Chapter 637: Mental Exercise

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After saying that, Miss Feng lowered her head again and started to eat. Of course, she didn’t forget to order a serving for the cultured man in the business suit beside her.

“Hmmm. This taste is so good. It’s fairly worthwhile to have waited for so long,” Miss Feng sighed with emotion while eating.

“Now your mission is to taste the delicacies seriously,” Miss Feng keenly realized that Coach Qian was prepared to say something, thus she immediately turned her head and said that.

“All right.” Coach Qian nodded his head helplessly.

Of course, the delicacies in front of him was the main reason, even if he actually seldom ate such greasy dishes either. After all, he was a very famous fitness instructor.

After she spoke to Coach Qian, however, Miss Feng seemed to find something new. She straightforwardly stood up and walked over there.

“Um?” The cultured man in the business suit sensed it and raised his head, watching Miss Feng head over there.

“Are these all yours?” Miss Feng walked to Wu Hai at the side of Coach Qian and stopped to ask.

“Of course,” Wu Hai didn’t answer her immediately. He only answered after he swallowed the food in his mouth.

“Why are you still so thin even if you eat so much?” Miss Feng evaluated Wu Hai with her eyes and then asked in surprise.

Wu Hai was really very thin. Though he wasn’t skinny, his weight was below average.

“Because I keep doing exercises,” Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and answered Miss Feng while looking at her seriously.

“How dare you say you exercise? Do you do exercise on a sofa or in your dreams?” Jiang Changxi debunked what Wu Hai said.

It was indeed so. Wu Hai either ate and slept or else drew pictures the entire day and night. He totally had no time to exercise.

Those who knew him well had already realized that. He breathed heavily as long as he ran a few steps and moreover, he was often ridiculed by Jiang Changxi that he didn’t have a healthy kidney.

“Mental exercises. I need to think hard with my brain when I draw pictures. And mental exercises consume more energy,” said Wu Hai unhurriedly.

“Ho Ho.” Jiang Changxi straightforwardly gave a supercilious look and appeared too lazy to continue speaking with him.

However, Miss Feng was looking at Wu Hai at the side with great interest.

“Is that true? Mental exercise can keep people fit?” Miss Feng asked earnestly.

“Just as you see.” Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and nodded his head without hesitation.

“It seems that I need to do more mental exercises.” Miss Feng arranged some recreational sports for herself such as brain teasers in her mind.

Of course, she didn’t forget to ask something else, “Could you tell me what you do for a living?”

No wonder Miss Feng would misunderstand him. After all, Wu Hai was usually dressed in pajamas every time he came to Yuan Zhou’s restaurant for meals. It was naturally no exception now. He was still wearing the furry pajamas.

“I draw, so I have mental exercises every day,” said Wu Hai casually.

“Thank you. I got it.” Miss Feng nodded her head and revealed a manner of understanding, but no one really knew what she exactly understood.

After she got the answer that she wanted, Miss Feng returned to her seat and continued eating her dishes.

Only Yin Ya seated beside Jiang Changxi said with a helpless expression, “Do you think there is a method to for people to stay fit while eating and drinking extravagantly?”

Yin Ya thought of her yoga exercises lasting an hour each day and asked Jiang Changxi seriously for help.

“I have no idea about that. After all, I never put on weight even if I eat a lot, so I don’t have that problem,” Jiang Changxi uttered smilingly.

“Sister Jiang, can we still continue our good relationship?” Yin Ya glared at Jiang Changxi indignantly.

“Haha.” Jiang Changxi looked at Yin Ya and laughed ceaselessly.

Having eaten up the dishes on the table, Miss Feng summoned Mu Xiaoyun with a strange look.

“Hello. We still have a dish that hasn’t been served yet, don’t we?” Miss Feng pointed at the plates on the table and asked.

“Yes, you are right. I reminded you just now that the Silk Twined Rabbit needs to be ordered in advance. Because my boss is heading out tomorrow for some issues, we didn’t charge you for that dish,” Mu Xiaoyun explained patiently.

“Order in advance?” Miss Feng seemed to think of something.

“Oh, yeah. That’s right. I didn’t order that in the end.” Miss Feng nodded her head.

