Because of Penelope, over the years, Carona had accepted over 200 female knights into their ranks.

It wasnt a lot, but it was still progress for women all around the empire.

She was a heroine to all.

Actually anyone from earth would say that she looked like 'Akame' in 'Akame ga kill'.

She was extremely beautiful, and her dark black hair made her look like a moon G.o.ddess.

She was brave, loyal and the most shocking thing was that her sword skills could put 90% of the knights to shame.

The funny thing about her was that, she didn't get relations.h.i.+ps between men and women at all.

Once, a knight told her that when they look at her, they have a love heartache.

All she understood in that sentence was 'look' and 'heartache'.

Since then, she would carry the knight to any healers mansion everytime she saw him.

She would carry him princess style while requesting for the healer to check his pulse.

Hahahha.. all the other knights in training would always laugh at the scene.

For them, she was a total badda.s.s.

It was at this point that most knights started realizing that they were attracted to strong women.

Who liked all those girls who always waited for you to rescue them?

They realised that a women doesn't necessary had to fight, but she needed to have standards. She needed to be able to use her brain and not depend on a man to always use his brain for her.

Penelope had really changed the game in Carona.... Women wanted to do other jobs now because of her.

And now, she had become the first female ruler in the history of the world, Hertfilia.

If princess Jenette Barn knew about this, she would definitely want to split Penelope's head from her neck.

How dare Penelope take her dream as the first female ruler, and her s.h.i.+ne?

Penelope was deeply respected by the knights and was considered as their little princess as well.

She had a whole knight fanclub, and if any boy even tried to ask her out again, those knights would send eye daggars towards their way.

The funny thing was that she was completely unaware of these occurrences.

Seeing the people cheer even louder, Carmelo was sure that he had made the right choice.

After the trials were done, Carmelo, Adrian, Samuel and some other ministers, had gathered around and review all the answers his sons had given them.

Also, prior to the n.o.ble trials, he had requested for his secret guards to monitor their actions.

What pained him the most was that they went about threatening the citizens and n.o.bles go vote for them.

How could he give all his hard work to those arrogant brats? They would just crumble down all his and Adrian's hardwork over the years.

And their answers to his questions, were also infuriating.

Their answers all showed that they were either too greedy, selfish or too arrogant.

That same day, he called Penelope to come over.

She answered the questions excellently in front of them all and even swore an oath on it.

She herself was clueless as to why they would ask her such obvious questions.

Wasn't it the duty of a knight to fight for their empire? Wasn't it the duty of a knight to give their heart and soul for the people?

As the men listened to her explanation for an obvious answer, they almost puked blood.

Can you not continue to disgrace your brothers even further? It might be easy to you, but they all failed woefully.

In fact, even if an examiner multiplied any number to their scores, the result wouldn't change. Zero, times anything would still give you zero.

What an utter disgrace!!

Actually, Penelope didn't know about the trials, as she simply didn't pay attention to anything else other than her duties.

Before she left the room, they had told her that she would be ruler, which shocked her for the first time in her life.

But after 10 seconds, so he shrugged it off and went on about her duties.

As everyone cheered on, the 3 prince's were fuming inside.

Weren't they prince's? Wasn't the throne supposed to go to them? How was this fair?

Penelope came forward with her sword on her hips and knelt down In front of her father.

"You may rise", Carmelo said.

He then stepped to the side and allowed her to take his place on the terrace. She took the megaphone from the royal announcer, which stunned everyone as well.

'Princess, speaking is the announcers job alright?'

They were truly helpless against her, but they didn't really mind. They all knew that their princess was the densest of them all.

"I am honored to be appointed as the new ruler of Carona.

I promise that I will give my all in ruling Carona fairly, and with the same competence, strength and will power that I have when training with my sword.

I will protect you all, and will continue to ensure that peace and prosperity reign within the empire.

With my father, uncle and grandfather guiding me through, I know that I will be able to fulfill my duties as your Queen."

As she spoke, she knelt down like a knight, and gave them her solemn oath.

The people were deeply touched by her speech, one needed to know that she took her sword training far more seriously, than her life.

For her to say that she would put them at the same level as her training, truly touching.

"Hail Queen Penelope"

"Hail Queen Penelope"

As the people cheered, the ministers and n.o.bles who had previously voted for the prince's, were truly happy.

After all the threats and warnings they had gotten from those troublemakers, they felt like justice had been served.

Those that only had daughters, had been worried sick that they had not made the right choice.

Who knew if one of these prince's would come for revenge.

They had heard of all the cruel things that royals of other empires did, so who could say that these prince's, who threatened them wouldn't do the same?

They had watched these prince's grow up and knew their bad personalities.

As n.o.bles, thei children could attend the same knight as the princes, so how could they not know?

Some of their sons had been beaten up blue-black because they disagreed with any of the princes.

But now, they could finally put their minds to rest.

It was truly a good day in Carona.

Santa smiled as he looked at the turn of events.

The winds of change were blowing in Carona, and now, he could finally begin travelling again after the coronation next month.

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