It was finally July 2nd, and Santa's subordinates had brought 6,800 people to Baymard, as well as 1,000 cows, 600 sheep, 400 chickens, 100 goats and 400 Angora goats. As well as several planting seeds for sale.

Previously, Landon had requested for these animals, because he didn't want his people to go around buying them from the neighbouring cities.

With all the craziness going on in the empire, it would be better to lessen people's suspicions about, what was really happening in Baymard.

People still thought that the place was extremely poor, and that the people still looked like street beggars.

They still had this ridiculous imagination that the people here could fight, and kill tourists over a single loaf of bread.

Back in the Capital, the old Landon had heard numerous ridiculous tales about Baymard. But the present him, knew that there was no logic to them.

If the people were really that viscious, how come they never formed gangs and attacked different cities or even other tiny villages?

They would have resulted into thievery, if they really had no way out.

Plus there were wild animals in the forest and fish in the sea.

Although they were starving, since their population wasn't much to begin with, they could still manage to pull through.

There were probably a handful of people who tried robbery, but Landon couldn't put all the citizens into 1 category and call them thieves.

But in this era, everything idea or story became reality by word of mouth.

So in the eyes of most people in the empire, the people of Baymard were wild carnivores that could even eat your entire leg out, due to extreme hunger.

I mean, Landon really couldn't blame them for thinking that way too.

Back on earth, Landon had heard of different cultures and rules that scared the sh** out of him... He didn't even want to go to those countries and verify if those stories were true or not.

Better safe than sorry.

Another reason why no traders, merchants, or even people came over, was mainly because Baymard had been exiled from the empire.

Who wanted to risk getting king Barn's wrath by coming over here?

And why would people travel over for hours, just to witness the sight of extreme poverty?

This wasn't a theme park attraction. This was an abandoned territory... It wasn't a wise move for merchants and traders.

Even ordinary citizens wouldn't leave their towns, villages and cities miles away, just to come here. Except they were running or hiding from someone.

That's why if anyone ever came towards the city gates, Landon had a 99% hunch that it was an enemy.

Although he knew all this, Landon still had no desire to change the empire's misconception about Baymard.

Lastly, Landon didn't want the citizens to be killed while venturing out, by either or knights who planned to kill him and seize his land.

One could never be sure if more people were coming to get him anytime soon.... h.e.l.l!, they could be on their way right at this very moment.

Looking at the animals leave the boat, like how they did in the Bible, Landon became thrilled.

He needed milk from the cows, sheep and goats to make b.u.t.ter.

In addition, he also needed to teach the food industry workers how to raise the animals, and how to incubate the eggs while waiting for them to hatch.

He decided that 50% of the eggs would be sold, and the other half would be hatched to chicks.

Infact for all the animals, he would adapt that same philosophy.

Yes, killing animals was cruel... but bruhhh....people had to eat... these were dark times, alright?

Since the people needed meat, he would only kill 5% of each animal type for now.

There were no fridges to store the meat, so it was better to start with a low percentage. And if the people needed more, then he would gradualy increase the percentage steadily.

But he would never go above 50% of each animal type.

Of course he would never kill baby animals as well...

He also needed the wool from the sheep's for making blankets, carpets and several clothing items.

Sheep had very fast wool growth, so Landon needed to teach the men how to take care of these animals.

It was very essential for their wool to be cut, because if it over grew, the sheep would have several complications.

Excess wool would impede the sheep's ability to regulate their body temperatures, making them die from overheat.

The urine and faeces would also get trapped on the wool, attracting flies... which in turn causes infections, and hence endangering their health.

They would also have difficulty moving or seeing.

As for Angora goats, their fur was needed for making Mohair (yarn).

Angora goats looked exactly like sheep, but their fur was very stringy compared to that of sheep.

Mohair (yarn) was needed to make good winter scarves, coats, hats, suits, socks, carpets, sweaters and other clothing items as well.

Funny enough, because its texture resembled fine human hair, it was also used to make doll wings and so on.

Of course for now, he didn't want to go into textile just yet.... He wanted to first use his time to breed the animals properly.

He had noticed that Baymard really lacked a lot of pasture around.

Sure.... there were a few goats and rabbits within the territory, but it wasn't enough.

For farming seeds, this time Landon bought Cotton seeds and all the other seeds that he had previously gotten.

Landon also sold several ores to Santa's subordinate at his normal discounted price of course.

At the end, Landon only made 275,000 coins this time.

This was his lowest amount so far. He really couldn't help but fell that he had really gone overboard with his spending this time.

He had really lost a lot of coins paying for all those animals, seeds and slaves from Santa.

Although he knew that they were all essential to Baymard, it still hurt spending that huge sum of money at once.

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