It had been 3 days after that unpleasant war at Baymard.

The soldiers now took their military lessons more seriously.

They wanted to further understand all the side effects and injuries one could get from cannons, should incase they were one day attacked with these kinds of weapons.

They also started taking their first aid more seriously as well.

When they remembered the gruesome sight of their enemies, they couldn't help but shudder a bit.

It was better to be prepared, than to be sorry.

After that battle, the soldiers had gathered all the swords and armor together and sent them to the construction company.

The weapons were to be melted and used anyway that deemed fit.

Landon thought that, It was better to completely destroy all the evidence of war at once.

In this era, s.h.i.+elds and other weapons were marked depending on their territories.

If the men one day left with these weapon's, people would start wondering how they got access to Riverdale weapons.

Within these 3 days, Landon and the soldiers went out to the fields and clean up all the dead body parts lying around.

They had picked up ears, eyes and other body parts... Even an entire leg was seen lying about on the fields.

Landon had the men pile up all the body parts and burn them in a huge bonfire.

Since they were enemy knights, it was a taboo for them to be buried here.

In this era people believed that burying your enemy on your land would curse and bring bad fortune to the land.

Since they believed in the the fact that their ancestors were G.o.ds, they also believed that the dead men would one day turn in to powerful ancestors that would hinder Baymard's growth.

It was also believed if they were buried here, these men would even have the power to block their wives from childbirth, give their families terrible illnesses, and so on.

Afterall, this men were their enemies, so they would never spare their children and families for many generations to come.

Of course Landon didn't believe in all that hocus pocus, but since his men believed in it, he had no choice but to burn all the enemy knights.

Once they were burnt, their ashes were gathered and taken far away from Baymard by carriage and dumped closer to Riverdale city.

The men had secretly dug out a large hole in the forest closest to Riverdale, and buried the ashes into the ground.

Before leaving, they also burnt the wagon, and also buried the ashes of the wagon in the ground.

This was done because they were afraid that someone might actually use this wagon, to enter Baymard one day.

Also, since some traces of the dead knights ashes were still on the wagon, the only choice was to burn down the motherf**er.

They had buried the ashes, because they were afraid that the wind might successfully blow these ashes miles away back to Baymard.

The men had said that it was better for the dead knights to haunt Riverdale, than Baymard.

Landon was speechless.

His soldiers had really pulled a James bond stunt just because of this?.. Can't they use their skills for something better?

The funny thing was that when they came back, they looked so proud of themselves, and even went as far as saying mission accomplished.

Who the heck gave you that kind of mission?

Did I tell you guys to go about sneakily into the enemies forest region?.. And how the heck would the wind blow ashes 2 and a half hours away from Baymard?.. Aren't you guys being a little too paranoid?

As he looked at the proud expressions on their faces, he didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

All this because of the ancestors? Really?

His soldiers didn't even want to throw the ashes into the sea, because they feared that the waves would bring the ashes back to the surface.

And there was another ridiculous story about enemy ashes that touch the sea, which Landon was fed up with.

At this point, Landon couldn't even be bothered with them anymore.

Once the dead bodies had been successfully removed, the areas on the field that that holes, were filled with ground, crushed stones and gra.s.s.

As for the blood, Landon had mixed a lot of luminol chemicals, with some water and sprayed the mixture all over the fields.

Luminol was always used back on earth for crime investigations.

It was the perfect chemical to remove all blood stains thoroughly.

The thick reddish fields that once looked like some one sprayed a giant bottle of ketchup on them, were now looking green again.

All the evidence of war had been successfully removed.

Luckily, no one ever visited Baymard, so they easily completed all the work without the fear of being caught.

During the clean up process, the men had recovered a lot of coins from the pockets of the knights and the ground.

The coins came up to the equivalent of 21,000 gold coins.

Landon distributed the coins between those Warrant soldiers who partic.i.p.ated in the war, and those that a.s.sisted in clean up duties.

