends, his self, the people and the land, Baymard.

Infact not only Abraham, all the soldiers felt that way. Some had come with their families, while others had made friends and found their happiness within the city.

There was no way that they would give it up.

As Abraham looked at the messenger ride away from Baymard for the second time, he knew that the show was about to begin.

He could feel his hands getting sweatier as he held onto the large cannon.

He began fo feel agitated, and honestly felt like his heart was going to fly out of his chest anytime soon.

This feeling..... was this how war felt like?

It was frightening, nerve wrecking.... but at the same time exciting... It felt like he had the whole weight of Baymard on his shoulders. This was what responsibility felt like.

Once their enemies were 900 meters within the fields, Landon began to give his commands.

"Steady... steady... fire!!"

'Boom!!! Boom!!'

Several cannons were shot and now the men began to reload them for their next shots.



On the battle field, the enemy was thoroughly confused.

'Wasn't that the sound of thunder? How could the sky make that sound on a hot sunny day? And why was the sky lighting up?'

They saw several flashes of flames go off, and they couldn't understand what the G.o.ds of their ancestors were thinking.

City lord Shannon frowned at the scene before him, just what was going on?

As a rule of thumb, the fighters would first charge forward before the archers.

So City lord Shannon had let the warriors run forward with their horses.

But before they could make heads or tails of what was going on, the horses started panicking and running frantically.

They doubled their speeds as if running for their lives... where they also excited about the war?

Suddenly, something flew past some of the horses and instantly hit the floor.


The floor scattered and the next thing the knights knew, the ground shook violently.

'Rumbe! Rumble!'

Then, dirt and some stones flew about the place haphazardly.

Those ahead turned their heads to look at the situation, while those behind were in constant shock.

There were no less than 100 men lying on the ground with their horses. Some men had blood coming out of their ears and nostrils, others lost body parts, some fell from their horses and were badly trampled..... while others just stayed there, with no signs of waking up.

Instantly, panic spread throughout the battlefield.

Although these men were experienced in battles, human beings would always fear what they didn't understand.

Some even thought that the G.o.ds of their ancestors were truly angry with them.

They had never heard or seen such attacks in their lives.

Where the heavens were truly angry at them? Just what was happening here?

But before they could beg their ancestors for mercy, they were bombarded again with rains of cannon b.a.l.l.s.


Although Lucius and the Warrant soldiers had seen the cannon ball effects during practice, seeing it work on an actual human being was completely frightening.

As for the new recruits on the city walls, they were shocked silly at what they were witnessing.

So this was the destructive impact of a cannon?

Beri had his eyes and mouth wide open. This.. this .. just how were people suppose to fight against this?

The scene was indeed gruesome.

In some cases, the cannon b.a.l.l.s would directly hit the animals legs, instantly cutting all 4 limbs at once. Let's not even talk about the rider... his body parts were instantly opened up as if he were a flower.

Was this the shock wave effect that they had learnt in cla.s.s? The cannon ball clearly didn't hit all the men, but they still had injuries, while others lost their lives.

In some cases, the riders inner organs were scattered around.. making the scene truly horrifying.

So this was what their king meant when he said that he didn't know if the enemy was brave or just plain stupid.

They had to admit that what their king said was true.

But they knew that, this was necessary for Baymard to remain safe.. Weren't these people talking about murdering them and taking the women and children as slaves?

Although they felt pity for the men, they knew that if the situation was reversed, they would loose their lives and their family member as well.... Such is war.

Everyone in Baymard had worked hard for peace and happiness. No one wanted to see that peace ruined.

To keep Baymard safe, they would have to give it their all.

Plus Baymard was truly one of a kind.

When they were in the military, they felt truly accomplished and their mindsets began to change.

They had also seen new and exciting things that made them want to spend the rest of their lives here.

Their pay was generous, the people were good and the lifestyle was comfortable. And now someone wanted to take it all away?

As their king always says:

'Hasta la Vista'


City lord Shannon on the other hand, had different ideas.

Wasn't this the sort of weapon he needed to conquer the western territories, and maybe even the whole Arcadina?

He had never seen anything like it before.

The more he thought, the more greed filled his heart.

No matter what, he had to get his hands on those weapons.

He turned to his men who were already retreating and frowned.

"I will kill the families of those who desert this war...Its either you fight, or your family dies."

He looked at Baymard and a sharp light glistened in his eyes.

Soon, it will be all mine.

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