Chapter 638: Taking Medicine

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After putting the phone down, Yuan Zhou headed to the boarding gate with the ticket and prepared to board the plane. The broadcast for the reminder that the flight to Shanghai was about to take off had already started.

Yuan Zhou boarded the plane very soon by ferry bus. As he had booked a first-class cabin, he was greeted and asked by a flight attendant once he got seated.

“Do you need some water and a hand towel?” The flight attendant that spoke was a pretty girl that had long legs and light make-up. When she spoke with him, she bent down slightly and appeared both amiable and gentle.

“Yes, I do. And also a cup of warm boiled water,” Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then said.

“Okay. One moment, please.” The pretty flight attendant nodded her head with a smile and then turned around, preparing to leave.

“Um, um.” Yuan Zhou tried to make a sound his throat but found that there was still some discomfort.

“It seems that I need more exercise. I actually caught a cold.” Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and seemed to be dissatisfied with the sudden common cold.

In just a little while, the flight attendant brought him the warm boiled water and hand towel, “Here’s your hand towel and warm boiled water.”

“Okay. Please give me another empty disposable cup,” Yuan Zhou looked at the cold medicine in his hand and said firmly.

“Please wait for a moment,” the flight attendant took a look at the medicine in Yuan Zhou’s hand and then said that as if she had understood everything.

“Um.” Yuan Zhou nodded his head. He took another medicine bottle and prepared to eat another type of medicine.

After a sound of “Zhi”, Yuan Zhou opened the medicine bottle and immediately knitted his brows subconsciously.

“Sometimes, it doesn’t seem to be a good thing to have sharp five senses. For example, now,” Yuan Zhou bemoaned inwardly.

That’s right. What Yuan Zhou opened just now was a bottle of cold medicine. Some green tablets were inside. Ordinary people might have merely felt that the smell was slightly bitter.

With Yuan Zhou’s nose, however, he could clearly smell the rhizoma coptidis that could help clear heat and detoxify impurities along with some other traditional Chinese medicines that had heavy taste inside.

“How bitter it is!” He would have sighed if it wasn’t for the sake of his image.

“Sir, here’s your empty cup.” At that time, the flight attendant also sent the empty cup to him.

This considerate flight attendant knew that Yuan Zhou wanted to take medicine and thus specially prepared a cup of plain boiled water for him considerately.

“Thank you,” Yuan Zhou smoothed his knitted brows and said courteously.

“You are welcome.” The flight attendant shook her head.

Having served Yuan Zhou, the flight attendant went to answer other passengers’ demands while Yuan Zhou covered the cup with the lid and prepared to brew the cold medicine first.

“What the hell is this? I have never felt it smelled so bad before. Human hearts are not what they were in the old days and even the medicine becomes more bitter than before.” Yuan Zhou carried the brown brewed medicine and revealed a disgusted look.

If the medicine were able to speak, it would probably have defended itself, “Your sense of smell before wasn’t as good as it is now.”

Yuan Zhou carried the brewed medicine as far away from him as possible before he started to take it.

After he wiped his hands, he straightforwardly poured four tablets onto his palm from the bottle and prepared to eat them.

The way Yuan Zhou took medicine this time was quite different from others. Before, he just put the medicine in his mouth and then drank some water.

But ever since he had the system, Yuan Zhou hadn’t been sick for a long time and this was the first time. Due to the unbearable taste of the medicine, Yuan Zhou chose to put the tablets as deep in his throat as possible.

With the sound of “Gu Dong”, Yuan Zhou swallowed a big mouthful of water and gulped down the tablets straightforwardly.

“Hiss. It’s so bitter,” Yuan Zhou couldn’t help grumbling inwardly.

Looking at the decoction that still gave off steam at the side, Yuan Zhou felt both disgusted and reluctant. However, he still took the cup and prepared to drink it.

“It’s 8th today. After I drink this strong medicine, I can probably recover tomorrow.” While Yuan Zhou was drinking, he comforted himself in his heart.

That’s right. There was nothing wrong with Yuan Zhou except that he caught a cold. Based on his figure of having an eight-pack, he could basically recover from the illness after a night of sleep.

However, it was the exchange of pointers meeting on the 10th. Therefore, Yuan Zhou chose to take the medicine in case of any accidental events. This method was both quick and effective.