That’s right. When Mu Xiaoyun confirmed the dishes with her, she had reminded her of that. However, Miss Feng was only thinking of how to eat the delicious dishes in broad daylight at that time. How could she have possibly heard anything else? Therefore, she straightforwardly agreed without even realizing what Mu Xiaoyun said.

“Yes, that’s the point. Is there anything else you want to ask?” Mu Xiaoyun nodded her head and then asked.

“Nothing more. But how long will your boss head out for?” Miss Feng cared more about this question.

“My boss will be back one week later,” Mu Xiaoyun answered very fluently. Obviously, she had answered this question quite a few times.

“My goodness. One week?! I’m going to slim down when your boss comes back,” Miss Feng said with an exaggerated tone.

“That is good news,” the cultured man in the business suit at the side said inwardly.

However, Mu Xiaoyun didn’t answer him at all at the side, but just looked at Miss Feng mildly. After all, it was best to stay silent on such occasions as it was a must for Yuan Zhou to leave.

“Sigh… I’m leaving. Seldom do I have the opportunity to come for a meal, but I surprisingly need to wait for another week to eat it again,” Miss Feng muttered while gesturing to her companions to leave.

“Take care.” Mu Xiaoyun saw them off behind them and meanwhile notified the next few customers to come in to have their meal.

The business of the last day was extraordinarily good. This time, however, Yuan Zhou only worked until dinnertime. Neither the pub nor the BBQ was open for business because the flight was scheduled to leave at 10:00 in the evening.

“This should be a good time.” Yuan Zhou checked the time and found it was just 8:20 in the evening. Then, he nodded his head contentedly.

With the luggage held in his hand, Yuan Zhou easily stopped a taxi to the airport. The traffic wasn’t heavy, so he arrived at the airport in just 35 minutes.

Those admin procedures such as taking his ticket and checking in were finished by Yuan Zhou very soon. When he checked and found there was still some time, Yuan Zhou took up his phone.

“Chairman Zhou, I have arrived at the airport. Sorry for bothering you.” The one that Yuan Zhou was talking to was the main person in charge of this exchange of pointers meeting.

“It’s good that you came. I was worrying that you couldn’t make that flight just now.” There was a little noise at Chairman Zhou’s side, but Yuan Zhou still heard him let out a sigh of relief.

“No, I won’t. I should be able to arrive on time. The weather is quite good,” it was a rare occurrence for Yuan Zhou to utter comforting words.

“You are so obstinate to insist on finishing today’s business. Doing nothing of value and just staying in your small restaurant. Forget it. I don’t want to blame you any longer. Do you need someone to pick you up?” Chairman Zhou had originally intended to give Yuan Zhou a lesson, but stopped in the end. He straightforwardly asked something else.

“Okay. Send the hotel staff to come and pick me up, please.” Yuan Zhou thought for a while and didn’t refuse Chairman Zhou’s arrangements.

“Yeah, there’s nobody but the hotel staff that can do that. When you arrive here, I guess even the chefs that come to familiarize themselves with the kitchenware would have already gone back to rest,” Chairman Zhou answered indignantly.

“Thank you so much,” Yuan Zhou said again.

“All right, all right. I know you have your own rules. Rules are rules. It’s also good for you to follow your own rules. When you arrive, please take note of the pickup sign,” Chairman Zhou sighed with emotion and then said.

“Okay,” Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then added when he realized that Chairman Zhou couldn’t see him.

“The meeting place won’t be closed at night, will it?” Yuan Zhou suddenly asked.

“Do you want to come and familiarize yourself with the kitchenware? No need. I’m quite confident with your culinary skills. Chu Xiao has told me on the phone that he won’t come to attend the exchange of pointers meeting,” Zhou Shijie easily figured out what Yuan Zhou was hinting at and straightforwardly said.

“Um. It’s good that it won’t be closed. I’m going to board the plane,” Yuan Zhou also figured out what Zhou Shijie meant. Then, he checked the boarding time before saying that.

“Be careful on the way. Let’s meet and talk when you arrive,” After saying that, Zhou Shijie hung up the phone.

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