The royal announcer opened the letter and reread it again... he then looked at King Carmelo and was lost for words.

The people were also wondering what was so shocking about the message.

The royal announcer cleared his throat loudly.

Wasn't their king being too daring right now? Although he approved of what was written down, it didn't change the fact that it was still ground breaking.

Was their king trying to give him a heart attack?

The hearts of the citizens started beating loudly, as they waited for the results anxiously.

'Mr announcer, can you hurry up? Do you want to kill us with anxiety?'

The announcer took in a big gulp of air and exhaled loudly.

It was better to get it over with.

"From today onwards, King Carmelo has willing stepped down the throne as the ruler of Carona.

Within these years, he has enjoyed fulfilling his numerous duties as ruler of Carona, as well as spending time with his people.

Because he was close to you all, he has decided to leave the best parting gift as a former ruler of Carona.

He decided to leave the empire with someone whom you all can wholeheartedly rely on.

But don't worry, just as King Adrian, he too will look over the ruling party as a counselor for the empire.

Although he has left the throne, he will still he here as you all move towards the future.

Today, we are all here to welcome a new king to the empire.

From today onwards, Pincess Penelope will be the next ruler of Carona!!

The coronation day will be scheduled on the 5th of July.

This is the final Verdict of King Carmelo!!"

Everyone was stunned.

Did they just here correctly? Princess Penelope? Hahahha... She was the most perfect one to take on the job.

Very quickly the citizens all cheered.

Unlike her brothers, she was very kind, smart and knew how to make wise decisions.

She had also proven herself time and time again within the empire.

At the age of 7, the first time that she saw her brother train with the sword, she would sneak out and hide in the pushes to listen to his trainers.

At night, she would then sneak back out of her courtyard with a stolen sword in her hand, as she made her way to the practice field.

For over a month, no one noticed her movements.

But one day, her grandfather, king Adrian noticed her sneaking away and followed.

At first he was fuming mad at the fact that she wanted to learn sword fighting.

How could a woman have the apt.i.tude for battle?

When he was about to stop her, she perfectly executed a move that would take a regular page atleast 6 months to learn.

His eyes lit up.

She clearly had talent for the sword.

From then on, he began observing her quietly every night.

After a while, her father king Carmelo and her uncle Duke Samuel, discovered it as well.

The 3 men started sneaking about at night to observe her movements... they were all utterly stunned by her quick reflexes, and apt.i.tude.

Then 4 months later, they saw her sneaking into the royal library, where she would read a ton of books on different subjects.

They looked at her and decided that they would a.s.sist this little cute bunny.

Once she was found out, she didn't even flinch under her father, grandfather and uncles aura's.

They had realised their terrifying aura's when questioning her because they wanted to see what she would do.

She stood there, steady as the water and smiled at them.

The reason why she wasnt afraid was because, to her, they were her family. She had spent enough time with them, for her to believe that they would hurt her.

Their powerful auras in her eyes were the same as how the 3 musketeers kept disturbing Landon.

She found it extremely cute.

But what she didn't know was that, these cute auras had made a lot of people wet the pants before. These men were war veterans for heaven's sake.

She was just a curious child and didn't understand why women couldn't do certain things.

They had told her that she couldn't wield a sword, but didn't she successfully do it?... Doesn't that mean that everyone was lying to her?

She really didn't get what the big deal was.

She hated doing needle work and all those other things, so what she was doing right now, was trying to find things that she loved doing.

She had also seen her father read a book, so she thought that maybe reading was also fun. Hence she started making her way towards the royal library at night.

When she took the first manual on war tactics, she was intrigued and completely lost herself in it.

Reading seemed to be something that she liked as well. Plus she also realised that she could remember and understand things a little better than others.

Once Carmelo and the rest understood her reasoning, they realised that this child of theirs was a gifted one.

From them on, she became the only woman accepted as a knight page, as well as the only one who would go on missions and aid the poor.

Maybe it was because she was a woman, but most people noticed that she would give it her all to help those in need.

She never did anything half heartedly. If she said she would do it, she would either do it perfectly, or die trying.

She also helped in state affairs and aided her father, uncle and grandfather whenever she could.

To them, her ideas were genius.

At the age of 14, she was already going on missions with her father to fight pirates and bandits that came to Carona.

No one wanted her to go, but this little woman snuck into the supply wagon, and when they were already 6 hours away from the Capital, they finally discovered her.

Or rather, she revealed herself. She was pressed and wanted to relief herself, so she popped out of the wagon and shocked everyone silly.

Princess, can you not do this? Do you think that we are here for fun? The knights all thought.

Everyone took her as their little sister, so they were worried for the little bunny.

Even after her father reprimanded her, she still didn't know what she did wrong.

As a knight wasn't it her duty to fight for Carona?

It was then and there that Carmelo and the others realised that although the princess was the smartest person they knew, she was really dense in personal relations.h.i.+ps.

At this point in time, she was already daddy's girl, so could he not panic after finding out that she had come over on his mission.

But what surprised him was that when they were on their way to save a village from bandits, the little princess came up with a clever plan, which was even better than his original one.

She also fought bravely and rescued 2 of his knights from the bandits.

When they got back to the capital, grandpa Adrian and Samuel who had been looking for her for over 2 months, became excited.

Her mother queen Megara, who was on the verge of collapse came back to life and cried while hugging her.

Why was mummy crying? Did someone bully her mother while she was away? She didn't get it as well.

Without even knowing it, these everyone, including the knights, had taken her as their precious treasures.

They all reprimanded her, but it was no use. Nothing got into that head of hers.

When they heard of her bravery, they hosted a feast in her honor as the savior of the village.

The little princess thought it was bothersome.

All she wanted to do was sleep and train. What was the point if this?

After that, she had been unexpectedly groomed for the position of King... Or should we say Queen.

Of course at that time, none of the men thought that they were grooming her for that position. They just thought that since their little bunny was good at all these things, she should do them.

So what if she was a woman?

What was wrong with that?

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