This was the last week of June, it was time for the end of the first school semester.

This meant Exams.

The students were already used to their notebooks and pens. It was way better and cleaner than using slateboards and chalk.

Landon had given all the children below ages 15: 4 empty notebooks, 3 eraser pencils and 7 pens (2 blue, 2 black, 2 red and 1 green).

If they needed more, their parents were to buy it for them. And those who were orphans, could take them free of charge from the school canteen.

The adults who took were required to buy their own textbooks as well. Afterall, they all worked and the books and pens were cheap.

9 pens cost 5 copper coins, 9 pencils cost 5 copper, while 1 book cost 3 copper coins.

The teachers still used chalk of course.

With these books, the students could go home and revise their lessons.

For those that came to school in the middle of the semester, they would only be given tests on what they know so far.

But within the 1 month break, it was compulsory for them to take make up, so as to catch up with the rest for the next semester.

Those that couldn't catch up would repeat their on the next semester. While those that pa.s.sed would move on ahead to the next phase.

All they had been learning so far were language and math. Now, it was time to introduce them into the world of Chemistry.

Of course it wasnt intense chemistry, just the basics.

With the basics, they could go about and have a.s.signments like science projects and so on.

Those that pa.s.sed and did well, would advance and take Math 3, Language 2 and Chemistry 1.

Today, the little princess Linda, from Yodan empire was taking the final exam for the semester.

Back at Yodan, 9 year old Linda was ignored and bullied most of the time.

Since she wasn't a favoured princess, the maids, servants and even her teachers looked down on her. The only people who cared for her, were her mother Winnie and brother Beri.

She would cry daily and sometimes even feel like she was trapped, with no where to go.

But ever since she came to Baymard, the people were nice and she could finally go to school with other children who were very humble.

And for some reason, the food tasted better here as well.

Landon would come to her school and read amazing stories to her and the other children. She even played on the metal swing and something called a slide.

The little princess was very happy.

She loved everyone, even the funny grandpa Willow. He would always put flowers on her hair and push her on the garden swing (yet, he gave trouble to Landon for plucking Tulips).



Linda sat in the large cla.s.sroom nervously.

Although she had math teachers and language teachers back in Yodan, she had realized that Baymard's educational system was different.

It was way better and more detailed. Plus she loved her rainbow painted exercise books, pencils and pens, which were much better and simpler to use.

For the tests, she liked that they were evenly s.p.a.ced throughout the week, giving her more time to read at home.

The moment of truth had come.

The teacher placed a sheet of paper face-down in front of her.

Today, she was taking her first exam... Math 1.

Once all the papers were shared, Grace signaled for them to start.

Somewhere in another cla.s.sroom, Linda's mother Winnie, Kim and Lucy, were also giving out the same exam.

Today was meant for math 1. So even if they weren't teaching it, they had to help supervise the exams as well.

All tests had different sections within them. Some of the sections in Math 1 and math 2 were similar to one another, but not actually the same.

Math 1 had 7 seven sections:

•15%: Additions

•15%: Subtractions

•15%: Playing with operations (using + or -)

•10%: Number writing

•15%: Word problems (using only + or -)

•15%: Measuring Length (using only + or -)

•15%: Measuring Time(using only + or -)

Linda looked through the section t.i.tled 'Addition' and began.

First question: 145 + 74 =? (show rough work)

She immediately started using her fingers and even showed the carry over process on the paper.

The more she answered, the more confident she became.

Time went on and she arrived at the 'Playing with operations (using only + or -)' part.

>Question: Achieve the result 20, by using the numbers: 2, 6 and 4, as many times as you like.

He looked at the question and her eyes lit up.

'6 plus 4 is 10, 10 plus 4 is no no!! its 14..' she thought.

Just like that, she completed that section.

Now, it was time for 'word problems'.

Question: There are 67 bird families living near the mountain. If 32 bird families flew away for winter, how many are left near the mountain?