Yuan Zhou slightly tilted his face inward before he started to drink the decoction this time. This way, none of the people ahead of him or beside him could see him take the medicine.

The reason why Yuan Zhou tilted his face inward was that he pinched his nose and drank the decoction. After all, the taste was excessively strong for Yuan Zhou.

“Hoo… Finally.” Yuan Zhou exhaled gently and then put down the cup.

After he finished the medicine, the plane started to take off steadily. The cup on the small table was also cleared away. And Yuan Zhou didn’t need to continue bearing the scent.

However, Yuan Zhou misjudged one matter. Hence, he looked pale and not spirited at all when he got off the plane. When he walked, he appeared to be more absent-minded.

It was the hotel staff sent here to pick Yuan Zhou up that greeted him and woke him up.

“Hello. Are you Chef Yuan, Yuan Zhou?” A young man dressed in a black working suit walked to Yuan Zhou and asked loudly.

“Yes, I am.” On hearing the sound, Yuan Zhou subconsciously prepared to step back, but then, he stopped and nodded his head.

“I’m Liu Wei, a staff from Jiali Hotel. I am here to pick you up. Are these all your luggage?” Liu Wei looked at the small suitcase pulled by Yuan Zhou and asked courteously.

“Um,” Yuan Zhou nodded his head and answered softly.

“Okay. The car is out there. Let me take you there.” Seeing Yuan Zhou nod his head, Liu Wei immediately led him to walk out of the airport and prepared to leave by car.

Liu Wei was driving an Audi A6. He had wonderful driving skills and thus the car was running quickly and steadily. The only problem was that he listened to loud music while driving.

“While lassoing a horse, you look so manly and mighty…”

“Excuse me, could you turn off the music?” Five minutes later, Yuan Zhou’s face looked worse. Then, he couldn’t help uttering and asking.

“Pardon?” As Yuan Zhou’s voice was really not loud but the music was booming loudly, Liu Wei didn’t hear him at all. He turned his head and looked at Yuan Zhou in puzzlement.

“Could you please turn off the music?” Yuan Zhou pointed at the audio electronics while speaking this time.

“Yeah, okay. I’m sorry.” Only then did Liu Wei nod his head with embarrassment and then turn off the music immediately.

Once the music was turned off, the car became silent and Yuan Zhou also looked better.

“Are you getting airsick? There is the medicine for airsickness at the reception of the hotel. You can take some medicine when we get there,” Liu Wei saw Yuan Zhou’s countenance in the rear-view mirror and said tentatively.

“Thank you,” Yuan Zhou expressed his thanks courteously and didn’t say anything more.

Yuan Zhou wasn’t airsick. It was actually the tinnitus resulting from the cold. Besides that, the tinnitus was so serious that he almost rolled on the ground of the cabin due to pain.

At that time, he was feeling speechless in his heart and thinking how to exercise more to not catch a cold again.

For the medicine, Yuan Zhou didn’t want to eat it again for the time being. After all, the enhanced version of the medicine really didn’t taste better than eating the raw rhizoma coptidis.

As Yuan Zhou didn’t say a single word because of the great discomfort, Liu Wei also drove him to the hotel silently.

“Thank you.” Yuan Zhou was feeling better when he got off the car. After expressing his gratitude, he took the luggage and checked in.

He felt as light as a feather, every step he took felt as if he were stepping on cotton.

The hotel was reserved for the exchange of pointers meeting; therefore, Yuan Zhou also obtained the entrance card to go into the meeting place.

“Thank you.” Yuan Zhou thanked the receptionist and prepared to leave with his luggage.

“Mr. Yuan, don’t forget the medicine for your airsickness,” Liu Wei reminded him from the back.

“Oh, right. Thank you for your kind reminder.” Yuan Zhou took the tablets that Liu Wei had specially prepared for him and thanked him sincerely.

Liu Wei had especially asked the receptionist for the tablets just now and then gave them to Yuan Zhou now.

“You are welcome.” Liu Wei immediately shook his head.

After Yuan Zhou nodded to Liu Wei to express his gratitude again, he took an elevator and left.

Having entered his room, Yuan Zhou just changed Han Chinese clothing which he usually cooked in during normal times and went to the meeting place, preparing to familiarize himself with the kitchen range and kitchenware.

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