As the battle progressed, city lord Shannon became more and more obsessed.

'I must have them!!', he thought.

He looked at the city walls and his eyes lit up.

'I'm sure these are thick metal arrow tubes', he thought.

At this point, he was losing his mind.

As a war veteran, he thought that his guess was probably right. So he had his archers run up on the scene and try to hit the flying objects with their tiny metal arrows.


It was safe to say that his idea was a total flop.

"No!!!... you morons.. cant you do anything right?"

As he looked at the scene, the color on his face slowly drained out.

His archers had been blown away by the strange flying objects.

After a moment of silence, he began pulling his hair out of his head while laughing.

"Hahahahha... brilliant!!! I must have them", he yelled like a mad man.

At this point, it was hard for his knights to keep watching him... He looked like a murderous lunatic in their eyes. He honestly looked like he had been possessed by a demon from h.e.l.l.

Was this still their lord that they swore allegiance to?


It had been a little over 2 hours now.

The new recruits were really amazed by how the war was going.

They felt that their king had ushered in a new age of war. This kind of power was indeed terrifying, as they felt that no one could ever successfully conquer Baymard so easily.

85% of their enemies had died, while 5% suffered from heavy injuries. As for the other 10%, they were still seriously fighting for their lives.

Back on the battlefield, the enemy's formation was completely destroyed. And the knights running around, were even more pathetic.

They screamed and yelled, as they became even more confused.


Another cannon had just landed very close to Baron Rogers.

"Ahhh!!.. I can't hear... I can't hear... help me.. please, help me... what is happening?" Baron Rogers cried as he ran around in circles.

The shock force from the cannon, had led to his current situation. As blood constantly oozed out of his ears, Baron Rogers tried to turn around and retreat.

But when City lord Shannon saw this, he rushed over and quickly shoved his sword into Baron Rogers.

"Uhh!!! ....You!!!!!"

Brain Roger's vould not believe that he had been killed by city lord Shannon.

Although he couldn't hear, he knew that city lord Shannon had said something spiteful to him.. He finally closed his eyes, as he slowly lost consciousness.

And just like that, Baron Rogers had died.

"Coward" City lord Shannon said, while spitting over the Baron Rogers body.

The knights who were still alive s.h.i.+vered, as they looked upon the scene. In their minds, they were very clear that death was their only way out.

The soldiers who saw this from the walls, felt disgusted by the city lord.

Now they understood why it was important to have a 'one for all' mindset.

'Has the world always been like this?', they wondered.


As Landon looked at the mad crazed City lord Shannon, he decided to change his stratergy.

At this point, it was clear that these enemy knights had wanted to retreat, but couldn't.

They were no different from hostages.

They had to fight, or else if city lord Shannon successful escaped, their families would definitely die.

Landon decided to aim most of the cannons towards city lord Shannon .

It was time to end this.

Previously while the war had been going on, Landon had wanted to change his stratergy, but couldn't.

He had asked the system about erasing their memories and had found out that he didn't have enough points to buy memory erase spells for that many knights.

It was important that he removed all information concerning this battle.

Landon's fear was that once they left this place, they would spill the beans about Baymard and being more trouble over here.

Looking at City Lord Shannons crazed look, Landon realised that these greedy n.o.bles would definitly want to have these weapons under their control, if they found out.

He couldn't allow the knowledge of his weapons to get out, unless he was sure that he could completely protect Baymard.

For now, Baymard was still weak... Hence, he needed build his territory safely and quietly.

Although he felt pity for these knights, at least 98% of them had to die, for Baymard ro remain safe.

It was either they died, or Landon and his people die.

Since Landon was only willing to use at most 10% of his points to erase their memories, he needed their numbers to completely dwindle down.

As Landon looked at the horses, his heart also went out.

These creatures were even more innocent than the knights, yet they had to be killed and dissected because of war.

Some horses had their brains splattered out, while others had their tummies opened up.

Sigh.... it was truly sad.

But animals had sharper senses than humans.

Landon had seen when the animals would throw their riders away and run into hiding, before the attacks had landed.

Presently, there were over 4000 horses that survived without any injuries, as compared to the 200 knights that survived.


City lord Shannon was in a state of bewilderment.

Group by group, his men began to fall down like flies.

"Why?.. why?... why can't I win? I don't believe that I will loose to this brat!!!"

As he raved like a deranged dog, he felt something approaching him very fast. He looked up and anger filled his heart.

"Come!!.. let me see how tough this thing is...I am the king of the Western territory... no one can....."


Before he finished his speech, 2 cannon ball had already hit his chest and his legs, instantly scattering his body parts around the area.

Immediately all attacks ceased, and the remaining 86 men felt like crying.

"We're saved!!", they cried out, as they tried to support each other.

They had long wanted to leave the battlefield, so now that City lord Shannon was dead, they truly felt that, their prayers to their ancestors were not in vain.

Those that were fine, supported those that were badly injured and decided to escape for their lives.

As they ran away, Landon erased their memories with fake ones.

In their minds, their lord had an urgent matter to attend to in the Capital, and on their way there, 15,000 mercenaries attacked them, killing their lord.

Before city lord Shannon died, Landon had requested for the system to search his body for any useful information that could a.s.sist Landon.

The system had discovered the letter that the king had sent, requesting for them to go to the Capital.

For their new memories, the men were to say that they were attacked 3 cities ahead of Riverdale.

Baymard was in the opposite direction to the capital, so no one would even consider the possibility that Landon attacked City Lord Shannon.. Plus were would he get the money to pay 15,000 mercenaries?.. No one would ever believe that he was that rich him.


As the war came to an end, Landon looked at the reddish fields, that used to give off a vibrant greenish color.

This was his first time experiencing war.

'What a cruel world... Was this what war veterans meant by painting the fields red?'

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