Landon became curious as to why Santa hadn't showed up in Baymard for the past 2 months now.

Was he sick? Did any impending crises befall him?

"Your highness, the young master is fine. Actually, King Carmelo of Carona should have stepped down from the throne by now... that's why the young master wasn't here personally."

Landon was shocked. He willingly stepped down from the throne in this era?

Landon couldn't help but give 2 thumbs up to the old man.

After finding out about the traditions and customs of Carona from Santa's subordinate, he had to admit that it was way better than what his b.a.s.t.a.r.d father was doing.

Landon could also somehow understand why Santa's father would be disappointed in his son not wanting to serve as a knight.

Who wouldn't want to serve such a king?

But to some extent, he also understood Santa's own way of thinking.

Santa just hated rules, and from the looks of it, Santa's own father was even stricter than King Carmelo when it came to rules.

If King Carmelo helped the poor out, they would say it's an act of charity... But when Santa worked in the bakery, he became a laughing stock in his city.

From what Landon understood, no one really laughed at Santa in a mocking way. They were just teasing him... But in Santa's father's eyes, it seemed like real insult.

So the problem only lied in Santa's family.

He was also curious to know which son would take over the thrown from king Carmelo.

But too bad that Santa's subordinate had no clue as well, since he left 2 weeks before the trials had even begun.

Once the s.h.i.+ps headed out to sea, Landon decided to settle all the newly arrived citizens.



Amongst the group of people, there were 312 children, 183 seniors, and 527 people who volunteered for the army.

Again, Landon had received 7 eccentric senior citizens that also wanted to prove their worth to him.

As soon as Landon saw them walking hurriedly towards him, he knew... he just knew that they were cousins to the 3 musketeers.

After spending more time with the 3 old men, how could he not recognize their cousins the Fantastic 7.

Before they even got closer to him, Landon immediately ordered the knights to carry all sorrounding stones around the area and dump far away from the beach.

And his guess was right.

As soon as they arrived, they stared yelling out very loudly.

"Where are you taking those stones to?"

"Hey!! Didn't you hear us?"


Among the 7, were 2 women who kept telling Landon about how they use to wrestle men in their cities.

According to their story, they had even wrestled and won against their city lord and all his knights.

Of course he believed that women could actually win if they trained hard as well, but for some reason, he felt that these particular women were lying to him.

He would rather believe that human beings can chew molten larva, than to believe their stories.

They also bragged about having enough strength to take down his entire army in a single day.

Bravo Hercules, bravo!!

Landon kept trying to stop himself from rolling his eyes at them.

Did they really think that he was foolish enough to believe their tales? Sure he looked like a 15 year old kid, but still.. come on!!

He also succeded in convincing them to join the 3 musketeers in gardening..... It was better to let the 2 groups compete with each other on who was stronger than whom.

Actually, he was looking forward to it as well.

He might have to buy popcorn from the system and watch through his system monitors.

If he was being honest, Granpa Willow and his friends made for a hilarious reality tv show.

He had been watching them whenever he got bored.... Truly entertaining.

It looked like the palace would be even rowdier than before.

There were also 11 senior citizens who couldn't walk well due to either leg injuries or other health problems.

Immediately, Landon requested for 5 open-roof loading trucks to come to the coastline region.

He needed 5, because he figured that since he was going to carry the injured people in them, might as well carry all the other seniors too.

Once the trucks arrived, the new citizens were shocked.

What was this? Why was this carriage so cool? The children were also excited, as their eyes shot wide open.

The Fantastic 7, started bothering Landon about the trucks.

"Brat!!..better speak up now, are we going to have our own carriages in future?"

"If you give me 1, I will immediately engage you and my daughter together.... Sure, she's 42, a widow and older than you, but what matters is love... and that carriage!!"

"Puiiiii!!, don't listen to him. I have a younger daughter who is 39 years old, way younger than 42..."

"Don't try to cheat us!!.. will we really have one?"

"Hmmp!!... I'll tell you what, I used to ride these types of carriages when I was younger...I'm not that easy to impress."

Landon could really feel a headache coming on.

'Why would I want your daughters? Do I look like a man who's into women older than my mother?'

Landon quickly looked at the soldiers who were gently aiding the other senior citizens board the trucks.

As they were boarding, Landon told the driver to go slow and steady when on the roads.

There were several stones on the roads, so it was better to go at a pace that wouldn't bother those injured seniors.

Landon also made sure that each truck had at least 5 soldiers on them, just incase of any accidents happened along the way.

As the trucks started moving again, the seniors on the truck, kept shouting, pointing and commenting, as they observed their surroundings.

"Ahh!!, look over there, what is the structure?"

"Look at those beautiful flowers"

"Do you think that we will see wild animals on our way?"

As Landon heard their comments, he almost lost his balance.

Do you guys think that you're on a safari trip in Africa? What wild animals?... sigh... forget it.

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