She immediately started writing the main points, as she was taught in cla.s.s.

'67 bird families.... flew away..... 32 bird families..... ahhh!! this is a subtraction.. this is taking away' she exclaimed inwardly as she immediately did the subtractions.

When she was at the last section, Grace kindly reminded them to drop their pens, pencils and papers.

She was currently in the last section and had 3 questions left to answer. She couldn't help but curse the 6th section for slowing her down.

All in all, she felt like she was going to do very well in the exam.

After the exam, she discussed her answer with some of her friends.

"Did you guys succeed in finis.h.i.+ng the exam?"

"Ahh!!! I only had 1 question left, and then they took away for paper"

"Woo woo.... I'm not sure I did well"

"Don't cry, who can say that we will all pa.s.s?"

"Yeah plus there's still make up during the break."

"Don't forget that if you do well in Math 2 and Pyron 1, you will still advance."

"We have to study hard for the next tests"

"Ahh!!! Question 5 in section 4 was very confusing"

"It was definitely a trap"



And just like that, the Math 1 exam had officially come to an end.

Two days later, the exam for Math 2 began.

The Exam had 8 sections:

•12%: Multiplication tables

•12%: Multiplication

•12%: Divisions

•12%: Playing with operations (using × or ÷)

•10%: Number writing

•14%: Measuring length (using only × or ÷)

•14%: Measuring Weight (using only × or ÷)

•14%: Measuring Time. (using only × or ÷)

Under, the section t.i.tled: Multiplication tables, Linda moved like lighting.

Question: 3 × 7 = ?

And under the Multiplication section, Linda still felt it was easy.

Question: 727 × 4= ?

Moving forward, Linda realised that she had spend too much time with the Section 'number writing'.

Question: Write Nine thousand four hundred and sixty-one, in numbers.

'Thousand..thousand... Ahhh!!.. its 1000.. but since its 9, then its 9000...'

She also spent time doing the measuring length, weight and time sections.

Question: 2 m = ? cm

Question: 20 kg = ? g

Question: 9 hrs 45 min = ? min



Once again, she was unable to finish her exam on time.

Was it a curse for her to never to finish on time?

She quickly went home and started practicing her pre-tenses, present tenses and so on, for her Pyron exam.

All the people in Pyno spoke 1 language, so the language spoken in Yodan was the same as that in Arcadina.

Another 2 days pa.s.sed and it was time for her final exam.

Pyron 1 was divided into sections:

•18%: Nouns, verbs, adjectives and p.r.o.nouns

•18%: All Tenses: Present, past, simple.. etc

•9%: Writing numbers into words

•15%: Prepositions

•20%: Choose correct/ Incorrect sentences

•20%: Choose complete/Incomplete sentences.

Linda kept seeing questions like;

Question: choose whether the following sentence is a simple or compound sentence.

Question: Which sentence shows the proper use of a noun?

Question: Write 109 in words.

Question: Which is not a complete sentence?

Question: Identify the adverb in the sentence

For her, language was easy compared to math. So for the first time ever, she had successfully finished all the questions for the exam. She even had 10 minutes to spare, so she decided to go over her work once more.

Once the exam papers were collected, she truly felt free as a bird. She had never had this type of feeling before.

She began discussing with her friend on what they would do with this 1 month vacation.

She had been told that the exams would be posted on the 12th day of July.

Also, the next semester was going to start in August.

So for the entire month of July, she would hopefully have no school.

To be honest, she didn't want to spend the entire July doing makeup That's why she earnestly prayed that her results would be atleast alright to take her to the next stage.

She had been so stressed during this exam period, that she didn't even care how her hair looked like when she left the house early this morning.

Her mom wanted to fix it, but she refused as she needed to use all her time for studying.

She looked at her mom as if saying: 'Mom, my holiday is at stake here and your worried about my hair?'

Right now, she didn't even want to see a single book, atleast until august.

'Finally, No more exams'

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