Landon felt like that was for the best. The money was theirs to begin with, as they did all the work in the end.

As for the horses, those that were dead, were sent to the food industry to be cleaned up and sold as meat to the citizens.

Of course, he sent some meat to the military and the schools for free, on account of the war that the soldiers had just fought.... and heck.. why should children have to pay for anything?

They had also recovered 4,319 horses, which they quickly sent to the stables in the upper region.

Landon had already made a mental note to add more stable boys or animal caretakers in future.

These caretakers would take care of other animals other than horses, so it was a good idea to increase their numbers.

Right now, since there were just 12 stable boys, they were really understaffed.

With the addition of 4319 horses, Baymard now had 6890 horses.

Landon told the stable boys to hang on until the next month, before he added more people to aid them.

'Just 1 more week', the stable boys thought.

Since he was gone with cleanup, Landon decided to go prepare for his date.

He was suppose to have a date with Lucy 3 days ago, but this d.a.m.n war ruined his plans.

When Lucy found out about the war that day, she was so shocked that she forgot about the date.

When did the war happen? How come she didn't know anything about it?

Normally, the citizens in the central regions, would hear the cannon shots regularly, so they thought that it was just for practice reasons.

Those in the lower regions couldn't even hear a single thing, so they were fine.

As or Lucy who was in the upper region, normally, the knights would practice in the upper regions, but since the war happenedat the gate on the central region, she almost couldn't hear a single thing.

She had spent her day teaching peacefully, so how would she know about any war.

Lucy began to feel uneasy, would the enemies come back for revenge? Would they want to destroy her happiness just like that?.. what should she do? What if those men that Landon let go come back with reinforcements?

Landon had painstakingly explained the situation to her explaining over and over again that Baymard would be fine.

It was only after being rea.s.sured for at least 10 times, did Lucy calm down.

Normally, Landon would see Lucy at breakfast or when he got back at night.

They would spend 2-3 hours daily, talking and laughing merrily.

There are also times were he would see her around Baymard as well.

Landon understood that she too had a job to do.

Sometimes, when he was free, she would be busy with lectures.

He felt like he was getting married to a university lecturer.

She would come to school early, teach, do research, read, and sometimes stay till 8 or 9 P.M in school.

Even when Landon asked if Lucy wanted her reduced, she strongly refused.. saying that she would feel empty without it.

It had become a part and parcel of her now.

Her students looked up to her, and when they saw her around Baymard, they would greet her and tell her how much they appreciated her

There was no way she would give up this feeling of accomplishment.

Furthermore, it's not like teachers teach all year round. The school break was coming up, so Lucy knew that she would be somewhat free during that time.



Since it was already 8:30 P.M, Landon was sure that Lucy was done with her lectures.

He waited outside her cla.s.sroom with a bunch of tulips, which he stole from his own castle garden.

Landon meant 'stole' because, every time he wanted to pluck any flower from the garden, the 3 musketeers, old man Willow and his friends, would hara.s.s him here and there.

They kept saying that he had no right to touch the flowers without their permission.

Landon was really helpless against those 3 old grandpa's.

How could he not not have the right to touch flowers in his own garden? Did that make any sense?

Funny enough, they had stopped calling him brat, and started calling him 'sonny boy'.

Landon as waited for her cla.s.s to finish, he peeked at her and smiled.

Finally, the cla.s.s was over.

Once Landon was sure that there were no more students in her cla.s.sroom, he walked in while holding the bouquet of tulips, instantly taking her by suprise.

"Ahh! Brother Landon when did you get here?"

"Does it matter?" He replied, while handing the flowers over to her.

"These are lovely...How did you know that they are my favourite?".

"Its my duty to know, wify" Landon said while smiling lovingly at her.

As usual, her face was flushed as a tomatoe again.

Sigh... young love.

"Let's go... I have a suprise for you.."

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